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electrochromic glass price
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Among dozens, maybe hundreds of options on the market, the time to choose the best film to be applied may not be so simple. And, in addition, even after choosing the best material for your need, it is still necessary to know electrochromic glass price. Whether it is for material or labor is fair and within the market’s charging standards.

2 Electrochromic glass price points are very important here.

1- Know if you are not paying much more than the market average
2- Check if you are not paying too cheap for bad material and service.

To speed up your search, if that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve listed below a summary of the average price of the main requested films in the market.

Currently, there are several types of Electrochromic glass on the market, such as:

  1. Smoked Electrochromic glass
  2. Matte Electrochromic glass and
  3. Sandblasted Electrochromic glass.

It is increasingly common and residents looking for practicality and aesthetics have a growing demand for residential sulfonates.

Due to its various types and functions, clear Electrochromic glass has many advantages and can have a positive impact on your installation environment. Now, let’s take a look at the main advantages and electrochromic glass price.

What does electrochromic glass do?

In very hot cities, many residents turn to electrochromic glass in order to alleviate the temperature inside the house. One of the types of film that provides this effect is the smoked film.


Residential electrochromic glass can reduce solar heat input by up to 75%, according to recent studies, by balancing the internal temperature. With some types of transparent electrochromic glass, it is possible for this heat reduction to occur. It happens without altering the light entering the environment.

In addition to generating greater thermal comfort with the balance of temperature on hot days, the film also helps to reduce energy costs with electrical appliances such as air conditioning and fans. In this way, it allows for savings in the short and medium term.


UV rays are harmful to health, especially when exposure occurs for long periods, and can cause damage such as skin cancer. Thus, the films for residential glass are great allies, reducing the entry of these rays.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technologies common in electrochromic glass, it is able to block up to 99% of this harmful radiation. This protection is essential for the health of people who attend homes with large and constant exposure to the sun. Before installing, it is important to know electrochromic glass price.


Sun exposure can also affect some furniture and objects, such as rugs, artwork, appliances, wooden furniture and many others that may be exposed to the sun on a daily basis. With electrochromic glass, this exposure to sunlight can be reduced.

Moreover, it prevents accelerated degradation of furniture and objects and increasing their useful life. Once again, residential electrochromic glass brings savings in the short and medium term.


One of the functions of electrochromic glass most sought after among residents is the ability to increase the privacy of the environment. Some types of films diminish or even completely impede visibility due to the degree of opacity or mirroring.

With the sandblasted film, also called matte film, visibility is partially limited, bringing a slight transparency and greater privacy. The mirrored film also brings this effect, as the mirroring of the outside face of the glass prevents the person outside from seeing the inside. It decreases visibility, but without changing the light input, as it is a transparent electrochromic glass.

It is important to check electrochromic glass price

Increasing privacy is also the proposal of blackout film, the darkest electrochromic glass that can be common in homes. Its purpose is to completely block outside light and visibility. Thus, by preventing one side from seeing the other, when applied to glass doors and windows, the blackout film   guarantees maximum privacy for the resident.


Some films on the market are security films. You need to check electrochromic glass price. With a finer finish than armored glass, this film is stronger and has the effect of holding the glass in case it breaks. This prevents it from shattering and from having an accident with the broken glass.

This security guarantee is essential in some residential environments. The application is recommended in homes with babies and children. It is to protect the little ones from possible accidents with the glass. And in homes that have windows or glass doors facing the street, preventing vandalism.


In addition to all these practical advantages, film can have aesthetic advantages. There is a diversity of colors, patterns and styles present in the films. It can bring beauty and harmony to the environment where they are installed.
electrochromic glass price 2021

In addition, residential electrochromic glass is a great choice for small houses or apartments. As it is installed directly on the glass, it takes up no space and does not bring a heavy or bulky decorative touch, perfect for environments with limited space. Thus, the ideal electrochromic glass is the one considered the best for the home and that meets all the needs of the environment in which it is placed.

What is the cheapest electrochromic glass?

Electrochromic glass G5 is the cheapest among all the film lines, with an average application price. Electrochromic glass price may vary, depending on the size of the service. The minimum output value of a professional can vary from company to company.

However it is usually around $150.00 to around R$200.00, for residential and commercial applications, whereas for automotive applications there are other variables for this calculation.

Summary: electrochromic glass price

Stainless steel stickers, metallic and of different colors, usually have a value very close to these vinyl stickers too. They are widely common for enveloping household appliances and furniture. The highest value with respect to the blasted adhesive will be around 10 to 20% higher. If it’s more expensive than this, it won’t be at a good price.