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Guidelines by Window Film Manufacturers on Cleaning and Maintaining Window Tint Films

There is no denying that all types of window films including the solar as well as the decorative film would enhance your offices and homes. These films are highly effective, but window film manufacturers do offer a number of tips to increase the longevity and effectiveness of these films.

With the right care and maintenance, you can actually increase the life of a window film to great extent. However, lack of care would result the film to fade, and deteriorate in no time. In addition, it would leave a bad impression on the onlookers.

After all, no one would want to have a window with scratches all over it. Nor would they want to watch a film that is foggy and doesn’t serve its purpose. Fortunately, maintaining and cleaning your windows films the right way would ensure that they not only look nice, but they also last long.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about some effective tips to care after your solar films. Also, we will provide you with a complete and in-depth cleaning method for these films. So, without any further delay, it is time for us to start.

NOTE: All these tips are extremely simple and easy to follow. However, we do recommend that you consult with your manufacturers for effective cleaning and maintenance of the window films.

Maintaining and Cleaning your Solar Window Film

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Using the Right Cleaning Cloth

Window films look great, but you need to be careful as most of these films are highly prone to scratch. You will be surprised to know that certain towels including some of the paper towels can lead to scratches onto your window film.

Therefore, we do recommend that you use a softer alternative instead of towels or paper towels. For instance, go with a microfiber cloth or a soft sponge. This would help you clean the window effectively without causing any scratch onto the surface.

In case of microfiber cloth, you even dry the window film with it. In case, you still want another option, you can then use a rubber squeegee. In case, you are not sure as to what to use. Go with the softest cloth that you have in hand. Instead of wiping the entire window film, use it on the corner of the window to see the results. If there are no side-effects, then gradually move to the entire panel.

NOTE: For effective results, it is imperative that you check with your manufacturer for proper guidelines.

Gentle Cleaners

When it comes to window films, all window film manufacturers recommend using highly gentle cleaners. After all, the window cleaners hold as much importance as the material that you plan to use. Thus, you need to pay extra heed to the type of material you are going to use.

You can either go with glass cleaners as they are highly effective. Or there is option of creating your own solution using baby shampoo and water. We highly recommend that you skip the cleaners that are strong as they would leave an adverse impact on the window film.

In addition to baby shampoo solution, you can opt for a liquid dish soap. However, you need to dilute it in warm water to decrease its strength and increase its effectiveness. Also, when cleaning, never soak your window film.

Apply just the right amount as extra cleaner would leave streaks and they would be noticeable in the light. It would disturb the clean image of the film. Therefore, take the right precautions to ensure the perfect result.

Use Grains for Window Film Cleaning

Another important tip when cleaning your windows is to maintain the same direction as the cut lines present along the edges of the films. For instance, you will have to wash the sides of the film using up and won motion, while in case of the bottom and top, you would wash horizontally.

This would not only ensure complete cleaning of the film, but at the same time it would keep the film in place. In case of bigger windows, look for the seams. Just make sure that you clean the window in the same direction as the seam. Doing this would prevent lifting the edges.

Dry is Imperative

Do not simply leave the window film allow after you wipe it clean. You need to make sure that the film is dry as well. The perfect way to ensure a dry film is to use a rubber squeegee or a soft cloth. After all, if you leave water under the film, it would lead to issues such as the bubbling.

This would then decrease the over all effective, and result of the film. It would also decrease in lifetime. Therefore, you need to ensure that the window film is completely dry after thorough cleaning.

Consist Maintenance

Cleaning and drying the film is part of its regular maintenance. Although, window films do not require a lot of maintenance, yet you need to cater to a number of issues that would lead to serious problems. For example, window film manufacturers highly recommend not to apply pressure onto the films.

Applying pressure would change the way the film looks. Of course, you can apply the regular cleaning pressure, but avoid pushing too hard. Moreover, if you find a water bubble, do not go on popping it. In some cases, it is normal for the air bubbles to show on your window. This is the drying process.

Give it time before you reach out to the supplier with the problem. Popping the bubbles is never a solution. The company would come and have a look at the problem.

Removing the Tape

In case you want to remove the adhesive tape that you have applied onto the film. There is no rocket science to it. All you have to do is peel the tape off the glass. In case, there are some sort of residue left by the adhesive tape, you can easily clean it afterwards.

Use a soft cloth along with acetone or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and gently wipe your window clean.

These are the basic tips that you need to know for proper cleaning of the windows. Below is the complete tutorial on how to clean your solar windows films.

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How Window Film Manufacturers Clean Solar Window Films?

Solar Window films are an effective way to keep the UV rays out of your homes. There is no denying that they deliver quality. However, with the time you will notice that they have lost their brand-new look. For some, it might not be a problem, but for us, we would want that crystal clear look intact. So, here is how window film manufacturers suggest you clean your windows.

After all, having neat and clean windows will ensure that you have clear visibility to enjoy the weather outside as well as a clean look to your place. The great thing about this blog post is that you really don’t have to reach out to your window suppliers, on the contrary, you can clean the windows on your own. So, lets us get started!

Basic Instructions of Cleaning the Solar Window Film

Below, we have come up with the general instructions that will help keep your solar window clean. Also, do pay heed to the instructions supplied by the window film manufacturers. That said, now let’s get straight to point.

Is your Window Film New or Old?

For starters, you need to consider the age of your window film. In case, you have just installed the film, then you need to take a break. We highly suggest that you give the film around 30 days to fully fix it.

Cleaning it well before 30 days might have an adverse impact on the film. It is highly likely that the fit and the look of the film will get affected. Something, you need to avoid at all costs possible. In addition, there is really no need to clean the films every month.

If the case, your solar window films have an unclear appearance or little bubbles, we highly recommend that you minimum 30 days before cleaning it. In case, the bubbles remain intact every after 30 days, wait for at least90 days before clean the windows.

After all, there are different types of films available that require different time frames to settle in.

NOTE: If the bubbles don’t go away even after 90 days, we suggest you reach out to the window film manufacturers to handle the problem correctly.

Abrasive Window Film Cleaning Equipment and Products: Not Recommended

Do bear in mind that abrasive window cleaning equipment and products can really damage the solar window films. Therefore, you need to avoid them at all costs. Below, we have listed some of the products and equipment that you need to avoid.

  • Brushes
  • Scouring Pads
  • Paper Towels (Abrasive)
  • Baking Soda
  • Cleaners having baking Soda in them

Use Lint-Free, Soft Cloths or Towels

In case, you are planning to clean your windows films on your own, we would highly recommend investing in the following.

Reusable Microfiber Cloths

The first thing that you need to have to clean solar window films is a reusable, washable microfiber cloth. This is an excellent way to clean your windows without causing any damage to the window films.

NOTE: Make sure to avoid fabric softener in the wash cycle.

The reason being, these softener use different oils for cloth softness. These oils persist with the cloth fibers. Thus, when you use the particular cloth to clean windows, it would leave a streaky and smudgy trail. Regardless of how hard to try to make it crystal clear, it would still have the smudges.

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Window Cleaning Scrubber

In case you don’t want to buy a microfiber cloth, you can always go with a high-quality window cleaning scrubber. Just make sure that the scrubber has a squeegee on one side, and a sponge or a microfiber on the other side.

Since these films are designed to clean windows, thus they would be highly effective with solar window films as well. Also, never purchase a window cleaning wand that has a border or an abrasive layer as it would scratch the film.

Premium Quality Paper Towels

You can use paper towels to clean your window films. However, these towels need to be of premium quality.  Although, it is possible to use a paper towel, yet we believe the above two are better options. As they would yield better results without causing any harm to the film.


In case you want to avoid using a window wash wand that comes with a squeegee and pad, you can always go out and purchase squeegee.

Take a Window Cleaning Solution and Fill it in a Spray bottle

Most window film manufacturers allow using a mild, non-abrasive window cleaning solution. However, you need to make sure that the product that you choose should be ammonia-free. As an ammonia-based cleaner would damage the solar window film.

Combine liquid dish soap that is not very strong with warm water. This would yield results as effective as any high-end expensive window cleaning product.

Take a 32 oz spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Then add around 4 to 5 drops of the mild dish wash. You can also use the baby’s shampoos as well. Mix the water and the soap to create your own window cleaning detergent.

Now it’s time to Clean your Solar Window Film

Once the mixture is ready, you can clean your solar window films with it. Simply, follow the steps below!

Step-1: Take your lint-free towel, or window sponge, and dampen it. Then, you need to squeeze the additional water out of it.

Step-2: Take out the spray bottle containing the detergent you created above. Thoroughly spray the detergent onto the window film.

Step-3: Use the moist window scrubber to spread the soapy solution. Press gently onto places that contain stubborn smudges, pet prints of fingerprints, etc.

Step-4: Resin the towel or the scrubber until it is clean. Now use it again onto the window to clean away the residual of the solution. Depending on the size of the window, you might have to repeat the resining process a couple of times.

Step-5: After cleaning the window, it is time to dry them out. Use the Squeegee in even horizontal lines. Start from the top of the windows and work your way down towards the end. As you use the squeegee, keep a dry towel in hand to wipe the squeegee clean after every pass.

To wipe away any lingering water lines, we recommend using a lint-free, dry towel.