Smash and Grab Film Suppliers: A Guide on Smash and Grab Films


Smash and Grab Film Suppliers

Smash and Grab Film Suppliers: Introduction, Prevention and Benefits

With the car burglaries on the rise, it has become imperative to safeguard them. What better way to ensure protection than to allow smash and grab film suppliers to install their films onto your car. We understand that for some of you, the smash and grab film might be an alien term.

If that is the case, then rest assured, you have come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the desired information. So, without any further delay, let us get started!

Introduction to Smash and Grab Film

According to the statistics obtained, there has been around 829 vehicle break-ins have been reported in the city of San Francisco.  The unreported are additional few hundreds. This number sums up to roughly 27 per day.

There is no denying that the situation is alarming, especially when the numbers are from a single city. Imagine the numbers thorough out the world. Furthermore, the pandemic has resulted in an increase in street crime.

Protecting your car is no longer a luxury that you can afford. It now has become a necessity. You need to ensure prevention again all smash and grab incidents.

After all, these incidents greatly depend upon a number of elements including surprise and speed. A thief would come up, smash your car window, take out valuables, and run away. With no additional protection layer, things would be extremely easy for them.

Besides protection, a window tint film offers several benefits for your car.  In addition to offering additional protection, you should learn to prevent smash and grab incidents.

Smash and Grab Film Suppliers

How to Prevent Smash and Grab Incidents

  • Your car doors should be locked.
  • Don’t leave your window open, even if it is to let the airflow in and out.
  • Avoid getting into discussion with people handing out flyers or street vendors.
  • Do not leave valuable things like laptops, handbags, and cell phones in plain sight.
  • It is important to pay heed to your surroundings. Be alert when to come to an intersection or when you stop your car.
  • Look out for obstacles on the road. If you encounter one do not get off your car to remove it.
  • Ensure that there is enough gap between your car and the car right in front of you. This would help provide enough space in case you need to escape.

Smash and Grab Film

In addition to taking the above precautionary measures, you need to make sure that you install the smash and grab the film onto your car. The film is basically a defensive safety film that the smash and grab film suppliers would install onto your car.

It is passed on the windows of your car and is highly effective for the prevention of smash and grab incidents. These films are mostly tinted, therefore, people outside are not able to see inside your car. What more is that they hold the glass pieces in places in case someone tries to break it.

Smash and Grab might not be a bulletproof plan against robbery, however, it does offer an additional layer of protection.

Types of Smash and Grab films

Roll Window Film

Roll window films are extremely easy to cut and apply. You can easily manipulate these films to fit the glass. The great thing about these films is that they produce a clean look, ensuring that there isn’t any type of hazing.

Buying these films from reliable smash and grab film suppliers guarantees quality. The films have the ability to look 99 percent of the UV rays and they are scratch-resistant. In addition, they have don’t interfere with your car’s radio.

Generally, roll window films are available in five different colors. They offer color stability and heat rejection.

Feet Window Film Roll

This is an excellent window for heat reduction as well as to prevent the heat from entering your car. It has the capability to block up to 99 percent of the harmful UV-rays. The shades offer different darkening levels. The film is long-lasting as it adheres strongly to the window. Thus, staying intact for a long, long time.

Pre-Cut Complete Tint Kit

This non-reflective film has the ability to withstand harmful UV rays. In addition to preventing the heat from entering your car, it is cost-effective. These films come in a wide range of patterns and colors. Since they are pre-cut, thus all you have to do is install them onto your windows.

You will find films patterns for cars manufactured in 1990 and above. The film offers complete clarity, you will have no problem looking out of your car.

Advantages of Smash and Grab Film

Smash and grab film suppliers to ensure that the film offers a number of benefits. We did list the top benefits of the film below.

Occupants Protection

In case of an accident, the film would keep the small pieces or debris of the glass intact. Thus, protecting the people sitting inside the car at the time of the accident.

Enhance Style and Appearance

Since these films are available in a wide range of designs and colors, thus you can use the one that would add style to your car. There is no denying that the films have the ability to make your car stand out in the crowd.

Install these amazing films on your car window cars, make it look classy and elegant.

Offers Privacy

Since the films are mostly tinted, thus they don’t permit the onlookers to see what is inside the car. So, without any proper proof of something valuable in the car, it is highly less likely that the thief would try to break in.

Ensures Safety

Another great thing about the film is that it offers additional protection to the window. It is like an invisible barrier that would help you buy precious time during extreme conditions.

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Smash and grab films are highly effective to ensure the safety, privacy, and smartness of your cars. So, reach out to reliable smash and grab film suppliers today, and permit them to make your car stronger and sturdier.

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