What is smart glass and its arrangement. Use smart glasses indoors


What is smart glass and its arrangement. Use smart glasses indoors

For a long time, modern people have been accustomed to multi-functional things-if it is a new product, it must be three in one, if it is a household appliance, it must have 1001 functions. The idea of versatility has even entered the living space, giving a subject multiple tasks. This is how the smart glass itself is positioned. The glass has been used in many areas of human life including his home. We will work with Dream House to handle this new concept for many readers-we will understand its purpose And uses, and understand the use of smart glass. Use at home

What is smart glass and its arrangement

In the translation, the word “smart” means “smart”. However, this does not mean that glass, like a robot, performs certain tasks at the request of the owner. No, it is only able to change its optical characteristics and appearance when opening and closing. That’s all the secret. Smart glass has the following functions:

Completely transparent
Become blunt when necessary;
Used as a display for video playback;
With sound insulation function;
Do not let ultraviolet light enter;
Heating, including anti-icing function;
Cover the window with analog shutters.
All of these characteristics benefit from a unique device-between two layers of glass (usually tempered) or plastic, there are liquid or solid substances that respond to external changes. Since the latter can be used as temperature, changes in light levels may be forced to be included in the power network.

smart glass

Smart glass is most commonly used indoors to make partitions, windows or glass doors transparent or opaque. The frosted glass function is powered by the power supply and is forced on and off. It is worth noting that frosted glass becomes frosted glass when closed, and vice versa, as many people think. That is, when opened, it will be transparent, and when closed, it will be opaque.

Range of indoor smart glasses

Such products are not only used in living spaces. They are widely used in transportation, storefronts, offices, business centers, medical institutions. And in most cases, they are partitions that can change from transparent to dim, indicating the personal space of internal personnel.

1. Using partitions, train drivers can “separate” from passengers; opaque partitions in the negotiation room will create favorable conditions for contract signing; in hospital wards, frosted glass will provide a comfortable environment for patients.

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2. In the living space, intelligent zoning is also very common. They are ideal for partitioning rooms, which is very important when creating open spaces inside. For example, during the day, the room looks like a whole, although there are transparent partitions that divide the room into multiple areas, and at night, when it is necessary to retire, these partitions become opaque.

3. Similarly, this design will attract high-quality home movie lovers, not only because of the intimate atmosphere created inside the “cinema”, but also because the smart glass has sound insulation. Now owners with good acoustics can make the most of it without disturbing other families.

4. In addition to the walls of the movie theater, even the screens used to watch high-quality movies are made of smart glass. This means that on a large white glass screen, videos with clear details can be played.

5. You can build a study room at home from such partitions. The lightness of the design does not affect its function-in such an office, since everyone is hiding behind opaque and soundproof walls, it is realistic to work hard.

6. Even if the bathroom window is open to the street, the personal space of the family members must be preserved. Curtains or blinds are not suitable for all interior decoration, but this new development makes people’s lives easier, and does not bother him with unnecessary gestures.

7. Another useful function is to heat the window by a heating cable extending inside the window. They are invisible, unlike in cars. Nevertheless, they are perfectly warm in winter. If you remember, when frosting on a thin window, it will be directly blown away by cold wind, and its strength is much stronger than that of a thick wall. The heated glass prevents cold air from seeping into the house, helping the battery maintain a comfortable temperature and saving the room from the huge radiator under the window.

This is not the only way to use smart glass indoors. For example, a transparent plug-in on the flat roof of a house or balcony can open a beautiful view of the sky, which will attract creative and romantic people.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart glass

With these advantages, we have made more or less decisions when describing the functions of smart glasses. However, we will still simplify all knowledge slightly and determine the positive aspects of this modern design. What can she do:

Divide the room into several parts;
Adjust the transparency of windows or partitions;
Increase the temperature of the house by heating windows;
Turn the white glass wall into a huge screen;
Replace curtains and blinds;
The possibility of using colored glasses;
Various patterns can be carved on the surface.

But there are disadvantages to consider.

The most important of these is the high cost, which prevents many people who want to have such a practical design at home;
If you think that the technology used to produce smart glass has not yet been put into production and has been ordered, and you also want to use a three-layer structure instead of ordinary glass, then the price will automatically rise to a neat level;
Dependence on wiring: no electricity-the product cannot work;
Transparency can be achieved by incorporating the structure into the grid, so if you keep the partitions transparent for a long time, and only dim them occasionally, then you can prepare for the cost of electricity;
The glass clarification speed is low, which can reach 10-15 minutes (while it becomes black within 2-3 minutes);
Uneven changes in transparency-all start from the edge of the window or partition and then reach the middle.
In short, it should be said that smart glass is made by pressing several layers of glass or polycarbonate. Due to their multilayer structure, these structures have high strength and reliability, so they can be used indoors and outdoors.