What is dimming glass

dimming glass, also known as switchable glass or private glass, is a new building decoration material that combines smart film and glass. You can use all kinds of glass, such as double-glazed windows, triple-glazed glass, art glass, refractory glass, etc. When the glass is opened, it is transparent; when the power is turned off, it is opaque and can be widely used for indoor partitions, stained glass windows, glass doors and windows.

dimming glass or switchable glass, also known as smart window or switchable window, is a high-tech product that can be immediately switched from transparent to opaque. Transparent when the power is turned on, and opaque when the power is turned off; the light transmittance can be changed when a voltage is applied.

The glass is composed of tempered glass, PVB film and smart film (polymer dispersed liquid crystal PDLC), which form a sandwich structure. The working principle mainly occurs with the help of smart film. When the power is turned off, visible light will be scattered through the liquid crystal of the smart film, and the glass will become opaque. When you turn on the power, the visible light will pass through the liquid crystal of the smart film
, The glass will become transparent.

Using dimming glass  can save heating, air conditioning and lighting costs. When it is opaque, the smart glass liquid crystal will block most UV rays

Three layers of dimming glass

dimming glass is an innovative photoelectric laminated glass, which is composed of two outer layers of tempered glass, a smart film in the middle and other composite materials forming a sandwich-like structure. All these materials are tightly bonded through a special baking process. When the power is turned off, it is opaque. When enabled, it immediately becomes transparent. In addition, it is safety glass and can be used as a smart projection screen

dimming glass

Photoelectric performance


  • Office partition
  • Restroom
  • Meeting Room • Hospital / Clinic • Luxury Villa / Private Room
  • Optical blinds • Security window • Skylight
  • Airport•Hotel and Restaurant
  • Train and bus
  • Observation room/interrogation room of police, court, prison, bank
  • Jewelry shops, museums, automatic equipment
  • Large projection screen

Advantages of our dimming glass

  • The complete manufacturing technology of laminated smart glass. Not only can we use EVA as a widely used material in this industry, but also, our unique PVB manufacturing process can effectively enhance the aging resistance and impact resistance of smart glass. Therefore, it can be reliably used for the outer wall.
  • We use PVB film imported from Japan, EVA optical film with high transparency and low haze, and float glass for automotive industry, thus fully guaranteeing the quality of our smart glass.
    The type of glass depends on the customer’s needs. There are many types of glass, such as ordinary glass, tempered glass, molded glass, bending glass, energy-saving glass, refractory glass and other special glass. The maximum size can reach 2200 mm * 5900 mm.
  • When our glass is shattered by external force, it will remain on the original frame to avoid suffering for people nearby.
    The special transformer is used to control the smart glass. When an external short circuit occurs, it will be quickly disconnected from the power output to ensure the safety of the load and personnel.
  • With the advantages of Class A designers and Class 1 designers, we have 200 professional designers and more than 30 first-class designers.
  • We have offices around the world and provide quality after-sales service. In addition, we have long-term cooperation with more than 60 construction personnel