Financial Banks


Smart PDLC Glass opens up new areas of openness and privacy for modern banks, making the working environment safer. The bulletproof smart switchable glass partition used for the bank counter maintains a transparent state during business operation. Once an emergency occurs, it immediately switches to an atomized state, so that the criminal can not find the target of the attack, thereby maximizing the safety of the staff and avoiding property loss, get more time for police officers to subdue criminals.

Application in banks, convenient for daily operation. When meeting robberies, an application could protect personal and property safety by losing gangsters’ target instantly.


Smart Privacy PDLC Glass Features

1. Privacy Protection

Transparent (Power on), Opaque but light pervious (Powder off) in high switching speed. It’s instantaneous to make the film from completely transparent to fully opaque or vice versa.

2. Energy Saving

In an energized state, only 5W low power consumption per square meter per hour. 60% infrared can be shield by the smart film to reduce heat radiation and transfer; 99% of UV can be a shield to protect interior furnishings from color-fading or aging, to protect personnel from diseases caused by ultraviolet radiation.

3. Sound Proofing

The smart film having a sound damping effect; can effectively block all kinds of noise.

4. Diversified Control

Smart glass is versatile and can be controlled in many ways, like a wall switch, dimmer, motion detector, light, temperature sensor, remote, or remote network control.

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