Smart glass, (also called switchable glass, intelligent glass, or magic glass ) which is a kind of high-tech product can switch from transparent to opaque instantaneously. It is transparent when power on and it is opaque when power off, light transmission properties can be changed when the voltage is applied.

The glass is composed of toughened glass, EVA/PVB, and smart film which form a sandwich-like structure. The working principle is mainly taken place by the smart film, when power off, visible light scatters through the PDLC of smart film, and the glass turn opaque; when power on, visible light transmits the PDLC of smart film and the glass turns transparent.

The use of smart glass can save costs for heating, air-conditioning, and lighting.

When opaque, liquid crystal, or electric smart glass blocks most UV.

Switchable Glass Application

Application in a hotel shower room, it is enhancing the delight & joy of life, and building an elegant & romantic atmosphere.


Switchable Glass Advantages

1. Strengthen the illusion space

When the switchable glass is on, the whole glass panel is clear with transmittance above 80%, it seems space is extended about 10cm. The visual effect is larger, relief the working pressure, and makes living more comfortable.

2. Easy to clean and check hygiene

When the guests check out, the hotel management and cleaning staff can more easily and clearly know whether needs re-cleaning for problems have. Saves much time, more efficient.

3. More safety

When guests take a bath or in the toilet, they can see all the conditions in the room at glance, and find out if there are outsiders entering the room, it reduces the risk of property damage. Or when you’re taking babies along with you, you can see through the clear glass to watch out just a click of the smart glass remote control when you’re at the bathroom.

4. Save energy

Some guests living in the hotel might forget to turn off the bathroom lights, cost of lightning. However with this switch on/off LCD liquid glass, a reminder to turn off light. Saves energy.

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