Which is the best remote-controlled glass system in 2021?


Are windows remote-controlled glass systems really effective?

Of course yes and now we will explain the effectiveness of remote-controlled glass. The issue related to window security systems is very complex and delicate because when it comes to protecting one’s home and family, it is easy to understand that attention must be very high.

remote-controlled glass

The aspects related to anti-burglary systems should never be underestimated. Because choosing fixtures designed to withstand any intrusion attempts for your home can really make a difference, in many cases. For this, we will try to define point by point, the various elements necessary, on several levels, for the safety of the windows.

What are the remote-controlled glass systems to consider?

It is very important that the manufacturer of the remote-controlled glass always has in mind the safety of its customers, and consequently adopts substantial precautions in the realization of its products.

We have always worked with a view to creating quality windows, distinguished by high-quality materials and innovative technologies, also in terms of safety.

In fact, its lines of modern doors and windows aim to make the customer feel protected, without having to give up a design window and that aesthetic touch that makes fixtures real furnishing accessories.

What are the security systems currently in working?

Specifically, here are the window security systems to consider:

  • Anti-burglary hardware for frames
  • Safety glass for windows and balcony doors
  • Anti-intrusion systems for technological windows

Of course, it is not certain that you need all these security systems at the same time for your home and on all the fixtures, but it is necessary to weigh the real security needs at a generic level and for each single environment.

In this sense, relying on the advice of an expert is strictly necessary, so as to competently verify the important remote controlled glass before using.

Anti-burglary hardware for frames

It is the first and most immediate of the solutions to have a safe home. These are those devices, applicable to the window movement system. They are able to slow down and avoid the intrusion of unauthorized people into your home.

We have already has a series of anti-burglary hardware on every model of window, both in PVC and in aluminum. This provides:

  • Safety Plus strikers:these are devices that are able to guarantee considerable resistance to unhinging. Particularly:
    • Firstly, in the PVC windows the two anti-burglary strikers are fixed directly on the steel reinforcement of the window
    • Secondly, in the aluminum frames they are present in correspondence with the two closing points, and fixed directly on the aluminum face.
  • Intelligent safety: it is an additional safety system that makes use of special IS pawls. These ensure that the doors adhere to the frame and, if forced, lock into the groove of the strikers.
In this way, they prevent the sash from raising. These features are already standard on all window models.  Other pluses can be added to obtain anti-burglary windows with high security in Classes RC1 and RC2.
Electric Glass: when you need even more safety

The RC1 and RC2 safety classes express the resistance of a frame to intrusion attempts. They indicate in cases where you want to further increase the security of doors and windows in the house.

The two resistance classes include characteristics that are different from each other, both in terms of hardware and in terms of double glazing – a topic that we will address shortly.
Specifically, the RC1 Class features include:

remote-controlled glass 2021

  • 4 anti-burglary strikers, each positioned on each corner transmission of each door
  • Anti-drill steel plate
  • Handle with key or button
  • Glasses of increased thickness

Instead, the features of the RC2 Class are:

  • The presence of multiple anti-burglary strikers positioned not only on each corner transmission but along the entire perimeter of the frame
  • Anti-drill steel plate
  • Handle with anti-drill protection and handle with key
  • P4 shatterproof stratified double glazing

What is the ideal size of the product?

It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to intrusion security. In the choice, in fact, the single variables relating to both the house and the psychological needs of those who live there must always be considered.

The RC1 class equipment, for example, is suitable for all those occasions when it is necessary to raise the safety threshold of a home to an average level. For example, they are very valid for those apartments in the city located on a low floor. They, therefore, have on average exposed to possible break-ins.

The remote controlled glass, on the other hand, may prove necessary especially for country houses. In general, these locate in more isolated and exposed places, where the bad guys can act undisturbed. Without too many prying eyes and they have more time to complete the break-in attempt.

Remote controlled glass for windows and balcony doors

Security double-glazing units use this glass, and their strength lies in the ability to withstand repeated external impacts. The anti-burglary glasses come by joining two 4 mm float sheets, held together by 2 or 4 special 0.38 mm anti-burglary films.

Based on the number of films present, safety glass has two different categories:

  • P2 burglar-proof glass: there are 2 burglar-proof films
  • P4 shatterproof glass: in this case there are 4 films

This remote controlled glass also guarantees an accident prevention type of protection, because in the event of accidental breakage the glasses remain attached to the films, preventing cutting.

Technological security systems for windows: remote controlled glass

Remote controlled glass is part of what we could define as the technological side of home security. The innovation of the sector offers us very sophisticated and highly personalized types of anti-theft devices, designed to take action when something abnormal occurs, such as an intrusion by a third party.

Final Thought

Thanks to the perimeter mode, for example, it is possible to keep the alarm active even when you are at home; very valid condition, especially in large houses with multiple exposures.

Another plus relating to the presence of the anti-theft sensors is that of being able to connect them directly to the security systems, whether public or private, so that they can intervene in case of need.