Smash and Grab Film Suppliers Tips to Enhance Car Security


Main features of Blasted/insufilms for cars

Smash and Grab Film Suppliers

Smash and grab film suppliers are already an important part of any architectural project. After all, they fulfill important functions. For example, they block the entry of ultraviolet rays (which are bad for people’s health and damage objects). And give more privacy to a room or property as a whole.

There is a great diversity of films, with different colors, materials and levels of transparency. Therefore, some people are indecisive when it comes to contracting the film installation service, not knowing for sure which smash film would be ideal for their space.

In this article, we will talk specifically about smash and grab films film, highlighting its characteristics and where it can be applied. If you are thinking of buying films of this type, check out everything we have separated here before! Good reading!

How are smash and grab film made?

Sandblasted films are generally made of polyester, with the intention of giving the same effect as a glass that is originally sandblasted, which tend to be much more expensive than ordinary ones.

Insulfilm of this type can be made in different colors and styles. There are those who prefer glass entirely with the sandblasted effect, while other people add some details to the films, such as frames, stripes, waves, bands or other visual effects.

For this reason, sandblasted films are widely used in contemporary projects, both for composing interior and exterior design.

Does smash and grab film enhance privacy?

It is important to highlight that, due to their composition, smash and grab film suppliers increase privacy, but without interfering much in the entry of natural light. In other words: they give a visual effect that increases the feeling of privacy, keeping the environment well lit naturally.

Where can Blasted Insulfilm be applied?

Sandblasted films can be used outdoors and indoors. Its installation is not complex, which increases (even more) its versatility.

We can install sandblasted insulfilm on glass for doors, windows, partitions, facades and other surfaces. They are widely applicable to share spaces, such as in meeting rooms, specific areas of airports, offices, offices, gyms and the like.

In addition to public and / or commercial places, blasted films are also commonly good in homes. We use them in bathroom stalls, bedrooms, reading rooms or in any other type of room.

What are the benefits of blasted films?

We’ve already seen how blasted films are and where they are easy to apply, right? Now, it is important to say that blasted films have a number of benefits, notably:

They are easily applicable. The low complexity in the application process of smash and grab film suppliers are one of its great advantages. It is also worth noting that they are easy to clean. It is essential for everyday life, especially in places with a large number of people.

Choosing the best film for your environment can be tricky, given the many options on the market. If you still have doubts, it is interesting to have the guidance of a professional.

Automotive Film Types

There are several types to put in your car. The variations range from transparency and thickness to the desired color. With this much choice, it is a fact that even the most varied tastes will be served by the market offer.

However, we can say that there are three types of this film considered to be the most common: basic, advanced and security.

The first option is the most popular film in stores. Having a varied transparency, this version usually has an effect only on security.

Is smash and grab film is useful for cars?

The advanced, however, helps to keep the interior of the car more ventilated when it is stopped in open places. Considerably more expensive than the basic film, this version has the differential protection against UV rays.


Finally, the security film stands out. There are those who think that this security in question is in relation to the transparency of the interior of the vehicle. However, the benefit is another: having a thicker film from smash and grab film suppliers, this automotive film helps to contain broken glass in the event of accidents – in addition to making it difficult to crack.

Maximum limit of automotive film on car windows

The limits vary from glass to car glass. The windshield, for example, is one of the components in which the film must be clearer. In that case, it is necessary to have a transparency of at least 75% of the vehicle’s interior.

Well below that limit is the driver’s window – important for the authorities to identify who is driving. In this glass, the limit imposed by law is 30% visibility.


The rear window, on the other hand, needs to have a transparency very similar to the windshield.

Automotive film benefits and utilities

It is important to know that the benefits related to automotive film go far beyond safety. Depending on the vehicle film installed, the thermal comfort inside the car will be much greater than without the adhesive. The protection against UV rays helps to keep the temperature of the vehicle in order. It is without the feeling of being inside an oven. With smash and grab film suppliers, it is also possible to avoid the physical wear of the driver.

In addition, many consumers find that automotive film makes the car much more beautiful, due to the darkening of the windows.

Privacy films increase car security

And, of course, it is an item that helps – a lot – in security. Car thefts are common in big cities. In this sense, preventing anyone outside the car from seeing the contents inside can help prevent the action of thieves. Without knowing what they have in the vehicle and, mainly, who is inside, it is more difficult that they choose to carry out the assault.

Disadvantages of the glass film

As much as several benefits are related to the use of this glass sticker, there are, however, some negative points that must be considered by the car owner when placing it in the vehicle.

During the night, depending on the film used, the driver may have some of his visibility impaired. To avoid this, reconsider the desired darkening on your car windows – especially on the windshield. The accessory can also make it difficult for the driver to see during heavy rains and hail.

If darkening the smash and grab film suppliers’ windows makes it difficult for thieves to see inside your car, so does the police. If something is happening inside your vehicle, the automotive film can make it difficult for the police to identify the act.

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Is insulfilm the same thing as automotive film?

Many people have this doubt, since it is common to hear the term Insufilm around. In fact, Insulfilm is one of the automotive film brands.

As it was a brand that became popular in Brazil, people started calling all automotive films Insufilme. But in reality, it is the same thing.