How to install switchable privacy glass in luxury bedrooms?


Is smart electronic glass magic?

switchable privacy glass

As technologies is making innovation day by day. The switchable privacy glass also has brought an innovative change in the field of architectural and interior designs. You can make your buildings from public to private with just a flip of a switch.

Is it sound like magic? Yes, it is.

Today we are going to discuss the working principle of this magic glass. As well as we will also discuss that in how many ways this smart glass can help you. Moreover, is switchable glass expensive for you?

Come with us to reveal the magic behind it!

What is a switchable privacy glass?

Basically, switchable smart glass is an extremely unique way to allow a traditionally static material to become alive and multifunctional. This is a highly advanced technology that allows transparent materials from clear to shaded or totally opaque.

Moreover, this switchable privacy glass has added extreme versatility to the overall structures of your residential and commercial buildings. This smart glass can not only make your buildings more innovative but also add extreme privacy according to your needs.

So, that’s why we also call it a privacy glass. In fact, this smart glass is a dynamic glass. This technology not only provides extreme privacy but also can control various forms of light including visible light, IR, and UV.

How does switchable privacy glass work?

You can switch the glass from a transparent form to an opaque or translucent form with a simple flip of a switch. Moreover, you can also change your glass by the wave of a hand or tap of an app.

This advanced glass makes available a dynamic space that can be both open or private. Its working principle is very simple and unique. The switchable privacy glass makes use of the electrical current in order to arrange liquid crystal molecules into a pattern.

Further, this pattern can make the glass transparent when turned on. Hence, when you turn off, the LC molecules revert to a random pattern, diffusing the light. Basically, this diffusing of the light causes the glass to change into an opaque condition.

What is smart glass used for?

This smart technology has been growing slowly over the past few years. But its popularity is increasingly growing with each passing day. It is useful for privacy as well as opens an array of possibilities for interior designers and architects to control

  • Glare
  • Light
  • And UV radiation.

Its demand is increasingly rising as it is ideal to use for heat and light control, privacy, and automated shading. Moreover, switchable privacy glass is also getting great popularity for its design innovations.

This electronically switchable glass is highly durable. Additionally, it is a perfect choice to use for venues such as bars, restaurants, and business centers.

In how many ways you can use switchable privacy glass?

This smart electronic glass can change the color of your doors and windows as well as add great visual privacy. In addition, this technology is highly beneficial to reduce glare and solar energy. We are presenting here some incredible uses of privacy glass.


Let’s have a look!

  1. This smart glass generally promotes great privacy
  2. It can add a professional touch to your business
  3. This electrical smart glass gives the wow factor to your home
  4. It prevents UV and other harmful rays to enter your home.
  5. So, it is ideal for protecting your furniture as well.
  6. You can build your own brand by applying sleek designs to your office building
  7. Make an opening statement by using the creative designs of this magic glass.

Hence, for these additional features, switchable privacy glass is ideal to use in residential, retail, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and banking.

Why you should prefer a smart glass for perfect heat management?

Nowadays modern architects are designing skyscrapers by using this smart electronic glass. Basically, they use solar-tinted blackout glass as it is better to manage heat. Moreover, with the help of solar-tinted mode, they protect the inside of the skyscraper from dangerous rays of sunlight.

Such as UV rays and save from extra heat to cool down the building. Further, it helps to reduce the need for expensive air conditioning units. In addition, during cold months it is very effective as it permits daylight to enter the building. This smart glass provides adequate heat and reduces the reliance on electric heating systems. Basically, electric heating systems can often create a large expense in large buildings or skyscrapers.

So, choosing switchable privacy glass will be a wise choice to use for perfect heat management.

Can you see through privacy glass at night?

In fact, it depends on your choice as there are several kinds of smart glass in the market. If you select a smart glass that is brighter from the outside then you can easily see through the film from the inside out.

But electrical privacy glass that you have selected is brighter from the inside then it will be possible for you to see from the outside at night.

How smart glass eliminates the need for window coverings?

It is actually a perfect choice for your office use. The old and traditional window coverings create hassle in the design process. Moreover, switchable privacy glass will enhance the aesthetics of your office and will create sleek partitions.

These sleek partitions are extremely versatile and functional. Actually, using blinds and curtains in hospitals and clinics come with the additional costs of frequent laundering as well as harbor germs. But using switchable smart glass improves germ management in hospitals and clinics.

This glass is also useful to reduce the amount of time spent adjusting blinds and curtains to block the sun. Since it can continue its constant motion throughout the whole day.

By using switchable smart glass, all you have to do is just flip a switch and the glare will be completely blocked.

Why smart glass is an impressive choice for luxury bedrooms?

In fact, switchable privacy glass can provide a desirable and elusive combination of a fashionable stunning interior aesthetic with on-demand privacy. so, this smart glass is an impressive choice for luxury bedrooms and hotels.

The switchable privacy glass is a smart and very attractive choice for your clients or end-users.

It is highly beneficial to get instant privacy when they need it while also having the option to maintain their view of the outside world.

How long does smart glass last?

As we have explained that smart glass has several advantages over traditional blinds and curtains. But some people may think that whether this smart technology is durable or not. It totally depends on the material used by different companies.

A good quality smart glass can last longer up to 10–20 years. It is actually a drawback of this electrical glass. and because of this fact, most homeowners do not take an interest to use it as they want a permanent solution for their windows.

Is switchable privacy glass expensive?

Generally, these smart glasses are custom designed for your whole interior. So, switchable privacy glass can be an expensive choice. Further, its price can run tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the number of electrical glass windows you need.

The possible price will be $50 to $100 per square foot for smart glass windows. On the other hand, if we compare it to the regular glass window, it will be costly. Since the price of regular glass is $10 to $15 per square foot.

switchable privacy glass 2021


The use of smart electrical glass can be expensive to use but it is extremely advantageous. Moreover, it not only adds style and beauty to your homes but also creates savings, customization, and flexibility in your space for years to come.

The switchable privacy glass provides optimal UV protection as well as is an effective alternative to traditional methods of light and temperature control.