Self-Adhesive pdlc Film: 6 Best Features you can Count On


What are the advantages of self-adhesive pdlc film?

Self-adhesive pdlc film represents on average 80% of the surface of the entire window. This percentage is enough to understand that its contribution to the performance of the fixtures is extremely important. In this article, we focus on the performance of glass.

Self-Adhesive pdlc Film

The selective low emissivity film favors the thermal insulation of the glass. This feature is useful both in winter (because it limits the use of stoves and heating systems) and in summer. Before choosing it, however, you need to be aware of your needs.

How to choose the best self-adhesive pdlc film windows for your home?

Window self-adhesive pdlc film is not all the same: its characteristics have evolved over time to provide maximum efficiency.

  • Single glazed windows

Once upon a time, single glazing on the windows, which had a thermal insulation value of 5. Over the years, research has produced different solutions.

  • Double and triple glazing

After single glazing, in fact, double glazing was introduced on the market. It exploits the insulating power of the air. You can do it by reducing the thermal insulation coefficient to 2.8. The double glazing acts as an insulator (the so-called double glazing).

Use of low emissivity glass instead of self-adhesive pdlc film

Instead of self-adhesive pdlc film, this type of product uses a particular mechanism to minimize heat dispersion. Moreover, metal oxides need to add to the internal part of the first glass plate. They have the task of retaining heat inside the room, making it substantially bounce.

For this product, the thermal insulation value is equal to 1.4, however with the help of the inert gas argon instead of simple air; the index loweres to 1.1 or 1.0

Selective low-emission glass is different from low emissive glass?

Compared to low-emissivity glass only, the selective variant applies an important structural difference. The metal oxides are not inserted in the first self-adhesive pdlc film. But in the internal part of the second, therefore closer to the external environments.

The purpose is to: retain internal heat in cold periods. This system, therefore, guarantees to save not only on heating bills but also on energy consumption in summer.

Selective low-emission glass: when to install it   

The low emissivity glass selective may be the highlight for each fixture. But there are some elements to be evaluated before installing it. It can really be the most suitable variant for our home. There are alternatives more in line with our needs. Moreover, it is good to weigh all the features of this product.

For example, it must be considered that glass is not the only element that affects insulation. The installation also contributes: apart from the characteristics of the glass. Thermal bridges must not occur along the perimeter which would favour heat and humidity dispersion.

However, the most important thing to consider is that the selective low emissivity is state-of-the-art, but it has a defect of brightness. Before choosing self-adhesive pdlc film, it is good to evaluate the structural, climatic and environmental conditions of the condominium or house with an expert consultant.

Is it exposed directly to sunlight?

In these cases, selective low emissivity is an ideal solution. On the other hand, if the window faces north or if there are already shields from the sun, it is worthwhile to focus on different alternatives.

Window panes are one of the fundamental components to consider improving the energy efficiency of windows.

In the case of fairly dated windows, one can be led to think that replacing the old self-adhesive pdlc film, keeping the original structure, represents a good compromise to achieve a good degree of efficiency without changing the entire frame.

Why glass replacement is not always the best choice?

Replacing Window Glass; there are the 3 limits that you didn’t consider. I make a small introduction, the information contained in this article, valid only in the event that the replacement of the glass concerns particularly windows.

Self-Adhesive pdlc Film 2021

It is clear that if the change is justified by breakage or in any case by some functional defect, replacement is the correct way. The new generation double glazing units are characterizing by significantly better insulating and energy performance than glass 20 or 30 years ago.

From a structural point of view, the improved performance of self-adhesive pdlc film leads to greater thicknesses and weights. And this is precisely the point: would the old frames be able to adequately support the new glass sheets?

Why is new glass heavier?

The first problem lies in the weight difference. Probably the old windows were calibrated on the basis of the weight of the original sheets.  But there is no certainty that from a mechanical point of view the existing structure can support a greater weight.

Adhesive films are best for new apartments and offices. Many modern offices use these films to secure privacy. Similarly, you can use them in homes too for outdoor vision. In addition, there are many models, where you can buy electric glasses too.

These glasses are best for larger building. Moreover, they have longer life and capacity to bear weather pressure.

The new glass is thicker: Another problem

Then there is another problem that the old window has self-adhesive pdlc film, for reasons similar to the previous ones. It was designed taking into consideration a specific thickness of the glass. The new generation windows, on the other hand, perfectly accommodate the windows.

How to solve this thickness gap?

One way to go is to mount glass with thinner channels to adapt the glass to the size of the old window. But since the thickness of the glass affects the energy performance, reducing the thickness of the duct penalizes the performance itself.

As they say “we would be back to back” … the insulating properties would not be up to par anyway.

Final words

Generally, people ask about the price of pdlc films. These films are quite affordable. You need to compare the price with the functions these films lay in your commercial or residential areas.