Privacy window film: 5 Unbelievable Advantages


Privacy window film is a material with high applications in interior design, construction works, and on windows glass for privacy purpose. Besides undeniable strengths, glass or glass both have potential dangers of causing damage or injury if cracked or broken.

Privacy window film

Table of Contents 

  • 1 What is privacy window film?
    • 1 Structure of the product:
    • 2 Features of glass protection film:
    • 3 Other functions:
  • 2 Notes when choosing to buy and install glass protection film:
    • 1 About the weather:
    • 2 About scratches:
    • 3 Anti-counterfeiting:

What is privacy window film?

With a privacy window film construction up to 4 m thick coated with a transparent adhesive creating a material with great benefits. As a material used to cover glass with a transparent material to improve the technical limits of glass: Increase impact resistance, keep the glass intact, and reduce the risk of broken glass.

Structure of the privacy window film:

The product usually has a multi-layer structure, with a large thickness (4mil, 12mil) depending on each type and your needs. In addition to the usual material grades, it depends on the manufacturer.

Depending on the type of product, the privacy window film can be reduced or added with other layers of materials. Such as an oil-resistant layer to limit fingerprints, an anti-slip layer or a chemically material layer to help the image look better and display more clearly.

Major features of privacy window film

  • Firstly, with a bearing capacity of 2000kg/cm2, the protective film has the effect of protecting the glass.
  • Secondly, the light penetration is 90%, the protective film does not limit the view and also increases the aesthetic value.
  • Thirdly, 99% UV protection, protective privacy window filmhelps protect furniture, protect human skin and eyes.
  • Fourthly, thicknesses of 4mil, 7mil, 12mil, the protective film has soundproofing effect, creating a private and comfortable space.
  • Fifthly, built-in insulation, the protective film has the ability to insulate heat in hot summer days.
  • Sixthly, anti-theft in Showrooms, shops, product display cabinets, vending machines.
  • Seventhly, glass railings of commercial areas, apartments, and high-rise buildings protect people in the event of earthquakes, natural disasters, and unexpected accidents.
  • Finally, glass halls, buildings, villas … increase aesthetic ability, limit impact outside the window, and avoid UV rays.

How to choose privacy window film?

Note the following things while choosing to buy and install glass privacy window film.

  • About the weather:

Do not construct or install when the weather is hot. Because it will make the protective film will be limited in terms of aesthetics as well as durability due to thermal expansion from the glass.

  • About scratches:

During transportation, the glass protection film provides transportation very safely due to hard paper outside. But still not 100% guarantee of scratch. Before installation, you should carefully observe the surface of the film on the outermost layer of the film roll.

Privacy window film 2021

  • Anti-counterfeiting:

On the Vietnamese market today, there are many types of fake goods, imitation goods of poor quality, so you should look to buy privacy window film at a reputable place of quality.

Smart electric glass with the main material from tempered glass applies advanced technology to make color change and use much simpler.

What is smart electric glass?

Electric glass is a product manufactured from high quality glass materials that are strictly selected in the raw material stage. The main function of electric glass is to decorate and separate the space.

The glass has the ability to change color easily through the electrical system connected inside the product, bringing transparency and highlighting to the space.

The advantages of privacy window film

These products have many advantages as privacy window film. It brings customers the following outstanding advantages:

  • Modern design

The space of installing this glass always gives your home a modern, harmonious color that reflects on the interior items, contributing to the necessary beauty of the construction.

  • Easy to change space

This glass can create a new feeling for a room with just one simple operation, you can change the space to create an open or closed environment that requires use.

This glass with beautiful design with high aesthetics contributes to highlighting the installation space. The latest tempered glass price list to soon estimate the cost of your home project.

  • Easy to clean

Cleaning is easy than privacy window film. Cleaning is simpler with a smooth, glossy surface, so just using a soft cleaning cloth is enough for customers to clean the electric glass.

Compared with other glass lines, using smart electric glass helps customers minimize the effort of periodic cleaning and cleaning.

  • Withstand high impact force

Tempered glass is the main material for producing electric glass with its high impact resistance properties, which gives the product very high durability. Electric glass is useful as a partition, glass door, for space to help separate each work area to bring quieter, more specially.

  • Good sound insulation, anti-smog

Toughened glass material provides better soundproofing and noise protection from the surrounding environment as compare to privacy window film.

Moreover, the space is quiet and prevents dust and smoke from entering the air, affecting human health. Smart electric glass gives the space the ability to soundproof to create a special, quiet room.

Applications of privacy window film in life

In many construction projects, privacy window film has quite diverse applications to suit the diverse requirements of customers such as:

  • Partitions and office doors

This is commonly fruitful for many offices to create partitions to divide the space of each department. In addition, doors with materials from electric glass bring the ability to open and close more easily. As a result, the working space is optimally saved.

  • Partitions and bedroom doors

The bedroom space with this film design creates a spacious feeling and provides the necessary natural light to save energy optimally. These partitions can be easily disassembled to create a more private space for the owner of the bedroom.


It is best practice to contact with a professional privacy glass supplier in China to build you future dreams. These glasses are not only durable but also cost-effective.