How to choose self-adhesive frosted window film?


In order not to make a mistake in the choice of self-adhesive frosted window film, it is necessary to pay attention to all the factors. At play, synergistically evaluating the technical requirements, the design aspects and those related to the design of the window film.

Here in this article, we will see what are the design factors to consider in order identifying, among the various frosted window film, the one most suitable for your home. In particular, we will deepen the following issues.

self-adhesive frosted window film

Self-adhesive frosted window film: Most suitable solution

Before delving into the various frosted window film, it is good to underline how important it is to evaluate the technical performance of the window film.

First of all, it is necessary to identify the most suitable material for self-adhesive frosted window film. For example, aluminium with thermal break and PVC is perfect for difficult climatic contexts, as they boast excellent insulation parameters. Above all, these are very resistant to atmospheric agents, thermal changes, pollution and prohibitive temperatures.

While wooden window frames have excellent thermal insulation properties, they are more sensitive to water and therefore require more maintenance.

How material is important for self-adhesive frosted window film?

In general, regardless of the material, it is necessary to verify the presence of the technical requirements. Moreover, these are to isolate from noise and external temperature, to effectively resist atmospheric agents.

Why technical requirements are necessary?

The technical requirements are fundamental for the selection of self-adhesive frosted window film. But the window film must also respond to precise aesthetic standards. Moreover, their design greatly affects the stylistic definition of the reference environment.

In this sense, it is essential to verify whether the manufacturing company provides for the tailor-made design and customization of the design of the windows, also through accessories.

self-adhesive frosted window film 2021

The ideal would be to move towards companies that offer a high degree of customization. Moreover, it allows the customer to create a tailor-made design. The design aspects to be taken into account when choosing. On the other hand, mainly concern the size, shape and opening systems of the windows.

Importance of compatibility with architectural layout

To affect these aspects is not so much personal taste, but the structural characteristics of the home for a better selection of self-adhesive frosted window film.

Therefore, before “falling in love” with a large full-wall French window or a romantic skylight overlooking the starry sky, make sure that the chosen solution is compatible with the architectural layout of your home.

Unless it is necessary to resort to forced solutions, the choice of one or the other frosted window film should depend on the specific design needs. Moreover, it depends on the desire to satisfy one’s tastes and/or the dominant style of the house.

Role of exact measurement in window film

At the base of an effective choice of the self-adhesive frosted window film, there is a correct measurement. This in fact allows you to identify the most suitable mechanism for your spaces. Moreover, it ensures the best usability of the window in everyday life, creating functional and harmonious environments.

What is the main advantage of casement windows?

Among the various self-adhesive frosted window films, the most common is undoubtedly the hinged one. To be clear, if it were an item of clothing, the casement window would be the dress that goes well with everything and that adapts successfully to any occasion!

Technically, the opening operation is very simple. The most common type of swing in our country is the one with the doors opening inwards. Moreover, the opening towards the outside is rarer.

What is the combined flap-flap opening?

The windows and French windows are also very practical and versatile. With one hinged door and the other, the one where there is the handle. It provides two different self-adhesive frosted window film solutions:

  • the classic swing system
  • the flap opening

Benefits of a French door with a double opening

Some hinged French windows are integrated with a practical external handle with snap closure. It allows you to easily pull and reopen the doors even from the outside.

The double maneuvering system represents a plus in comfort and functionality for balcony doors:

  • First of all, it increases the versatility of the frame without compromising the anti-burglary security
  • Secondly, it allows you to go out onto the terrace avoiding worrying that the doors could slam due to drafts.

Casement windows with perimeter micro-ventilation

An effective way to improve the air quality in the home is to choose casement windows equipped with innovative perimeter micro ventilation systems. Through an opening of just a few millimeters, this ventilation system guarantees an effective and constant recirculation of air while keeping the doors closed.

It is an ideal solution of self-adhesive frosted window film not only for those who live in particularly humid contexts.

But for anyone who cares about the healthiness of domestic environments and wants an air exchange system with closed windows that is comfortable. , safe and which also leads to energy savings.

Importance of tilt-and-turn windows

While in the hinged opening the doors open completely and allow you to fill up with air, light and panorama, the flap windows partially open only on the upper part of the frame. Therefore they are particularly suitable for ventilating rooms, but do not allow the view.

Technically, these self-adhesive frosted window film works thanks to the hinges positioned on the lower crosspiece, the closure positioned on the upper one and the so-called opening limiting arm, which allows the sash to remain open without sliding downwards.

Benefit of pivot opening for self-adhesive frosted window film

The pivot opening has a sash that rotates around an axis. It is generally placed in the centre of the window. the position of the snap springs is inside. It allows the sash to remain locked in the preferred position. When open, the sash of the pivot window occupies part of the exterior and part of the interior of the premises.

In recent years, the most avant-garde window frames companies have launched tilting windows on the market with a convenient space-saving opening system:

  • the sash opens outwards only
  • eliminating any problem related to space inside the home

Moreover, it is perfect above the kitchen sink. Because compared to a traditional window. It does not interfere with the taps and allows you to easily modulate the air exchange to quickly let out cooking smells and vapours.