How to remove pdlc switchable film from window? Best guide


Smart glass windows changing transparency for home and office

pdlc switchable film from window

pdlc switchable film technologies do not stand still. Today many people expect much more from a glass unit than they did yesterday. Keeping warmth in the room, preventing drafts and intrusive street noise from entering the house, strength, durability and an attractive look are no longer enough.

pdlc switchable film is real Trend

In this article, we talk about a technology that has every chance of becoming a real trend in the next few years. These are smart glass windows produced on the basis of a liquid crystal matrix. Under the influence of an electric current, the crystals change their position, as a result of which the darkening of the window changes.

Thus, it is possible to achieve both completely transparent and completely darkened glasses. Read more about the technology, pdlc switchable film management and the principle of its operation, the advantages of tinted glass – read on.

Adjustable transparency windows: why we need?

Why do we need smart glass windows? They absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation; do not let infrared rays into the apartment or office, making it comfortable to stay in the apartment even in the summer heat. Cool air stays indoors much longer, which means you don’t need to keep the air conditioner on all the time.

This technology is a real boon for a meeting room. Need to hold a confidential business meeting? Tinting will fence off the space, making it impenetrable for prying eyes from the outside, but at the same time, daylight will be enough for people who are inside the room.

Installation of pdlc switchable film in Apartments

pdlc switchable film in the apartment are not only getting rid of the summer heat and stuffiness, but also a reason to abandon the curtains that collect dust on themselves and require regular maintenance. Windows with variable transparency are the best alternative to any, even the densest curtains.

This is an excellent solution for zoning premises in an office or apartment, allowing you to delimit the personal space of each family member or team member. An interesting option is to use smart windows for attic glazing. Install such a structure and forget about insulation, soundproofing and darkening: the smart film does a great job!

What is the peculiarity of pdlc switchable film technology and how to manage it?

Most often, manufacturers use SPD technology. Devices working on it are based on particles suspended in a liquid deposited on a special film.

pdlc switchable film places between two durable plastic or glass plates. Under the influence of an electric current, the system absorbs light, preventing it from penetrating through the particles. If the glass is in the activated state, then it will be black.

Control over the gradation of colors is carried out using automation (control panel). Automatic double-glazed windows are very convenient: the brighter the sunlight, the darker they become. To switch such a glass, you will have to wait no more than a minute.

How does pdlc switchable film transmits lights?

There is also another technology for the production of pdlc switchable film. Its main difference from the previous version is the ability to transmit light when completely darkened, making the stay in the room very comfortable.

Electrochromic smart glass comes on smart film. This electrochromic product, often used for display cases, can serve as a projection glass, be combined with simple glass and significantly reduce the cost of a self-darkening window structure.

In fact, it is a triplex with PDLC-film deposition. The advantage of this option is the possibility of using it even in rooms with high humidity, where water can constantly get on the glass: bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, shower cabins, etc.

What are the advantages of tinted windows?

This option has a lot of advantages. Let’s list the main advantages of pdlc switchable film:

  • Isolation from ultraviolet and infrared radiation, creating the most comfortable conditions for staying indoors.
  • Saving heat resources due to the thermal insulation properties of the film.
  • Increased safety level, because from the street you cannot see what is happening inside the premises.
  • Additional insulation is not necessary.
  • The transparency of the glass does not affect its light transmittance.
  • Attractive look.
  • Simple and affordable installation.
  • Relatively low power consumption.

pdlc switchable film from window 2021

To summarize: pdlc switchable film is an excellent solution for both home and office. They will not only bring zest to the interior and fit into any architectural style, but also provide increased comfort, silence and additional warmth.

Double Glazing pdlc switchable film

On double-glazed windows, various films are often found, which are necessary for protection from the sun. They give the glass strength, shade the window from aggressive sunlight. Some types of film coatings are capable of protecting a glass unit from strong impact; they belong to the class of protective coatings.

Why remove the film from the window? First of all, they do this if the film loses its appearance. Also, the owners may want to change the lighting in the room. In any case, you can cope with this task on your own, without involving a specialist. But you will have to work very carefully, spent a lot of time and effort. Remember: using a spatula and coarse brushes is strongly discouraged!

Basic principles of removing film from a window

Removing the pdlc switchable film must not harm the glass unit. It is important that there are no glue spots, dirt, scuffs, film pieces or scratches on its surface. The easiest way is to remove the film using a spatula. Some types of solar control films can be gently picked up at a corner and slowly torn off over the entire surface of the glass unit.

But it is far from always possible to perform such a procedure, because many manufacturers stick the film on very strong glue, which does not lend itself well and, in fact, cannot be washed off with water.

To remove residues, we recommend using White Spirit or another mild alcoholic cleaner on glass surfaces. Never use a hard cloth with a coarse nap for cleaning, as this will leave ugly marks on the glass, which will be very noticeable in daylight.

The main ways to dismantle pdlc switchable film on pvc windows

There are 2 conventional methods for removing pdlc switchable film:

  1. mechanical

Mechanical is simpler and does not require special training. But if you’re not careful enough, there is a high risk of scratching the glass.


The chemical method takes more time, but it allows you to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the glass unit without harming it. We recommend combining 2 methods. Tear off any swollen and cracked film first. Then get rid of the glue using special products.


By the way, it will be much easier to remove the pdlc switchable film from plastic windows if, before tearing it off, you warm it up with a construction hair dryer. The heated glue becomes more viscous and allows you to peel off parts of the structure. But it is better to remove the glue when it cools down a little.