3 Most Common Techniques to Install pdlc Smart Window Film?


pdlc Smart Window Film
A few more days and summer will make our days too hot. It’s time for air conditioners and ice cream! It seems that the house is a place where you can hide from the scorching sun and high temperatures in summer, but is it? But how? Try pdlc smart window film.

pdlc smart window film is a good replacement

More and more often there are projects of houses and apartments with panoramic windows. These do not get covering of curtains, blinds or roller shutters. It’s stylish and modern! A house filled with light looks more spacious and uplifting.

  • But in summer, the sun’s rays create a lot of inconveniences in the apartment.
  • Windows let in a lot of sunlight and quickly heat up the room when it’s hot outside.
  • By covering the window with curtains, you make the room much dimmer.
  • It takes 2 – 2.5 times more energy and money to cool the air in a room than to heat it.

Ultraviolet rays are the most dangerous for the eyes. This suffers for a whole year not only from direct sunlight, but also from the so-called oblique rays. It comes from ultraviolet radiation reflected from various surfaces. To date, it has been clinically proven that ultraviolet light can damage not only the external, but also the internal structures of the eye. That is why people install pdlc smart window film.

Why risk your health: Install pdlc smart window film

The latest development of the pdlc smart window film allows you to quickly solve the above problems. This is a multifunctional glass that protects against heat in summer and cold in winter. Super-thin layers of metals applied to the glass keep the glass as transparent as possible.

How it works?

A special coating of silver and other metals creates the effect of a transparent filter that allows light to pass through. Similarly, it significantly reduces the penetration of solar heat into the house in summer and heat loss in winter.

Pdlc smart window film Provides Sun protection

pdlc smart window film selectively transmits or reflects electromagnetic waves of different lengths. It makes up the sun’s rays: most of the infrared radiation. Thus, about 58% of the thermal energy does not get inside thanks to the privacy glass.

Thermal insulation

In cold weather, glass helps to keep the room warm. Silver coating reflects long-wave heat radiation from heating devices inside the room, preventing heat from escaping outside.

pdlc smart window film never lose their relevance. They create a special atmosphere inside the house, beautifully decorate and highlight the external facade. The process of creating stained glass windows is laborious. The cost of such a product depends on how it was made. The final result depends on this, when the product can look like a work of art or like a cute decorative element.

Stained glass pdlc smart window film and what they are?

Stained glass is a type of artistic and decorative art that is embodied in painting or creating a mosaic on a matte or transparent material.

It is glass, painted with patterns on any theme or assembled from separate multi-colored elements. It can be used for installation in a window frame, as a partition, in an interior door window, as a table top. Luxurious examples of pdlc smart window film we can see in churches with a long history.

Stained-glass windows always become a bright accent in any home and give a certain atmosphere to the room.

Types of modern stained glass

Previously, the manufacture of stained glass windows required completely manual work, so the creation process was long and the price was high. Now they use different technologies, including the classic one, you can also buy pseudo-stained glass windows.

They look noble and beautiful, but they are cheaper. When ordering stained glass windows, you can choose both ready-made sketches and unusual installations and even whole stories on one surface.

The opportunity to get not just a beautiful facade of your house, but unique and delightful drawings, does not let the interest in buying and installing pdlc smart window film fade away.

Classic pdlc smart window film technique

pdlc Smart Window Film 2021

You can understand what classic stained-glass windows are by remembering a children’s kaleidoscope device, in which intricate patterns are created from a piece of glass. The drawing on classic stained-glass windows consists of separate pieces of glass welded together.

Before making pdlc smart window film using classical technology, a sketch is good to make. Previously, the cut parts solder together using an H-shaped lead or tin profile.

Which technology is popular in pdlc smart window film installation?

Nowadays, lead is practically not used, but it is used only for restoration work on stained-glass windows. In modern production, it is more efficient to use a brass or copper profile. Sometimes they use expensive cupronickel or silver bindings, which greatly increase the cost of stained glass.

Note! If soldering was not used for the manufacture of classic stained glass, then any mechanical effect can lead to peeling off a piece of decorative glass.

Is oldering a better option in pdlc smart window film?

Thanks to the connection of the elements by soldering, it is possible to use glass with a thickness of 6 mm. That gives wider possibilities of using Smart window film in decoration.

In the classical technique, the lines from the melting add completeness to the overall picture. This makes the transitions from pattern to pattern more textured and expressive

Stained glass decoration

An American artist and designer came up with a technology that was able to combine the beauty and structure of classic stained glass windows. To simplify and speed up the manufacturing process, he proposed using a copper braid.
pdlc Smart Window Film 2021

It is a narrow tape of yellow foil wound into a spool. During the manufacture of stained-glass windows, each piece of colored glass is wrapped around it along the contour, and after that they are soldered together with solder. Thanks to this technology, stained glass has not lost either quality or beauty.

Film method for creating pseudo-stained-glass windows

Film technology is a cheap way to create imitation of stained glass. For her, the drawing is printed onto the film, after which the surface is manually pasted over.

Additionally, you can apply a protective layer on pdlc smart window film against abrasions. With the help of film pseudo-stained glass, the window will acquire an original appearance, but due to the lack of texture, the sophistication of classic stained glass windows is lost.

In addition, their service life is not long. They quickly fade in the sun, crack or wipe off.