What is the difference between pdlc smart glass & electric film?


pdlc smart glass
This article contains information about pdlc smart glass for homeowners, business owners and building owners. Those who want to bring comfort, safety and optimal energy to living and working spaces. Here, let’s find out with us!

Things to know about window smart film

Table of Contents

1 Learn about window film

2 Benefits of window film

2.1 Heat resistant insulation

2.2 Health protection – interior protection

2.3 Anti-Glare – Anti-Glare

2.4 Safety – Aesthetics

2.5 Durability of window film

2.6 Quick single installation process

Learn about window pdlc smart glass

Installing and pasting pdlc smart glass for your home or business, office is an important decision. As this will be a necessary and long-term investment.

To make an informed decision, choose the right product for your needs and achieve high efficiency, you need to understand the benefits that this product brings. Research all the benefits. And which insulation is best for your living space.

Benefits of pdlc smart glass

Heat resistant insulation

Window films block more than 80% of heat, cut 80-99% of infrared rays, and reduce from 4-7 degrees Celsius compared to glass without film, save up to 30% on air conditioning and equipment costs.

Pdlc smart glass will prevent heat from being absorbed into the house from the hot air outside or from direct sunlight hitting the glass.

Health protection – interior protection

Insulation film has the ability to remove up to 99% of ultraviolet rays. Similarly, the film has the effect of protecting the eyes, helping the skin not to darken, especially for women and children (those with sensitive skin). Protect furniture (especially leather, felt) from fading, cracking, improving the life of household appliances and equipment.

Interior protection pdlc smart glass

Anti-Glare – Anti-Glare

Pdlc smart glass has the effect of reflecting and absorbing heat, significantly reducing the glare – glare of the light entering the closed door, even when it is hot, it can still be seen normally outside through the film.

The effect of insulation film

Safety – Aesthetics

Insulation film with layers of special materials and adhesives to increase durability is difficult to break in the event of storms, earthquakes, thefts, and impacts.

pdlc smart glass 2021

Window film has many different subdued colors, increasing the elegant, discreet look, and at the same time ensuring visibility for the glass.

Window film durability

The durability of the film also depends on the type, film material, window structure, type of glass, window orientation of the apartment, building, glass construction …

  • Film is blistering, peeling.
  • The film is not working properly
  • Does not have one of the thermal insulation features as the specification suggests.

Quick installation process

Pdlc smart glass on a building does not take much time. Film can be installed inside or outside the building. This depends on your requirements and the type of product you choose. The only caveat is the maintenance process. You do not clean the windows until the construction is complete.

Instructions for pasting greenhouse insulation films

Windows are the heart of your home or building. Nowadays, modern architecture has developed, implementing the trend of living nature with lots of light. However, the increase in natural light comes with a downside: solar heat rises through the windows.

While visually appealing, the building is currently uncomfortable to live in. The use of window film will not only maintain natural light and clear vision. On top of that, it also reduces the amount of solar heat

1. Is pdlc smart glass really helpful?


Electric glass (also known as converting glass, color changing glass) and self-adhesive electric film are both general terms that describe the ability to allow ordinary glass to switch from a transparent state to an opaque state with a control. Furthermore, you can use it remotely or using a wall switch.

This is a breakthrough product of the glass industry, based on PDLC technology – Polymer dispersed liquid crystal technology.

Difference between electric glass and film

Compared with ordinary glass, pdlc smart glass is light, easy to transport, and convenient for installation. It is an economical alternative to existing glass surfaces and provides the best solution for turning ordinary glass into smart electric glass.

It is undeniable fact that self-adhesive electric film is an extremely versatile solution to convert ordinary glass into electric glass at a more affordable cost after gluing. However, self-adhesive electric film will be restricted to use in certain cases.

Where we can use pdlc smart glass?

Pdlc smart glass is only suitable for use in areas less susceptible to human impact, such as gluing for glass walls in high places in the house of Penthouses, villas, and skylights. Or if you still want to use the self-adhesive electric film option, you should consult an expert before using it!!

Our company is always looking to learn and come up with new and better ways to serve our Customers. With our rich experience, we are confident that we bring you the best experience!

Insulating glass film is no longer a strange product for many people. The development of the country, the construction industry, greenhouses and cars are leading to the increasing demand for insulating film. This is not a new product, but many people do not know about this product.

What you need to know about insulating glass film?

Insulating glass film is composed of a thin plastic film, from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This is a product of the Polyester group with a combination of sputtering technology, metal coating or ceramic enamel coating; nano coating … The product is used to glue the glass of cars, glass buildings or offices…

Insulating glass film, also known as insulating paper, was created from the needs of airplane pilots, they always have to endure the burning heat of the sun when flying through the clouds. Therefore, people have invented this type of sun protection glass. This product has the effect of blocking part of the heat energy absorbed into the aircraft cockpit.

Currently, this product is also widely used for sun protection for buildings, offices

Structure of insulation film

  • Insulating glass film includes the following main layers:
  • Structure of insulation film

The effect of insulating glass film

Currently, pdlc smart glass products are being widely used in many fields because they bring a lot of benefits. Here are some highlights of this product.

  • Sun protection and insulation for buildings, car windows…
  • Anti-glare and anti-glare
  • Has a 2-way mirror function
  • Has the effect of keeping heat in the room in winter
  • Helps prevent UV rays to protect human health
  • Help protect utensils and household furniture

The product also has the function of protecting the durability of the glass.