Is it difficult to install pdlc smart film? Simple Method


pdlc smart film
Greenhouses are increasingly popular because of their modern, luxurious design and convenience. However, with the use of too many glass doors, the sun shines into the interior space a lot, causing significant costs for air conditioning equipment to cool. And to overcome this hot sun phenomenon, to help reduce heat and protect the health of the people sitting inside, the most sought-after solution is to use pdlc smart film.

Is it difficult to install pdlc smart film?

However, when choosing insulation film, customers ask if it is difficult to install insulation film? Or the order of construction steps like. In this article, let’s find out the sequence of steps to build a house glass insulation film with

Instructions for pasting greenhouse insulation films

Table of Contents

1 Details of steps to apply insulation film

1.1 1. Cleaning and cleaning the glass surface

1.2 3. Cut, join and fix the edge of the insulation film

1.3 5. Construction completion

Details of steps to apply insulation film

1. Cleaning g the glass surface for pdlc smart film installation

This is a very important step in determining whether the pdlc smart film has a long-term adhesion to the glass surface or not. The cleaner the glass is cleaned, the more beautiful and smooth the sticker will be.

Spread a clean towel under the foot of the glass door to be glued to keep it clean and not spill water during construction on the floor.

Mix a mixture of clean water and shower gel into a spray bottle, the purpose is to create smoothness, easy to move the pdlc smart film when it is necessary to adjust the position.

Clean Glass surface for pdlc smart film

Spray a mixture of soapy water on the glass in a mist form and use a cleaning knife to scrape the glass to remove invisible stains. Then take a towel to clean the glass and door edges.

Spray the spray solution evenly on the glass, clean the glass thoroughly with a soft cloth again and make sure the glass panel is not bent with dirt or dust.

2. Make insulation pdlc smart film paste

Spray water in the form of mist on the surface of the glass, and at the same time peel off the pdlc smart film by gently pulling the nylon part separate from the film and covering the glass from the top down. Align the film so that it sits evenly in the door frame.

Paste insulation film

Continue to spray water on the outer surface of the insulation film, adjust the balance and shape the film.

Re-align the balanced film

Use a rubber wiper to swipe in the direction from the middle to the sides. Align that the rear wiper line always overlaps the front wiper line so that all water is easy to remove from the bottom of the film. This step needs to be done quickly for the glue and water layer on the glass to dry and adhere to the glass surface.
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3. Cut, join and fix the edge of the pdlc smart film

In case the film is larger than the surface of the glass to be glued, use a special insulating film cutter and a ruler / wiper to remove excess film, the edge of the film is straight and always 2mm from the edge of the door (avoid Insulation film is longer than the edge of the glass, it will peel, peel, stick to dirt).

  1. Construction completion


Double check the glued insulation and make sure air bubbles have been removed. Spray water mist onto the surface of the pdlc smart film and remove any bubbles. Wipe off any un-adhesive areas with cloth-covered gold wipes to absorb water and avoid scratching/tearing the insulation film.

Simple tips to remove scratches on car glass at home

Identify scratches

To identify scratches, you can run your finger across the surface of the glass. When you identify a scratch, whether large or small, you should mark the spot with tape or an erasable pen and have a plan to repair it as soon as possible.

Small scratches on car glass is easy to repair at home

In the case of a deep pdlc smart film scratch, you should seek the help of a repairman as soon as possible to avoid potentially dangerous breakage of the glass and additional costs. For minor scratches, you can treat them yourself using one of the methods outlined below

Ways to remove scratches from pdlc smart film

Glass repair kit

Using a pdlc smart film repair kit is an effective and comprehensive method to deal with fairly deep scratches without affecting the glass surface.

Apply rubbing compound from the repair kit to the scratch. This compound will react with the glass to seal the scratch. After applying the rubbing compounds, wait about 30 minutes. Then, use a soft cloth to clean the area you just applied.

Clear nail polish

Clear nail polish is the best savior to help you remove car pdlc smart film scratches that is both effective and easy to do. However, it only works for light scratches.

First, you need to apply some glass cleaner on the surface of the glass, and then use a soft cloth to wipe along the scratch. Then, use the brush tip of the paint bottle to dip an appropriate amount of nail polish and apply it on the scratch. When the paint dries, you will see the original scratches on the surface of the reassembled car glass.

Toothpaste Marks on pdlc smart film

Toothpaste is a popular alternative commonly good to remove scratches on glass. However, like nail polish, toothpaste cannot cure deep scratches.

First of all, you should clean the pdlc smart film scratch surface and make sure the surface is completely dry. Then, apply toothpaste to the scratched area and use a soft cloth to rub it in a circular motion for about a minute. Wipe the excess with a damp cloth until the surface is free of excess. With this, you have basically removed all the small scratches.

Acrylic scratch remover

This product will cause a chemical reaction with the glass, filling the scratches and restoring it to its original condition.

First, apply the product to a cloth and rub it around the scratch for a minute. Remember not to over-polish the pdlc smart film surface. Then let the bleach work for 30 minutes. Finish the process by cleaning the excess.

Glass scrubbing compound

Cerium oxide is the main ingredient common in most glass scratch removers.

To remove scratches, apply a small amount of compound to a damp cloth. Next, rub the scratched area in a circular motion a few times. Make sure the pressure is evenly distributed over the pdlc smart film surface. It is important to keep the surface moist while rubbing. Repeat a few times for a few days.