Is pdlc power supply compatible with all type of glasses?


pdlc power supply
In the world, smart homes are no longer strange. And we are not out of the trend of the world; smart home products and solutions have also appeared and are more sought after by consumers. With many solutions launched to modernize and improve the quality of life of consumers. In particular, pdlc power supply product is also a product line with many diverse features.

What is pdlc power supply?

Smart film, also known as Smart Film, is a product using liquid crystal polymer dispersion (PDLC) technology wrapped between two alternating conductive layers made of PET material coated with an ITO conductive film.

Through the application of a tuning source, PDLC film can rapidly transform between clear (on) and opaque (off). When the power of the smart film turns off, the crystal becomes dispersed and the reflectivity of the material does not match.

Pdlc power supply causes strong dispersion and causing the film to become opaque. When the film powers on, the crystals line up, and so does the reflectance. Moreover, dispersion greatly reduces and causes the film to change color from opaque to clear.

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Pdlc power supply features and benefits:

Pdlc power supply protects glass from cracks, scratches from physical impact or impact from temperature. Furthermore, it increases the durability; prolong the life of the glass.

  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Create a private space with the mode to convert the molecules in the liquid from opaque to transparent in less than 3s (seconds)
  • Control with many ways to bring variety of options and suit each need such as on/off switch, remote control by remote.
  • Combined with smart home system, controlled by dashboard, smartphone…
  • Can cut any shape and size as we require
  • Can be common as a slide show utility

This unique pdlc power supply technology also converts any glass to a Rear Projector when the power is turned off. Moreover, it allows high definition TV, video and interactive whiteboard images to display. This is a truly innovative product.

Pdlc power supply is Compatible with all glasses

Advanced self-adhesive technology makes the product unaffected by temperature and humidity of the environment. Moreover, this makes it easy to stick on the glass, just remove the protective film and stick it on the glass after cleaning the glass. .

Insulating glass film is no longer a strange product for many people. This is not a new product, but many people do not know about this product.

To learn more about this product in the article below, let’s learn more about the product in this article with us!

What you need to know about pdlc power supply?

pdlc power supply comes of a thin plastic film, from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This is a product of the Polyester group with a combination of sputtering technology, metal coating or ceramic enamel coating; nano coating … The product is common to glue the glass of cars, glass buildings or offices…

pdlc power supply 2021

This material is designed with the purpose of preventing heat exchange through the glass, ensuring privacy and security, and limiting UV rays from sunlight.

Insulating glass film, also known as insulating paper, was created from the needs of airplane pilots, they always have to endure the burning heat of the sun when flying through the clouds. Therefore, people have invented this type of sun protection glass. This product has the effect of blocking part of the heat energy absorbed into the aircraft cockpit.

Currently, this product is also widely common for sun protection for buildings, offices.

The effect of insulating glass film

Currently, insulating glass film products are being widely common in many fields because they bring a lot of benefits. Here are some highlights of this product.

Learn the working mechanism of pdlc power supply

  • Sun protection and insulation for buildings, car windows…
  • Anti-glare and anti-glare
  • Has a 2-way mirror function
  • In addition, it has the effect of keeping heat in the room in winter
  • Helps prevent UV rays to protect human health
  • Help protect utensils and household furniture

These products are currently popular with many people because of their good quality, diverse designs to meet the needs of many people, easy construction and especially the price is suitable for the pocket of many consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages of monochrome toning in pdl film

The following advantages of pdlc power supply stand out:

  1. The ability to adjust the degree of transparency allows you to provide an optimal view of the road at different times of the day. Reduces the risk of an emergency by limiting visibility through tinted glass at night.
  2. Almost complete protection against penetration of ultraviolet rays. PDLC tinting is capable of absorbing more than 90% of ultraviolet radiation.
  3. Smart glasses maintain a comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment much better, which saves on air conditioning and heating. They keep warm in winter and cool in summer.
  4. Moreover, even at maximum tint, natural light penetrates well.
  5. Almost instant change in the degree of transparency of the glass.
  6. Similarly, the power consumption for monochrome toning is low (8–10 W).
  7. Caring for smart glass is no different from caring for a regular car.

It should be noted that there are also disadvantages of pdlc power supply toning:

  1. High material and installation costs.
  2. Furthermore, the need to attract specialists for installation.
  3. Additional loads on the battery.

Despite the high cost of smart glasses, their popularity is constantly growing. This is largely due to penalties for excessive tinting, and PDLC technology allows its degree to be kept within acceptable limits (light transmission capacity is at least 75% for windshields).

Production technology of pdlc power supply

Monochrome PDLC tinting is provided by smart, ie smart glass. It is made of two layers of ordinary car glass, between which a smart film places. In it, a conductive liquid crystal substance is placed between two polymer films.

Pdlc power supply films play the role of mechanical protection and electrical insulation. Special electrical leads allow you to connect the smart film to a car battery, through which 12 V is supplied to the liquid crystals.


What kind of pdlc power supply is good?

Above is some information to know about pdlc power supply products that are currently in common use. If you have a need for this product, please contact Star Insulation Film for detailed product advice.