How to choose best quality smart tint film? (Beginners Guide 2021)


There are a wide variety of smart tint to choose from when considering improving the quality of the environment in your home and its energy efficiency. You can choose to add more curtains to your windows, or use double pane glass.

It is to reduce the heat exchange between your home and the outside. While these options have some effectiveness, they also have disadvantages that can affect the expected benefits. For example, curtains can make your home too dark, and double pane glass can be very expensive.

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For these reasons, window tinting is typically the best option for people looking to improve their home. Next we will tell you everything you need to know about tinted windows and why they may be your best option.

Benefits of tinting your windows

Smart tint are beneficial in several ways. First of all, they are capable of blocking UV and infrared rays. Moreover, it allows your home to stay cool during the summer, and retain heat during the winter. Additionally, the protection of a tinted glass can increase the life of your furniture by reducing its exposure to UV rays that can damage the upholstery.

They also give privacy to your home, since it obscures the view from the outside, without affecting the visibility from the inside.

How do window tints work?

To understand how tinted glass works, we need to talk about the 3 types of light and how they interact with materials:

Visible light

Visible light refers to the range of the spectrum of light that is visible to the human eye. Moreover, it consists of the 7 colors that make up the rainbow. While it may be imperative that we have access to natural light, it is equally essential that we not have too much of it in a way that causes us inconvenience.

When you buy a polarized dye, there is a measure called rating Visible Light Transmittance. It tells us how much light is allowed to pass through the window, while higher is the VLT rating, more bright will be the room in which the smart tints are placed.

Smart tint can reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays

Infrared light accounts for more than half of the sun’s energy, which is the type of light that generates heat from the sun’s rays.

Advantages of” smart “tinting

  1. Speaking about the advantages of” smart “tinting, first of all, of course, it is worth noting the ability to control it. This allows you to feel comfortable in the car and not violate traffic rules.
  2. Thanks to toning with the use of SPD (Smart Glass Particles Rod-Shaped) technology creates optimal protection from the sun’s impact. In the car, when using it, the driver will not be disturbed by sun glare, which can even lead to an accident
  3. This tinting will protect the interior from burnout and help maintain the microclimate inside a car, which is especially valuable on hot summer days.
  4. Even at maximum darkness, the driver’s visibility is not reduced.
  5. In the event that a PDLC (interlayer of droplet particles) film is used for toning, the principle of operation will be similar, although the radiation is scattered, not absorbed. The glass on which it is applied does not darken and remains light, but cloudy. It is due to this turbidity that it is impossible to look at passengers in a car with such glasses.
  6. Also, such a tint film is the only obstacle to inspection from outside the car interior with the help of special surveillance devices operating in both infrared and ultraviolet radiation.
  7. The glass after tint with PDLC film becomes whitish, and this phenomenon can be well used to give the car an interesting appearance. This built-in tinting system does not complicate vehicle maintenance, as it is located in the glass. Even a car wash cannot damage it.

Conditional disadvantage of “smart” tinting

The price of this type of tinting due to the use of expensive materials is not small. However, it justifies itself by being comfortable and by the absence of fines for traffic violations.

As we all know, the use of tinted glass is present in our homes and offices for many years, gaining fame in the 70’s as a merely decorative item in most cases. However, the technology barely understood all of them. The benefits of what today we can have at our fingertips just by smart tint windows.

5 benefits of tinting your office windows

Here is a list of reasons why tinting the windows in your office will change and improve the quality of the work environment:

1. Save on your monthly electricity bill

It reduces the intensity of the use of the air conditioning, since it does not let the rays of light pass directly and you can even decide between blocking natural light from 5% to 95%, reducing the perceptible heat, in addition, in the case of Having an old AC that spends much more than modern appliances, tinting the windows will give us the space we need to change it and thus save up to 60% the electricity bill derived from an obsolete AC.

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Polarizing windows that require intensive use of air conditioning is a basic measure to regulate consumption and save money efficiently.

2. Improve your productivity and that of your company.

The smart tint is common to reduce glare. It completely eliminating eye strain required for watching TV or working on a computer at the times when the light outside is too strong. Hence, it improves your productivity and moderating the use of antireflective lenses that usually be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

3. Improves the health of your skin and with it the signs of aging.

Previously it was thought that UVB and UVA rays were only harmful in direct contact with sunlight. There was even the belief that a cap, a hat or staying indoors most of the time was enough.

The reality is that today in UVB rays that cause skin diseases such as cancer and stains have been proven to pass through glass without problems unless they are smart tint.

And also the UVA rays that are responsible for wrinkles and premature signs of aging. It is also common that they were previously associated with the hottest seasons of the year. But today it is known that their presence is constant 365 days of the year.  It causes burning, itching and redness of the skin, especially in children and in people who do not use sunscreen daily.

4. Protect the furniture upholstery

Just as UV rays damage the skin; it also has an effect on the color and integrity of furniture upholstery. Especially leather and fabric products. It causes eventual discoloration, as well as contributing to furniture wear. It makes them susceptible to damage. A good job of tinting windows, especially in places like waiting rooms or meeting rooms prevents fading and degradation of furniture upholstery.

5. Give your company privacy and security

The most obvious and perhaps most important of the benefits of smart tint is safety. The protective layer allows the unilateral passage of light, achieving a clear vision without distortion of colors. But that does not allow seeing from the outside in, creating an environment of privacy and security.

In addition to having anti-chipping technology, making it much more difficult to enter your office or home. And it protects your company’s assets, making them less vulnerable to theft.