How does switchable privacy glass save from harmful UV rays?


What you need to know about polarized films and how they work?

There are a wide variety of options in switchable privacy glass to choose from when considering improving the quality of the environment in your home and its energy efficiency. You can choose to add more curtains to your windows.

You can use double pane glass to reduce the heat exchange between your home and the outside. While these options have some effectiveness, they also have disadvantages that can affect the expected benefits. For example, curtains can make your home too dark, and double pane glass can be very expensive.

Why switchable privacy glass is good for home?

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For these reasons, window tinting is typically the best option for people looking to improve their home. Next we will tell you everything you need to know about tinted windows and why they may be your best option.

Benefits of tinting your windows

Tinted windows are beneficial in several ways. First of all, they are capable of blocking UV and infrared rays, allowing your home to stay cool during the summer, and retain heat during the winter. Additionally, the protection of a switchable privacy glass can increase the life of your furniture by reducing its exposure to UV rays that can damage the upholstery.

They also give privacy to your home, since it obscures the view from the outside, without affecting the visibility from the inside.

How does switchable privacy glass work?

To understand how tinted glass works, we need to talk about the 3 types of light and how they interact with materials:

Visible light

Visible light refers to the range of the spectrum of light that is visible to the human eye. It consists of the 7 colors that make up the rainbow. While it may be imperative that we have access to natural light, it is equally essential. We not have too much of it in a way that causes us inconvenience.

When you buy a polarized dye, there is a measure called rating Visible Light Transmittance. It tells us how much light is allowed to pass through the window. Hence, higher is the VLT rating, more bright will be the room in which the tinted windows get installation.

Switchable privacy glass prevents Infrared light

Infrared light accounts for more than half of the sun’s energy, which is the type of light that generates heat from the sun’s rays. The switchable privacy glass helps prevent the passage of such light and repels. Moreover, it allows your home cool compared to the intense heat from the outside.

UV rays

Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye, yet its rays are very harmful. In fact, UV rays contribute to an increased risk of cancer and wear and tear on your furniture. Therefore, it makes it a serious threat to your home and family.

The film polarized high quality as Solar Guard, may help block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays. Moreover, it allows your family and your furniture is protected at all times when they are inside your home.

In places with tropical climates, businesses, schools and homes always find that their electricity bill is higher. Especially after the summer when there is no longer a government subsidy. Inefficient and poorly insulated windows are responsible for a great deal of heat transfer and loss of freshness on many occasions. So what are the options available to control your electricity bill?

The polarized thermal window films are an extremely efficient way, quick to install and generate great benefit to any home, workplace or school. Switchable privacy glass is used to improve the thermal performance of any varnish that the windows have.

What is a thermal polarized film?

All new windows for homes, and most commercial windows, are currently common with a special varnish known as low-emissivity varnish. This type of varnish helps to isolate the temperature of a place, minimizing heat transfer and helping to cut costs. However old windows are much less efficient.

Instead of a costly varnish replacement, installing polarized low-e film can give the same results quickly and easily. Designed to reflect radiant heat out of the room, the film can help reduce air conditioning costs by up to 40%.

The thermal polarized film does not affect the enjoyment of the view through the switchable privacy glass, since there are reflective, tinted, and clear versions, available according to your needs.

Effects of solar radiation on health

It is a fact that without the sun life on our planet would not exist, we all need it to live and many people cannot resist spending hours under its brightness, however we must also be careful since prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays, In addition to causing heat stroke, it also puts our epidermis at risk, causing spots, sagging, premature aging and makes us susceptible to developing skin or eye cancer.

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How to reduce heat impact during summers?

Use sunshades to prevent so much heat from entering the car, both on the front and rear windshields. Remember to place it properly so that no solar ray enters.

Leave the switchable privacy glass a little down when parking, so that we get the air to circulate and make it less hot.

If you have time, open the windows before starting and wait for that hot air to come out. One trick is to open one of the windows and from the opposite side open and close the door several times until that hot air comes out.

Using a smart tint film the car not only gives us security, but with this we achieve that UV rays are easily evaded, protecting us from sun damage.



In addition to all this, skin cancer is up to date, so we must use sunscreen with SPF 50 every day. Remember also that solar radiation is not only outside, just as we protect ourselves, it is important to do so too. Switchable privacy glass of our vehicles or our home, because we can suffer the ravages of the sun with the ultraviolet rays that enter through there and are very harmful to health.