9 Benefits of Privacy Glass you need to know before Installation


Stained glass films: How to get rid of prying eyes for 50 UAH?

Tired that, passing by, everyone looks into your windows? Or would you like to make the glass on the interior door less transparent? An excellent solution would be a self-adhesive stained privacy glass film for glass. Only 50 UAH will save you from the problem, and will also help to change the interior of the room in an original way.

The sticker is an excellent imitation of expensive stained-glass windows, but has its advantages:

  • Easy to use, safe.
  • The acquisition costs are minimal.
  • The design possibilities are endless.

Self-adhesive for stained-glass windows will become a worthy decoration of the interior: mirrors, interior doors with glass, windows facing the sunny side, as well as in apartments located on the basement or first floors.
The sticker is easily applied to the glass surface, the main thing is to evenly apply the upper edge and then, slowly peeling off the base, apply the entire canvas with light movements of the roller.

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Where can you use self-adhesive stained glass

Stained glass for glass is an excellent element in interior design: home, apartment, office decoration. Applying it to the bathroom windows or the glass of the shower stall will make further hygiene procedures more comfortable.

Adhered to office space dividers, the product will limit visibility between different sectors. At the same time, such privacy glass partitions will transmit a sufficient amount of light. A sticker with a monochrome decor and a matte surface is perfect here.

Advantages and varieties of stained glass films

There are the following types of films on glass:

  • transparent;
  • Opaque.

Privacy glass can also be multi-colored, monochrome, have different effects (metallic, ripple, pastel). Which type to choose is up to you, depending on your wishes and on where exactly the use of the material is good to provide?

The advantages of self-adhesive film for glass include:

  • Thermal stability. The sun’s rays are not a problem. The material can withstand high temperatures, additionally protecting furniture and wallpaper from fading.
  • Waterproof. The protective film protects the product from moisture, so it can be applicable in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Increasing the strength of the base (especially if the product is glued on both sides). Even if the privacy glass breaks, the sticky sheet will keep it in the window frame and, therefore, there will be less chance of injury to someone, especially children.
  • Durability. The high quality of the material makes it resistant to various types of damage, and the adhesive base reliably attaches to a solid base.
  • Ease of cleaning (like any types of stickers, it is enough to wipe the canvas with a damp sponge as needed).
  • A wide range of. You can choose options for every taste, color, in any style that will suggest the fantasy and interior of the room.

Some tips for using the material

The classic stained-glass window looks good on glass of a large area due to its unobtrusiveness and grace. In addition, sunlight passes through it well, so that the room will always have excellent visibility.

Tiffany stained glass window, playing with all the colors of the rainbow, looks spectacular. Real stained-glass windows are made of glass, but the film version looks no less interesting.

The presence of decorative privacy glass elements pasted over with a Tiffany ornament, depending on the color, will make the room brighter or more comfortable. And having pasted over it a sconce, in the evening it will be possible to watch the play of light.

The children’s room can also be decorated with beautiful glass. Bright windows with flowers, dragonflies and other children’s drawings will undoubtedly delight every kid.

How to transform interior of home with privacy glass?

It is naive to believe that stained glass is common only indoors. With its help, you can transform not only the interior doors, but also the front door, making it the hallmark of the house. Such a door looks much more interesting than a solid wood or metal one.

The glass sticker can be applicable to decorate household items, when restoring furniture. Imitation colored glass will transform old cabinets so that they will look no worse than just rolled off the assembly line. We can use the patterned privacy glass to a glass table, coffee table or kitchen table, or to a vase standing on it.

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From all it should be concluded that stained glass film is an excellent solution to decorate the interior, create your own personal space. 50 hryvnia is not a lot, but there is so much comfort and pleasure.

How to remove a sticker from glass?

Over time, the film can get bored. If treated carelessly, it can even deteriorate. In this case, to replace it, it must be removed from the surface by pulling on one of the corners. If the material is too stuck, we should heat it with a hair dryer. We can easily remove pieces of material with a solvent, and glue residues with an alcohol-based solvent (this can be isopropyl alcohol or window cleaner).

They are moistened, left to swell, and then easily removed with a spatula or napkin.


In modern design of interiors and exteriors of buildings and premises, the trend towards the use of privacy glass s is becoming more noticeable. Modern interiors of country houses and office and other commercial spaces are striking in their creativity and variety of uses of plastic and glass.

There are many technologies for changing the transparency of glass today: lamination, sandblasting or painting of glass. But the most original and functional way to transform smooth plastic and glass surfaces is – decorative film on glass.

Decorative films on privacy glass from reliable company have a very wide palette of color solutions, and in addition to aesthetic possibilities, they can protect glass surfaces and strengthen the properties of glass.

Modern designers can embody many of their ideas through the use of decorative glass films. Our films are common on glass surfaces of entrance doors, office partitions, window glass units, when tinting glass furniture elements.

Clients often prefer to combine different decorative films with each other. A stunning effect is good due to this. You get an exclusive author’s decor in any of your premises where these films are common.

Decorative films on glass – important properties:

  • The impact resistance of glasses where the film is glued increases
  • complete glass without splintering where the film is glued
  • Protection against UV rays where the film is glued rises
  • Fire resistance of glass where the film is glued increases
  • Energy saving
  • Widespread use of films in design
  • Environmental friendliness of drawing patterns on privacy glassprivacy glass 2021

Decorative film glass uses

When using matte decorative films, the most popular is a white matte window film. It is capable of reflecting up to 99% of ultraviolet rays.

If you use an opaque black film, then it will completely protect the premises from ultraviolet radiation, heat and light.

Privacy glass films are very often common in restaurants, boutiques, shops, cafes. With its help, it is possible to zone any room or make a special emphasis on something.

If you combine glass partitions in the office and decorative foil, you get a stylish interior solution for little money.