Dynamic Glass vs insufilms which one is better for privacy?


Do you need thermal comfort in summer?

Protection from the sun is not only a matter of health for our skin, but also of comfort. Excessive sun rays, especially in summer, raise the temperature of the environment too much. Thus, by blocking the sun’s rays and reducing the entry of heat, the Dynamic Glass guarantees more thermal comfort for the users of the property.

Which Dynamic Glass is best to install?

Depending on the model chosen, thermal comfort may be accompanied by partial darkening or full coverage of the glass. Those who prefer can also have a completely transparent model that guarantees high protection without affecting the visibility of windows and balconies.

Dynamic Glass

Less energy spent

With less heat entering the environment, it is possible to save considerably on consumption in air conditioning. Less energy needed for cooling means relief for your pocket and more sustainability for the planet.


Those who opt for glass film models that are smoked or completely dark will still gain an extra layer of privacy for their apartment or home. With Dynamic Glass, you don’t have to keep windows closed all the time to get rid of prying eyes.

Dynamic Glass provides Safety

Finally, those who use glass film models that focus on safety have one more reason to stay calm. In the event of an accident, or even an attempted robbery for those on the ground floor, the film will prevent the pieces of glass from spreading across the floor, preventing further damage or injury.

As we have seen, home glass films fulfill different roles and help with the comfort, economy and security of your home. So investing in a good quality item can be a good idea!

Insufilms vs Dynamic Glass

Insulfilm for window glass, facades, ceilings, shower stalls and other surfaces in homes and commercial locations are efficient options for controlling the entry of ultraviolet rays and heat.

Depending on the Dynamic Glass model chosen, there is also the aesthetic effect and the reduction of visible light, with a smoky effect that can be desired in many situations.

In any case, there are several options for residential insulfilm available on the market. Knowing the main ones and understanding the advantages they bring are important steps before hiring this service!

In this article, you will learn more about home films. Check out!

Why install Dynamic Glass residential?

Dynamic Glass performs a number of functions and the truth is that each client installs these films with some purpose, be it functional or aesthetic. Some of the main reasons why the search for films has grown so much are:

Because glass balances the temperature of the environment

This glass is able to reduce the entry of heat into the environment, giving greater thermal balance and increasing the feeling of well-being. In warmer regions, such as Rio de Janeiro, this makes a huge difference.

Why you need to be careful about ultraviolet radiation?

In addition to controlling the entry of heat, residential Dynamic Glass blocks the entry of ultraviolet rays, preventing up to 99% of this radiation. Exposure to UV rays is harmful to people, as it is related to some diseases, such as skin cancer.

– To preserve furniture, objects and panels

Sofas, rugs, works of art, electronics and others also suffer the consequences of direct solar radiation. Therefore, glass film contributes to increasing the useful life of these objects, preserving their good state of conservation.

Dynamic Glass provides better aesthetic effects

In addition to all the features we’ve seen so far, films also play an aesthetic role. There is a wide variety of Dynamic Glass, with different shades, colors and levels of transparency. For this reason, in some cases, they are part of the decorative design of the environment.

What are the types of residential insurance and how to choose?

First of all, it is necessary to take into account two central aspects before choosing glass for your home, office or commercial place. The first one is the space in which the films will be applied: Window?

That said it is also very important to know the main types of Dynamic Glass available on the market and directed to the application in real estate. Let’s look at some:

– Transparent:

The transparent films are ideal for those who do not want any aesthetic impact on their environment. Contrary to what many people imagine, these films also manage to block the entry of ultraviolet rays and heat, as well as the others, which have some type of pigmentation.

Dynamic Glass 2021

– Blasted:

Sandblasted films, in turn, in addition to fulfilling the features we have already discussed here, also have an aesthetic role. They can be smoked, colored, matte, wavy and in many other varieties. Precisely because of their aesthetics, they are already seen as innovative elements for interior and exterior design.

 Mirrored Dynamic Glass

Mirrored films are great options for those who want to increase privacy inside the room, but without impairing the entry of visible light. Because they act as mirrors, these films prevent people who are outside from being able to see the interior of the environment.

Just as important as choosing the right Dynamic Glass for your environment is ensuring that they are of quality. For this reason, opting for a reliable brand that values ​​the excellence of its products and the application of these products is essential.

Natural light is something enriching for an environment. In addition to contributing to the well-being of the people who live or work there, it means, at the same time, a saving of electric energy, right?

Does Dynamic Glass reduce temperature?

But what to do when the environment is overly lit? Are there alternatives that provide an environment without excessive brightness, but with light input? The answer is yes! Like? Applying high performance films to the glass!

High-performance films are able to reduce excessive glare in environments, in addition to exercising strong control over the entry of ultraviolet rays and heat. In other words: what is guaranteed are bright, thermally balanced environments, without excessive brightness and without the risks of ultraviolet exposure.

At the end of article, we explain a little better about Dynamic Glass and how they reduce excessive glare in spaces where they are applied. Check out!

What types of Dynamic Glass can I install in my environment with excess brightness?

We have already seen that blackout films are not the only option for reducing excessive brightness in environments, correct? Although it is true that this type of film is still very much in demand, especially for places where there is video projection, for example, there are other options. Let’s see some:

Transparent films: The transparent films do not interfere with anything in the entry of visible light. In other words: they manage to reduce excessive brightness, keeping the environment as bright as before. Even though they are transparent, they work very effectively to control the entry of UV rays and heat.


The useful life of high performance Dynamic Glass, provided they are well installed and brands that value quality, is extensive. For these and other reasons, investing in this type of application in your home or business has a much more satisfactory cost-benefit ratio than other options, such as curtains.