Adhesive privacy window Films: What they are and how they protect privacy?


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Whether you are at home or in the workplace, we’re sure you don’t like being spied on. Yet it can happen, especially when you are near a stained glass window. How to avoid it? You could use blinds or curtains, but they block or restrict natural light from entering. So the problem is unsolvable? No, you just need to apply adhesive privacy window film. Let us explain what it is.

What is adhesive privacy window film and how do they work?

We are talking about adhesive products that are applied to window panes and that reflect sunlight. If the latter comes from the outside, the film is activated and turns into a adhesive privacy. Looking at it from the inside, however, the glass will be transparent.

Problem solved, then. At least during the day, with natural light. In the evening, when you need to use artificial lighting, the reflective effect will fade. If you want to protect yourself from prying eyes, you will have to resort to other blackout systems, for example the electric LCD Switch films.

adhesive privacy window film

Where is adhesive privacy films applied?

The answer to the question is quite simple: if a window overlooks a passage area, be it a common part of the building or an external road, the application is highly recommended to protect your privacy.

The “curious” can also be a neighbor, or office, and be inside a building located in front of your window. Thanks to the adhesive privacy window film you won’t have to worry about him anymore.

What are the advantages of adhesive privacy films?

For the sake of clarity, we summarize the benefits of adhesive privacy films schematically. These solutions:

  • they prevent those outside from looking inside the building;
  • Allow the passage of light (high, medium, low depending on the chosen film);
  • Application is quick and the intervention is not invasive;
  • they give an elegant and futuristic aspect to the building;
  • they also have an anti- solar function ;

The last point deserves a little study.

Adhesive privacy films and their anti-sun function

The adhesive privacy film belongs to the family of sun protection films. These have a double function:

  1. Help to improve the solar factor G of windows and doors, limiting the entry of heat. In this way a substantial saving on the costs of cooling the rooms is obtained ;
  2. While allowing the passage of light, they reduce glare and eliminate color changes. That is, the fading and yellowing of floors, walls, carpets, furniture and works of art.

How to apply adhesive privacy films?

As we have anticipated, the application of an adhesive privacy film on a glass is a simple, quick and non-invasive intervention. This does not mean that it is advisable to do it yourself.

To be effective, adhesive films must comewith professionals. We suggest you contact Wglass.

Daytime privacy with adhesive privacy films for windows

The house has always represented our nest, an environment in which we can feel protected and safe. It is a welcoming place where we can relax and isolate ourselves from the chaos of the outside world.

For this reason it is important to have your own privacy within the home environment to protect yourself from everything outside the walls of the house.

The presence of adhesive privacy window film surfaces hinders our privacy and inevitably exposes us to prying eyes.

Has it ever happened to you to surprise the neighbor intent on looking inside your apartment or the curious passer-by?

To protect our privacy, it is necessary to cover the windows of the house with blackout curtains. It inevitably hinders the entry of natural light and forces us to use artificial light.

Furthermore, by resorting to opaque curtains we almost give up the possibility of looking out, depriving ourselves of the view.

Is there an alternative to blackout curtains?

An alternative that allows us to set aside the curtains during the day without having to give up our privacy exists. It is an adhesive privacy film that is applied directly on the existing windows.

The adhesive privacy window film is a particular reflective film that gives total privacy in indoor environments by creating a real adhesive privacy effect on the outside. Moreover, it makes it impossible to “look inside”.

These innovative window films allow us to obtain the privacy we need without obscuring the environment and without taking away the possibility of “looking out”.

How do adhesive privacy films provide daytime privacy?

The reflective action of the film activates by sunlight, which therefore determines its functionality.

During the day the adhesive privacy effect gives complete privacy, allowing you to take advantage of natural light and feel completely protected from any external eyes.

At night, during which there is no natural light, the adhesive privacy effect of the film vanishes and the glass returns to neutral, consequently it will be sufficient to use the curtains exclusively during the night.

What are the advantages of the privacy adhesive privacy film?

From this point of view the adhesive privacy film is one of the best privacy solutions for windows, it is in fact the only product on the market that allows, during the day, to be able to look outside without being able to see inside.

In addition, the adhesive privacy films do not obstruct the entry of light, i.e. the source of natural lighting. And therefore it will no longer be necessary to resort to artificial lighting.

These are highly technological products which, in addition to guaranteeing total daytime privacy, also offer high solar protection performance.

What is meant by sun protection performance of adhesive privacy films?

Adhesive privacy films belong to the range of sun filters that reduce incoming heat and glare caused by the sun’s rays.

The dual function of this innovative product allows you to obtain complete privacy during the day. And at the same time protect indoor environments from excessive heat. Moreover, it saves costs related to artificial light and air conditioning in the summer.

The adhesive privacy effect of the film acts by reflecting the sun’s rays responsible for excessive heat. And it plays a real repulsive effect against glare, particularly annoying in the presence of screens and PCs.

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What are the cases in which the application of adhesive privacy films is particularly suitable?

The adhesive privacy window film is particularly suitable for all those environments, residential or commercial, in which there are windows exposed on shared spaces or public transit. It is to obviate the need to use covering curtains during the day and thus solve the problem of daytime privacy.

Furthermore, the high anti-sun performance of the adhesive privacy film makes it very suitable for solving the problems related to the excessive overheating of places and rooms in which the existing windows are subject to the direct action of the sun.


The application of anti-sun adhesive privacy films allows reducing the temperature of the internal environment by up to 5 degrees. Moreover, it helps to reach a comfortable temperature without resorting to expensive conditioning.