6 Benefits you can enjoy with Electric Blackout Glass Film


Make new out of old: modern windows that fit your old building

Windows let light into your apartment. It can provide access to the balcony and terrace, are fresh air inlets and offer numerous other advantages. However, especially when installing new electric blackout glass film, you can minimize this risk.

Electric Blackout Glass Film

Maintain appearance; improve efficiency with electric blackout glass film

The reasons for installing new windows can be different. A replacement due to serious damage to the old windows is just as likely as an energy-efficient renovation. When replacing a window, you benefit primarily from the following advantages:

  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Higher burglary protection
  • Higher sound insulation
  • No misted windows
  • Greater comfort

However, you don’t have to forego the charm of the old design. Modern windows are available in numerous models and types – get advice from experts and find tailor-made solutions for a convincing overall look.

So you can opt for a replica of your old windows from the same materials, the processing of which meets higher standards. Or you can choose from new materials and modern models for a completely different look – there are almost no limits to the design options.

For example, applying high-quality electric blackout glass film to modern plastic frames can create an old wood look.

New windows require modern glass films for privacy

In general, with modern windows you can choose between variants made of plastic, wood or aluminum. Each material has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider and weigh against each other before installation. For a better overview, we have listed the most important aspects below.

Easy-care plastic frames

The great advantages of plastic windows are that they are easy to clean and care for and that they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. The insulating properties of this type of material can be intensified as required by the construction of additional air chambers in the frame.

Typically, models with a 5-chamber system are used today. Some people find the appearance of this material disadvantageous. The white plastic frame often does not look like the old building. This can be remedied by painting in muted colors or applying a decorative film.

Wooden frame for the electric blackout glass film flair

If you want to stay with the original as much as possible, the use of wooden frames is usually a good idea in old buildings. In addition to the right look, wooden frames have natural thermal insulation. And, thanks to the use of a renewable raw material, also have a good ecological balance.

With regard to the design, you have various electric blackout glass film design options. And the exact replication of your old windows is also possible, although not entirely inexpensive. However, you should note that wood requires more maintenance than other materials. So you have to protect your frame from weather conditions with pre-treatments or the application of water-repellent paints.

Aluminum frame as a visual contrast

If you want to bring a breath of fresh air into your exterior facade when installing modern windows, aluminum frames can be the right choice. With their simple elegance, they stand out from the rest of the facade and are a real eye-catcher in the old building.

In addition, they are particularly easy to maintain, durable, stable and light. However, it is disadvantageous that they have very high acquisition costs.

What benefit electric blackout glass film give to home window?

With a combination of wood and aluminum you can combine the positive properties of both materials. Wood-aluminum window frames with a wood look inside create a beautiful living ambience.

The outside area is equipped with a weather-resistant and maintenance-free aluminum panel. Regardless of which electric blackout glass film you ultimately choose – the new windows will certainly increase the comfort in your old building.

Good to know: What to consider after a break-in

  1. Tips and preventive measures for burglary protection

In order to protect yourself against break-ins in the future, we advise you to take some long-term preventive measures. These include, for example:

  • Burglar-proof doors and windows
  • Alarm systems or surveillance systems
  • Presence simulations by building automation systems
  • Don’t hide spare keys
  • Close window when leaving the building
  • Keep valuable items safe (e.g. in a safe)

It is important to protect yourself effectively against a possible break-in. And should an incident nevertheless occur. You can be sure that you are behaving correctly by following our steps.

Why electric blackout glass film is important for homes?

Residential window film is a product available on the market to protect the internal areas of the property from the sun, in addition to ensuring more privacy and even increasing the decoration. As long as it is of a quality brand, and applied by trained professionals, the film for residential glass can be very worthwhile.
The most modern models of film for residential glass are versatile and can fulfill several functions. Understand more about this product and discover the advantages!

Electric Blackout Glass Film 2021

Electric blackout glass film material

Electric blackout glass film is a special material for protection against sunlight. It considerably reduces heat gain and blocks most ultraviolet (UV) rays. Some manufacturers claim to reduce heat gain by 80% and block more than 90% of the sun’s rays.

And those who think that glass films will make the apartment darker, disrupt the view or make the environment less beautiful are wrong.

Currently, it is already possible to find transparent models, which offer the desired protection without darkening the windows. In addition to sun protection, films for residential glass can fulfill other functions.

Film functions

Protecting from excessive heat during the summer is an important function of home window films. With them, people, pets and even the furniture in the house suffer less from the effects of sunlight. Other possibilities for these products include:

  • decorative films that serve as an aesthetic item;
  • security film that prevents the glass from falling in case of breakage;
  • 100% opaque films, also known as black-out;
  • smoked films that reduce the entry of light but do not completely darken the environment.

The advantages of electric blackout glass film

With several models available and so many functions, the films can adapt to the needs of each environment. See the main advantages that can be achieved with the installation of electric blackout glass film!

Better UV protection

As we know, ultraviolet (UV) sunlight is harmful to our health. If the skin is exposed to them for a long time, it can suffer from burns. In the short term, to the appearance of more serious diseases, with skin cancer being the most serious consequence. That is, the films help to protect your health and the health of your family.


And it is not just our skin that suffers from excessive sun rays. Cabinets, upholstery, bedspreads, electronic devices, floors, tables and other furniture can lose their color. Moreover, they can wear out faster if exposed to the sun. Therefore, electric blackout glass film is also beneficial for the goods existing inside the property.