Which is the best security magic film for a country house?


Magic film for the house in the country: how to choose the most suitable?

Have you decided to improve the thermal insulation of your country house by replacing the old windows with brand new windows with magic film? Then the choice can only fall on high energy saving windows.

A guarantee from the point of view of the technical performance of insulation and optimization of consumption, but also in terms of anti-burglary security and the care and innovation of design.

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The best film for a country house are those that manage to combine the rustic soul with attention to detail, the softness of the lines with stylistic refinement, simplicity with natural elegance.

The best solutions to define the furnishing style of the country house

Generally the right design of the area is also important. In particular, it is necessary to make a series of decisions regarding:

  • The type and opening of the frame
  • The design of the model, the window and the handle
  • Moreover, The effect and the color
  • Similarly, the accessories
  • The blackout systems

Now let’s see in more detail each of the elements that will make up the style of your new country magic film.

Type and opening system of magic film

The villa surrounded by nature benefits even more from this aspect: a large sliding window will be perfect to underline the stylistic continuum between the country landscape and the rustic style furnishings. A particularly practical solution for certain environments can instead be a tilting window with a totally outward opening: in this way there will be no encumbrance in the house.

The design of the frame

As a rule, the country style recalls classic and traditional forms. In terms of fixtures, this means choosing soft and enveloping lines for the profile and the handle.

The choice of magic film handle can also make a difference

If the square or retractable handles are ideal for accentuating the minimal character of contemporary-style windows with magic film, the rounded handle is perfect for the stylistic connotation of the country house.

The effect of the color on magic film

From a design point of view, the customization of the window takes on great importance. Similarly, it is to create a unique and unmistakable environment. Moreover, it is important that the windows of the house in the country can count on an infinite range of colors and wood effects.

Windows appear aesthetically identical to wooden ones, but with the many advantages of PVC in terms of water and fire resistance.


The perfect imitation is due to the innovative film application system designed by magic film. The incredibly realistic colorful coating is positioned on the entire window structure, guaranteeing a completely homogeneous finish without the chromatic contrast.

Invisible welding

The invisible welding of the corners completes the design and returns a perfect frame to convey warmth and a sense of welcome to the interiors / exteriors of a country villa. The Colorful option, applicable on different window models, includes a wide range of color shades:

  • The dark essences that are closest to the country style: walnut, Winchester
  • Warm, soft and enveloping colors: soft cherry, magic film, Douglas, sienna PL, golden oak
  • To characterize the environment halfway between country and shabby, neutral and delicate shades are perfect: white, bleached oak, ivory.

Magic film Accessories to complete the country look

The style of a window is also determined by the accessories with which we personalize the glass and doors. In particular, for the country house we could think of adding to the design fixtures some decorative elements that lean towards a traditional, elegant, but at the same time warm, welcoming and rustic style.

  • Internal grooves in painted aluminum, applicable directly inside the double glazing: available in wood effect colors and in the two-tone version
  • Ashlar panel : replaces the glass in the lower part of the French window, giving the frame a more classic look, especially if chosen in a dark wood-effect shade

The blackout system

Let’s see which is the most suitable for protecting the windows of a property located in a countryside area.

Internal shutters for the touch of class

Without a doubt, internal shutters are the most suitable choice to define the country style of your magic film. This protects from prying eyes and representing an excellent system for modulating the degree of brightness of the environment.

It comes without having to open the window to close the shutters. The internal shutters furnish any context with taste and elegance, including that of rustic country houses.

Thanks to the customization systems, the shutters can be perfectly matched to the color of the window or door. Furthermore, the patented magnetic closure makes them even more functional, and can also be used with the flap opening.

Magic film for house in the countryside

Magic film PSK sliding window, made with profile and to improve the thermal insulation and safety of the country house with window frames. Furthermore, the risk of mold formation increases in a structure that is not very busy. It happens due to the physiological absence of air exchange and to the specific climatic characteristics of the countryside.
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Choosing windows and doors

Here it becomes essential to include these considerations among the criteria for choosing doors and windows for these homes. In particular, it is important that the windows:

  • They are equipped with security systems against burglary attempts
  • Moreover,  structural strength, anti-intrusion hardware,
  • Which is the best security magic film for a country house?reinforcement systems, door locking mechanisms,
  • shatterproof glass, magic film, handles with key / lock
  • In addition, they are able to insulate perfectly from the external temperature and atmospheric agents
  • Furthermore, they are equipped with ventilation systems that help to lower the humidity rate

Moisture-proof windows thanks to aerators and micro-ventilation

To keep domestic environments healthy, it is important that windows can guarantee excellent levels of thermal insulation and effective contrast to humidity. In this sense, PVC and aluminum with thermal break are among the most reliable materials.

However, in an uncrowded country house, the quality of the window material may not be sufficient to ward off phenomena such as mold and humidity.