How to make room comfortable with film smart glass?


Film smart glass offers a Self Adhesive and a Non-Adhesive switchable privacy film that has the ability to contour to the curves of various types of glass. Smart Film is very popular for projection screens, electronic blinds, white boards, and high tech window treatments.

Sunscreen and blackout glass: the solution to the problem of interior overheating

The sun – and with it, the first heat – is appearing with increasing force at the windows. It is a joy for the mood and for the body, which is gladly, pampered by the late spring warmth that film smart glass filters into the house from the outside.

film smart glass

Warmth that, however, with the imminent arrival of summer, could turn into excessive heat cacommon by direct radiation which, if not countered, causes the internal temperatures to rise and makes the environments unlivable, with consequent greater use of cooling and related increases in the bill.

To restore a good level of well-being, in fact, one is led to use the air conditioner or the fan more.

How we can make room comfortable using film smart glass?

Of course, there are more or less cost-free measures to protect yourself from the heat. Moreover, it opens the windows in the evening and keeping them closed during the day. It is to favor night ventilation. And it gets white or light curtains because they are reflective.

But they are solutions that, if in they can give immediate relief, they do not solve the underlying problem.

Film smart glass is the option to use for this which has better results to all the other options.

What do you about blackout systems?

Anything that hinders the entry of sunlight into a building is a screening or darkening system. And one can distinguish between fixed systems (loggias, canopies, roof extrusions).

We are talking about permanent structures than it is difficult to replace windows films.

And it is precisely this second sector that film smart glass knows perfectly. The wide range of shading systems is best. In fact, is not only able to offer an aesthetic finished in the smallest details – in perfect harmony with the windows and doors. It increases style of the house -, but also to ensure a marked improvement in the livability of the interior.

How louvers help to protect room from sunlight?

The sunshades with adjustable louvers, for example, completely automated, protect from direct sunlight and allow you to screen even large surfaces (not only windows, therefore, but also windows and sliding glass doors).

The internal shutters, on the other hand, represent the most practical solution to protect the different environments without having to open the windows to close the shutters.


Finally, the Venetian blinds, inserted directly inside the double-glazing unit, are equipped with so thin slats. This allows you to efficiently adjust the brightness of the rooms. Similarly, they are practically invisible when they are in the open position. They also do not require the slightest cleaning or maintenance: a nice advantage, in terms of practicality.

Film smart glass: all the advantages

Film smart glass is common as a darkening systems act in synergy with the windows to avoid excessive overheating of the interiors, and in particular with one of their fundamental components: double glazing. These are modern solutions designed to meet other needs as well, such as that of acting as sound-absorbing barriers, protecting homes from break-in attempts and limiting energy waste.

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Here are in detail the advantages that you can benefit from thanks to the use of Smartglass’s high-tech double-glazing units:

  • savings on the bill, thanks to the decrease in costs associated with cooling;
  • higher level of domestic comfort, with more pleasant temperatures indoors even in the height of summer;
  • possibility to choose between double, triple and quadruple glazing according to the level of insulation required
  • greater security against theft attempts, thanks to P2 (burglar-proof) and P4 (shatterproof) double glazing
  • vast possibilities of application and customization.

Film smart glass blackout systems

Anti-solar glasses: the many film smart glass categories

To effectively protect the interiors from solar radiation, it is possible to count on special double-glazing units. They have special design to avoid excessive overheating of the interiors. There are three types of Smartglass anti-sun glasses. And they differ according to the aesthetic result, the production technique and the type of protection against the sun’s rays.

All categories are created with the intention of modulating the external solar rays, reducing their entry into the home, while maintaining exceptional transparency.

1. Reflective film smart glass

With the Stopsol system, the reflective film smart glass is coated on the outside with metal oxides capable of reflecting the sun’s rays and thus avoiding overheating of the rooms. Available with blue, green, gray or brown pigmented mass, it guarantees exceptional transparency.

2.  Absorbent glass

The Anisole system with which Smart glass absorbent glasses are made is characterized by the high absorption of solar rays, which are then dispersed outside. This type of glass is also available with a blue, green, gray or brown pigmented mass.

3. Selective film smart glass

The antismoke film smart glass of selective type is increasingly popular and common. It can filter out UV rays at the input, thus limiting the overheating of the interior. Once distinguishable from traditional glass due to their bluish shades, today they are completely transparent and perfect to adapt to any context.

New fixtures: film smart glass

As we have seen, blackout systems and above all modern windows, equipped with high-tech double glazing and capable of counteracting interior overheating. It can be essential to ensure comfort in the home even during the hottest seasons. Additionally, protecting your wallet from interior cooling expenses is another compelling reason for a compelling reason to replace fixtures.

Final Thoughts

The film smart glass provided for this type of interventions is a further stimulus. There is time, in fact, to take advantage of the replacement of windows.