Which is the best intelligent film to use in new homes in 2021?


To understand the importance of intelligent film, we could compare their role to that of an item of clothing. A suit protects the person from everything that comes from the outside and helps to define his look. In the same way do windows they protect the house, complete its furnishings and enhance its style.

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Continuing with the comparison, changing the films can sometimes serve to rejuvenate the style of your home. Especially if decades have passed since the day they were good to install. Other times, however, the replacement becomes a matter of “life or death”. It is either because the windows are no longer adequate to protect us from noise and to counter the action of thieves.

Which intelligent film is the right choice?

To make the right choice, in fact, it is necessary to be aware of two fundamental aspects:

  • The relationship between the characteristics of the intelligent filmand the climatic and social context of reference
  • The availability of bonuses and tax incentives. You meet the requirements, you can take advantage of the opportunity to deduct a part or the total of the expenditure incurred for the purchase of energy efficient fixtures. You can get an immediate discount on the invoice and have the new ones immediately windows at half price

How to understand when it is necessary to replace the windows of the house

Draft windows and / or water infiltrations and doors and windows with thermal and acoustic insulation problems increase the risks of:

  • Formation of mold on the walls, with obvious repercussions on people’s health. It brings positive impact on the healthiness of domestic environments. And  it is also good on the tightness of the housing structure
  • Increased levels of psychophysical stress, insomnia, anxiety and hearing problems
  • General decrease in living comfort
  • We must not forget that eliminating drafts from windows means eliminating heat loss and contributing to the reduction of atmospheric pollution and energy consumption.

When and why to change the intelligent film?

The reasons why it is necessary to change the intelligent film can be different:

  • Wear of time
  • Use of materials with high thermal conductivity
  • Obsolete construction systems or, simply, new windows but of poor quality

When is it time to replace the windows in the house?

To understand this we must learn to recognize the 3 unequivocal clues that tell us that it is no longer the time to postpone.

First clue: condensation on the intelligent film

Condensation on the glass is never a good sign. Why does it form? Errors during the installation phase: for example, the window frame was mounted on a metal sub frame, rather than on PVC or wooden one.

Inadequacy of some elements of the window frame. If the spacer (channel) that is in contact with the intelligent film is made of aluminum (or other metal), condensation is ensured; the only way to avoid it is to change the fixtures and choose models with thermal duct.

Second clue: high bills

The surge in bills is an indicator that jumps to the eyes and manages to justify the need to replace the windows, evidently no longer able to ensure proper thermal insulation. If full of drafts, the latter in fact favor the penetration of any external threat: frost, humidity, rain, heat.

Third clue: loud noises

If the house is affected by noises of any kind, it could be due to the windows. The wear of time could have deteriorated the gaskets, the insulating material, the thermal duct, the functioning of the closing system. Or we could be in the presence of old-concept windows with single glass’ intelligent film.

The ideal, in any case, is to opt for anti-noise windows, made with the best insulating materials, equipped with low-emission double or triple glazing glasses, long-lasting gaskets and hermetic closing systems.

Window replacement: what you need to know before proceeding

We have seen how important it is that the windows of the house have double or triple glazing and other features. They can protect us from noise and external temperature:

  • thermal insulation materials double glazing
  • gaskets with special sealing
  • and perfect tightness of the closure.

To make the right choice, however, it is important to relate the characteristics of the fixtures with the context in which we live.

intelligent film 2021

Basically, choosing the material, type of glass, intelligent film and security systems most suitable for your home is a good idea. You need to evaluate what we really need. The climatic context, for example, greatly affects the choice of material.

If the climate is particularly hostile, it is preferable to install PVC or aluminum windows with thermal break that is the materials most resistant to atmospheric agents.

Is location has any matter in this regard?

Even in terms of burglar-proof security and sound insulation, however, the area in which you locate must choose carefully. For an apartment in the city center, overlooking a busy road, in an industrial area or close to ring roads, the aspects related to noise shielding require greater consideration.

We can say that every noisy place needs privacy films.

Why your windows require intelligent film?

On the other hand, the isolated position of a country villa requires the installation of windows having intelligent film equipped with additional safety devices compared to the standard equipment of the basic models. Increasing the risk of theft, it may be necessary to provide handles with locking systems, anti-burglary or shatterproof glass. And it should come with certified hardware with anti-burglary reinforcements and safety latches.

How to save on the purchase of intelligent film?

For several years now, the State has made available to taxpayers a series of tax measures to improve the energy efficiency of old-concept buildings, reducing polluting emissions and allowing taxpayers to save on consumption.

The savings offered by the various bonuses do not only concern the optimization of consumption. They also extend to the purchase cost of high energy efficiency windows.