7 Best Magic Glass Components you work with for Easy Installation


When we talk about window accessories, we tend to think that we refer only to the aesthetic aspect of the windows. In reality, some pluses definitely improve the quality of life of those who reside in the home, bringing indisputable advantages as using a magic glass.

Of course, aesthetic customization is important, and undoubtedly it too is a source of inspiration and well-being.

Magic Glass

What benefits you can get with magic glass?

To complete its windows, Magic glass offers a truly remarkable parterre of window accessories. Some technical solutions are even exclusive, conceived and patented precisely with the aim of creating exceptional fixtures, capable of combining design with optimal functionality with a view to increasing domestic well-being.

Following magic glass‘s proposals in this regard, we have highlighted the 7 window accessories that are truly capable of making a difference in the home:

  • Anti-burglary hardware
  • Modular security
  • Special double glazing
  • Ventilation systems for windows
  • Thermal ducts
  • Blackout systems
  • Lowered threshold

Accessories to improve the performance and offer residents all the advantages

1. Anti-burglary hardware

Burglar-proof hardware is probably the first window accessory to think about when it comes to security in the home. The anti-intrusion devices present as standard in the magic glass hardware replaces side by side with the accident prevention devices. Similarly, it creates an optimal system to guarantee an excellent level of protection.


Together, they form a fundamental ensemble to improve multi-level home comfort:

  • Anti-burglary strikers: these are two anti-burglary strikers fixed directly on the steel reinforcement of the PVC windows, which increase the resistance to unhinging. The aluminum models are also easy to equip with these safety strikers. They are present at the two locking points and fixed directly on the aluminum tubularity
  • Safety latches: in the event of an attempted break-in, these special octagonal-shaped latches get stuck in the groove of the strikers, hindering the forced opening of the doors
  • Door lock: prevents the doors from releasing from the hinges if the handle has not been positioned correctly when the door is open
  • Limit switch device: this anti-injury system prevents the open flap door from violently hitting the structure in the event of a strong gust of wind.
  • Magic glassoffers these accessories already in the basic version of its fixtures. An advantage definitely not to be overlooked.

2. Security at the highest levels

This point strongly connects to the previous one. In certain contexts it may be necessary to further reinforce the defenses of one’s fixtures against intrusion attempts. Thanks to a modular safety concept, Smart glass doors. And windows are easy to equip with with mechanical elements that allow to reach the safety classes.

More in detail, here are the optional equipment with which to enhance your windows to reach the RC1 and RC2 safety classes:

  • RC1: is the first of the resistance levels available for magic glass It can be reached by inserting the following equipment.
  • RC2: provides greater resistance to break-in attempts compared to RC1 level, even if made with burglary tools

Anti-burglary strikers

Each positioned on each corner transmission of each door.

  • Anti-drill steel plate
  • Handle with key or button
  • Thicker glass

Necessity of Anti-burglary strikes

  • Anti-burglary strikers along the entire perimeter of the window
  • Anti-drill steel plate
  • Handle with key and anti-drill protection
  • P4 shatterproof laminated magic glass
  • An increase in the safety factor is certainly essential for homes located on a low floor
  • As well as for those located in rural or somewhat isolated contexts

3. Special double glazing

Double glazing units make a decisive contribution to improving the home comfort of residents, in several respects. In fact, depending on the technical characteristics and the particular needs of each one, quality window glass can act as:

  • Thermal barrier: in tandem with the frame structure and the other technical characteristics, they allow to increase the energy efficiency of the house, with consequent savings in the bill and a healthier internal micro-climate
  • Sound absorbing barrier: they limit the entry of noise into the house. In this way they allow you to enjoy domestic silence without the noise that can come, for example, from a busy street. magic glassallows you to choose triple-glazed double glazing for your windows, available in two different thicknesses (36 mm or 44 mm)
  • Burglary barrier:increase the level of security in the house against potential intrusions. Smart glass offers burglar-proof (P2) or shatterproof (P4) glass, capable of withstanding repeated impacts with a 4 kg steel ball. Still on the subject of double glazing, we cannot fail to mention the accident prevention aspect.
    Magic Glass 2021

The former, in case of breakage, ensure that the fragments remain glued to the inner film, protecting from accidental cuts. The latter, on the other hand, represent the safety standard present as standard on all magic glass double glazing units. After breaking, the fragments of a glass subjected to the hardening treatment crumble into small pieces with non-sharp edges that avoid cuts and injuries.

4. Ventilation systems for windows

Ventilation systems are not common to all windows, but they represent exceptional accessories to increase home comfort. In fact, these accessories allow you to properly ventilate the different environments without the need to open the door.

Thus it avoids energy dispersion and the entry of insects and rain. Wglass offers three different types:

  • Aereco: automatic aerator equipped with a hygrometric sensor that activates itself when a certain humidity threshold is exceeded
  • Vent air: manual pressure aerator, to activate according to the needs of the residents to allow a constant air flow
  • Wind AIR: is the latest news from magic glassin terms of air healthiness. It is a special hardware which, by simply turning the handle. Moreover, it creates an opening of just 6 mm along the entire perimeter of the window. In this way it allows you to easily ventilate the rooms in an effective and safe way.