What are 5 key benefits of electric smart glass in your home?


What are 5 key benefits of electric smart glass in your home? (China PDLC Film 2020)

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Do you want to see magic before your eyes? Yup! It can happen with just a simple flick of a button. It has only become possible because of electric smart glass. Basically, this modern technology introduced in the eighties of the last century.

However, it has greatly loved by the latest developers and home designers of modernistic era. People from all over the world, whether they are industrialist or interior designers rapidly using this smart glass.

It is a fact that windows in every home play a vital role when talk about energy consumption. Moreover, they also have extreme efficiency of energy. Nowadays people are very touchy about their privacy issues. Actually, they want to get the advantages of light and air passage as well as with great privacy.

So, electric smart glass has solved all these issues with beauty. If you want to know about all the basic information about this amazing glass technology.  Come with us! We will give you the essential information about smart electric glass.

Furthermore, you will learn how amazing technology of smart glass is helpful in modern houses.

What is electric smart glass?

In fact, electric glass consists of the technology of electro-chromatic. Actually, it allows you to change your simple glass into opaque. It also gives you the facility of great privacy with the touch of a button.

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It is the perfect choice for your home. You can change the condition of simple glass whenever you need. At daytime electric smart glass can also protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, like UV. Basically, this smart glass contains a special film of liquid crystal between two panels.

It becomes transparent when it gets the connection of electric current. Furthermore, when the electric connection breaks with the help of button, it simply changes the glass in opaque condition.

Life span of electric smart glass

It is greatly favorable to use in doors and windows of your homes. Moreover, its final or whole life span will give you comfort to use. It is really important to choose ideal brand of smart glass as it can offer you the long-life span.


Usually electric smart glass can last to maximum years up to 30-50 years. Furthermore, if we deeply measure its working ability, we will find that it can almost 7,000,000 times turn on and off. This is a long time period.

You can also get several colors in this smart glass.

How many colors are there in electric smart glass?

Today many companies have introduced a different variety of colors. There are lots of colors hence you can easily select which suits you the best.

  • Blue
  • Pure white
  • Milky white
  • Gray and many more.

Several different names of electric smart glass

This smart glass has several other names. Such as,

  • Electric switchable glass
  • Privacy smart glass
  • Switchable glass
  • Smart glass
  • Privacy glass, etc.

Which technology is behind electric smart glass?

Generally, there are two basic kinds of technologies that work behind electric smart glass. So, these are:

  1. Active

Active and Passive?

If their ability of changing color needs an electric current, it has named as active. Furthermore, if there is no need of current this condition has named as passive.

Types of active electric smart glass technologies

  • Suspended Particle Device (SPD) glass
  • Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) glass
  • Electrochromic (EC) glass

Suspended Particle Device (SPD) glass:

Windows which can tint into shades as you see in modern buildings and automotive, etc.

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) glass:

You can usually see this type of technology in many privacy partitions inside numerous industries and offices, etc.

Electrochromic (EC) glass:

Home designers or interior designers actually use this technology in the form of coated windows. Moreover, these coated windows have ability to tint very slowly for several shading.

Types of passive electric smart glass technologies

We are presenting you two kinds of passive technologies of electric smart glass. For example,

  1. Thermochromic glass
  2. Photochromic glass.

Thermochromic glass:

These are usually coated windows which only can tint due to the temperature changing.

Photochromic glass:

This type of glass has used in eyeglasses, where it changes the color during the sunlight.

5 critical benefits of electric smart glass in your home

Today smart glass technology has prevailed on many other latest technologies. However, its speed towards the success was slow. But as you know that “slowly and steady wins the race”. So, this quote has total implementation in this smart technology.

We can clearly see that the use of the electric smart glass has rapidly increased during just last few years. Main reasons for the demand of electric smart glass are,

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  1. It can easily control heat and light
  2. This smart technology is extremely energy efficient
  • Automatic privacy
  1. Pretty and innovative designs and so on.

As it is extremely useful glass, so let’s take a deep look on its 5 critical benefits in your home!

  1. It is really beneficial for using in doors, windows and other places where you want some partition.
  2. It is greatly energy effective. So, you can control the extra heat to enter in your home and bedrooms.
  3. Electric smart glasscan reduce the effects of IR and UV rays. Moreover, it is advantageous for AC rooms.
  4. It can give you complete privacy in all your home as well as in bathrooms. They have reduced the need of curtain and blinds.
  5. They can make your homes incredibly unique as well as a detail connection to the outdoor.

4 important uses of electric smart glass

As we know that suburban homes have built closer without any gap. So, people living in these suburban homes not just want some privacy. But actually, it becomes their essential need. In such conditions, electric glass has ability to solve dilemma.

Here are 3 important and beneficial uses of electric smart glass. Such as,

In Restaurants and Hotels:

Latest hotels make use of this electric glass for great privacy needs between bedrooms and bathrooms. Furthermore, it develops the sense of uniqueness and beauty. Customers can generally feel all the luxurious and latest experience by using this smart.

In Hospitals:

It is really helpful to use in hospitals where privacy is an essential need. The smart glass technology is easy to maintain in hospitals as you can clean it with great ease. Sometime curtains and other blinds become panic to handle and maintain.

In fact, this glass is helpful in operation theaters where privacy becomes critical. smart glass provides you a hygienic solution for hospitals as well as better solution for patient’s privacy.

For Commercial and Residential uses:

You can also use it in commercial buildings as well as in residential places. buildings give some trendy and elegant looks by using this electrical glass. Designers also use the glass for rear projection screens.

Hence, this technology has become an important use for our homes as well as for offices, workplaces and commercial needs.


I hope you have got all the important information about this latest technology. Now you can easily get benefits by using electric smart glass in your homes and even at your workplaces. This magical technology can provide you extreme privacy as well as the heat protection.

Moreover, you can save your family by the harmful rays of the sun. This amazing technology will not only solve all your privacy issues but benefits you in several other ways.