7 Tips to renovate your old home with PDLC Film Privacy


How to update old furniture with self-adhesive?

Self-adhesive furniture pdlc film helps to transform the interior beyond recognition. All things in an apartment or house are common for more than one year. Doors and windows may not change for a very long time. But sometimes you want to transform something in the interior, practice on some object, implement your design solutions.

And to buy a new cabinet or paint and varnish, finishing materials, you need to spend a lot of money, which is always not enough.

What positive impact pdlc film brings to your home?

Self-adhesive for furniture helps in solving this problem. It has a number of positive characteristics, such as: low cost, durability, ease of use, wide range of applications. Also, this material is moisture resistant. Hence,  this makes it possible to use it in rooms with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen, summer shower), it is easy to clean it from various contaminants with ordinary detergents.

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How to glue pdlc film on furniture?

I wonder how to glue the furniture over with pdlc film film so that old-fashioned interior items get a second life? Then you should read the information to the end.

Scope of the material

The reasonable cost and decorativeness of this product allows it to occupy a leading position among all types of finishing materials. Most often, self-adhesive is common  in rooms where not only a beautiful interior is required, but also moisture resistance, practicality, and ease of maintenance. Often, the material is common  to paste over old furniture in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, country house, nursery. Pasting of plasterboard structures is popular.

Used on windows, for glass surfaces (doors of kitchen sections, cabinets, dressing table, mirrors). Transparent self-adhesive with a relief pattern can protect a room from bright sunlight and the pesky glances of passers-by if you live in a private sector or on the lower floors. Connoisseurs of real art will be interested in decorative stained glass film.

Pdlc film provides great resistance capacity

The wear resistance of the material allows it to be used for a long time. Self-adhesive has the property of not transmitting ultraviolet light, but at the same time it transmits light well. Pdlc film is easy and quick to install, and if you get bored with the interior, you can quickly remove it with a minimum of effort.

There are different types of films. It comes not only in rolls, but also in the form of stickers. They are made from environmentally friendly materials; they help to change the appearance of old objects, to show creativity not only for adults, but also for children. Easily attached, removed, even thematic.

Working moments

Working with self-adhesive is not too difficult, but to obtain a high-quality result, you need to work with the surface of the furniture: clean, degrease, dry, prime, remove the old layer of varnish or paint. Remember that on an uneven surface, self-adhesive can poorly adhere, deform, peel off.

In order for the material to adhere well, there must be a perfectly smooth surface. If necessary, moisten it and the canvas with soapy water.

Self-adhesive cut to the appropriate size (with an allowance of 1-4 cm) should be glued, gradually tearing off the protective layer of paper. First, you need to remove the hardware to make it easier to glue. If you did not succeed the first time perfectly smoothly, and bubbles and folds appeared, remove the pdlc film within 24 hours and re-glue it.

We update the interior

How to update old cabinet with pdlc film?

Using self-adhesive paper, you can update an old cabinet not only from the inside, but also from the outside. And if its doors are mirrored, then we can paste over with transparent film with a pattern or ornament. It will cost much less than ordering a mirror with sandblasting or painting.

Is the kitchen set out of fashion? Buy a monochromatic multi-colored self-adhesive, depicting fruits, flowers, wood imitation and pasting over the facades. Add new handles and your kitchen will sparkle with new colors. Add a few touches to the refrigerator in the form of decorative stickers; change the color of the walls, the kitchen backsplash using the same pdlc film.

You can also embellish the kitchen table, countertop, stools. The renovated kitchen will look like you’ve done an expensive renovation.

Self-adhesive privacy films are best for Children

For children’s furniture, options with characters from cartoons, fairy tales, and special paper are suitable, on which you can draw repeatedly with multi-colored crayons. During the decoration of the children’s room, it is good to invite the children so that they also take part in changing the interior.

A bedside table in a bathroom, we can paste hallway or bedroom. So in the bathroom, where there is always high humidity, we should paste it over inside and out. This will protect against moisture, greatly extending the service life.

Applying self-adhesive, you will not only improve the look of furniture, but also get a boost of good mood.

Application of matte film on glass

– Ensuring privacy indoors or at a working office table. Curious clients or onlookers from the street will not be able to discern what is happening at your office desk or office space.

– Protection from direct sunlight and glare. The pdlc film will transmit only diffused, soft light.

– Creation of a cozy workplace without expensive, global rearrangements in the office. Office space zoning

– Decorating your office or your home.

– Reinforcement of glass panes and glass partitions. The film provides protection against fragments. All debris remains on the film.

Scope of pasting with matte film

Frosted film on glass in the office. When it is necessary to divide the office space into zones, this film is the best solution. Without much difficulty, using matte film and glass office partitions, it is possible to create: a conference room, a meeting room, a department head office. You can use a matte film for privacy in the office bathrooms.

Frosted film on glass in the house

There are a huge number of options for using the film at home. We can use these films to separate various areas of the house or apartment. Hence, it provides multi functionality. The matte film can give a “second life” to interior doors with glass.

pdlc film 2021

Frosted film on glass in a boutique, bank, store or clinic:

Thanks to the matte film, you can create a corporate design for the company or create its logo and place them on any glass and plastic flat surface. pdlc film on glass will further strengthen the glass surface.

Frosted film on glass in a restaurant, cafe or winter garden:

A matte film glued to glass partitions will create the effect of coziness and comfort in any establishment.

The most popular matte film for glass is pdlc film. It lets in up to 80% of the light and creates privacy in the room where it is common. Often, such a film is ordered for use in private clinics and other medical institutions.