10 PDLC film ideas you can Apply on Home Windows in 2021


Which film to choose? Know the main types available

When faced with a glass window that lets intense light into the environment, one of the first thoughts that occur is to install pdlc film. One of their relevant characteristics is that they, for the most part, do not add decorative information to the environment, such as blinds and curtains, which makes them ideal for people who do not want another item in their decoration.

PDLC film

What benefits pdlc film provide?

In addition to reducing the entry of light and the consequent protection against ultraviolet rays, the films are means to provide privacy against external glances and provide thermal comfort, since they soothe the ambient heat.

It is worth remembering that excessive sunlight is a critical factor not only due to the intense light, but also for furniture and wooden floors. Moreover, it may fade if exposed to the sun.

In this way, understanding about types of pdlc film can help you choose what is best, according to your needs. They are common in four basic types: reflective, blackout smoked and sandblasted.

What is reflective film?

The reflective are the films that have a mirrored layer, that is, they provide a mirror effect on the outer face of the glass on which they apply. Moreover, they are ideal for building facades. They help with thermal comfort, as they reflect the sun’s rays. And they still give a decorative touch to the construction. In addition, they can be applicable indoors composing glass furniture, giving them a mirror appearance.

Blackout film

The blackout films are characterized by preventing complete entry of external light. Therefore, they guarantee total privacy, since they do not allow viewing what is inside the environment in which they are applied. Similarly, whoever is inside also cannot see the outside.

Smoked film

The smoked pdlc film makes it difficult for light to enter (and, consequently, for heat). Similarly, it allows visibility on both sides of the glass and is ideal for different environments. This type has four intensities of luminosity control, giving the possibility to choose what best suits different projects.

Blasted pdlc film

Sandblasting is a film that partially inhibits luminosity and visibility, as it imparts a translucent and matte effect to the glass. They are widely common in the bathroom stall, precisely because of their matte characteristic. Furthermore, they may have a decorative function.

In fact, films are excellent outlets for those looking for privacy and reduced light input, and each available model addresses a type of problem, making it easier to choose the one that best suits your needs

If you are building or renovating, you have probably come across the variety of pdlc film window types on the market. Not only the model and the way to open, but also the material and the size of the window are important.

How much natural light pdlc film absorb?

The window will determine how much natural light and ventilation will enter each room. Therefore, choosing the types of windows is both an aesthetic and functional task.

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Types of windows in terms of opening

The main difference in the types of windows is in the way they open and close. See the models you will find:

Sliding window

This is probably the simplest of all types of windows. In the sliding window, each side can be slid in the horizontal direction. They can be of various materials and sizes. If they are made entirely of glass, they help a lot in lighting.

Sliding windows can be applicable in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and service areas. If you choose this model in the bedrooms, be sure to also provide good curtains or blinds.

Folding window

When opened, the pdlc film window leaf folds up to form a concertina. These types of windows can be applicable in different environments, but are especially advantageous for large windows.

In a very large window that opens outwards or inwards, you would end up having to leave a lot of free space to allow opening. With the accordions, the window folds and stays in the corner without taking up much space. In addition, they are very charming and can help with decoration.

PDLC film 2021

Venetian pdlc film window

Venetian windows are usually composed of 4 or 6 leaves divided into two layers. On the outside, the window has horizontal divisions with small cracks between them.

That way, when it is completely closed, there is no visibility. But there is still a little ventilation. Inside, the Venetian window may or may not have a layer of pdlc film. The shutters are indicated mainly for rooms and rooms.


This type of window is very versatile and can be found in the most diverse materials. It can also have opening sliding, outward or even accordion. Those who want even more flexibility should choose the model where the interior is made of glass.

Thus, you can have the window completely closed without any visibility, completely open with full ventilation and visibility, or even with only the windows closed, so that the lighting can enter the room, but the ventilation cannot.

Guillotine window film

Don’t be alarmed by the name – the guillotine window is called that because it opens and closes in a vertical movement, similar to the guillotine. Generally, this type of window is usually split in half and has a fixed upper part, while the lower part is movable.

Dog looking out the window, it is important to be aware of the features and the appearance that each type of window offers for your home.

The guillotine pdlc film windows are classic and look great in the wood and glass version. However, it is also possible to find other materials that combine more with modern homes.

Pivoting window

The pivot window has a central axis around which it rotates up to 90 °. When fully open, it allows enough air to pass through and helps with ventilation. Pivoting windows can be a good solution for windows that are long in length.

The very long windows can be divided into several pivots, so that you can better control the opening and open or close only some parts.

Swing window

Dumpers are generally divided into several smaller horizontal openings, which are opened by pulling a lever on the side. Dumpers are mainly used in bathrooms, kitchens and service areas.

Flag window

The flag pdlc film window is attached by a fixed stop on only one side and the opening is done similarly to a door. When fully open, the flag window helps a lot with ventilation.

The disadvantage is that, if it is very large, you will need to leave a large space free of furniture and objects so as not to disturb the opening of the flag window.

Tumbling pdlc film window

Just by the name, you can understand more or less how this window works, right? This window is fixed at the bottom and, to open it, it is slightly tilted vertically. This type of window allows for more subtle ventilation, with less wind entering.


There are also the types of windows that are combined and can be applicable both as a top-down window and as a flag window.

Projection window

The projecting window opens outwards, and is usually attached by the sides or the top. It is widely used in laundries, offices, kitchens and service areas.

Fixed window

The fixed window comes exclusively for lighting or even for decorating the environment. It has no opening and therefore will not help with ventilation. You can use pdlc filmwith them.