Does switchable glass shower door save energy consumption cost?


Technology guide: Switchable glass – variants in the expert check

switchable glass shower door

What is switchable glass shower door? What are the technologies behind it? Moreover, what is special about switchable glass? Where is “smart” glass used sensibly?

In our technology guide, we introduce you to what are known as switchable glass panes. This is glass for windows, French doors and facades that is not only multifunctional, but can also be used by people. The “intelligent” properties of the glass can be regulated using various techniques, which we will explain to you in detail here.

How does switchable glass shower door protect from sunrays?

Window films can also offer us protection from the sun’s rays. There are special coatings that are able to shield the sun’s rays by reducing the heat inside the rooms caused by solar radiation.

This solution is able to save us considerably on the bill, without however affecting the amount of light that enters through the window. The switchable glass shower door is also able to guarantee maximum privacy by preventing people from seeing inside the house during the day.

What you can find out about switchable glass here:

  • Principle of solar control glass
  • Reactive glass
    • Photochromic glass
    • Thermochromic glass
  • Electrochromic glass
    • Working principle
    • techniques
    • Applications

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When does switchable glass shower door offer intelligent sun protection?

But the functionality of glass always has its two sides. An example: Anyone who appreciates the advantages of thermal insulation windows in winter.

They help to keep heating costs as low as possible by allowing the sun’s heat to optimally pass into the room and at the same time insulating the heat so that it does not block can evaporate.

In the summer you might work up a sweat behind these heat protection windows because the so-called greenhouse effect sets in with them. In contrast, only mechanical sun protection systems such as curtains, roller blinds, blinds from the inside or roller shutters built in front of the window can help. However, these “sunscreens” have the disadvantage that they

  • darken the room and
  • obstruct or prevent the view.

Does switchable glass shower door save energy consumption cost?

For this reason, special Does switchable glass shower door saves energy consumption cost is common for a long time. It ensures noticeable savings in heating costs in winter and contributes to a pleasant room climate in summer without restricting the beautiful view.

This glass function becomes feasible with the help of various technologies. All technologies and the resulting applications are summarized under the generic term “intelligent glass” . Usually this involves changing the light transmission of glass so that the glass does either

  • Radiation-proof (sun protection window that remains clear) or
  • becomes opaque (privacy window that becomes opaque).

The deep blue of the switchable glazing reduces the energy input from the sun, but maintains transparency.

 Reactive glass: technology of photochromic and thermochromic glass panes

switchable glass shower door 2021

Glazing those changes its color in sunlight is not new. Already since the 1980s, there are window glass with thermo chromic and photochromic glass. It changes its color by embedded liquid crystals or photo chemically active molecules react to heat and light. However, they are not switchable, but always dependent on solar radiation.

Photochromic glass vs switchable glass shower door

S witchable glass shower door darkens like a black and white film because silver compounds absorb energy when UV light hits them, so that silver atoms are formed that darken the glass. Without UV light, the electrons return after a few minutes and leave behind silver ions again. Other photochromic glasses have to be heated to clear again.

However, the latest developments can also do without iodide, bromide or chloride. Japanese researchers have developed a photochromic glass based on nitrate that turns yellow under UV light.

Thermochromic glass

Thermochromic glasses work in a similar way to photochromic glasses. However, these react to the heat dissipation associated with solar radiation. When thermochromic glasses heat up, they darken accordingly. As the amount of sunlight decreases, thermo chromic glasses cool down accordingly and discolor again .

Such thermochromic glasses are usually so-called laminated glasses 

They consist of two or more panes of glass that are firmly connected with the help of a special film. This special film contains the reactive properties of intelligent glass: the thermochromic substances.

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Electrochromism: This is how switchable glass works

With switchable glass shower door, sun and heat protection easy to adjust with the time of day and weather.

Working principle of switchable glass shower door

You “tint” the switchable glass. With the application of a low voltage of e.g. B. three volts, depending on the materials used in the glass z. B. achieved a bluish coloration of the switchable glass.

Your fixtures come of a structural element (door and frame) and a glass. Glass covers a large part of the surface of windows.

Switchable glass shower door Provides Safety Guarantee

In addition to being a very technical and performing element, glass must also provide safety guarantees . To obtain greater safety, I always recommend installing compliant glass on both sides (mandatory in the case of French windows).

By opening the window inside, you end up interacting with the outside too, having a safe switchable glass shower door there too is a further guarantee for you.

The legislation comes on a series of accident statistics collected mainly in the case of work, cleaning and domestic accidents with the aim of preventing them.

Summary switchable glass shower door

Window films serve to improve and optimize the performance of glass in many ways. Let’s take a closer look at some of its uses with this article.

You have probably heard of switchable glass shower door, but without fully understanding their function. This type of product, in reality, has not just one use, but multiple applications that vary according to the needs to which they must meet.

They are good in all types of buildings, from residential to commercial. Today we will focus on those most used, even in the home, the darkening and anti-UV ones that reduce the passage of sunlight through the window.