Switchable Glass India: How to configure privacy glass easily?


The use of switchable glass india is very popular in many cities. People are turning towards modern ome decoration equipment. For Switchable Glass Indiathis, safety glass is best solutions.

Privacy at your fingertips

  • Power on -> transparent; Power off -> opaque
  • Immediate and precise control of privacy
  • Efficient use of the space in the enclosed space

Easily switchable – easy to care for

  • Aesthetically pleasing, hygienic and low-maintenance
  • Similarly, Stable color properties for the entire service life of the unit
  • Environmentally friendly

High UV stability with switchable glass india

  • switchable glass indiaBlocks 99.5 +% of harmful UV rays, therefore also suitable as sun protection.
  • Moreover, Reduced fading of carpets, furniture and protects valuable works of art.
  • In addition, Outstanding optical qualities that reduce glare and eye strain


  • Any sizes and shapes.
  • Long service life tested in more than 1,000,000 switching cycles.
  • Heavy-duty semiconductor technology with no moving parts that wear out or break.
  • A pleasant side effect: high contrast for use as a rear projection screen.

Private rooms are reality with switchable glass india

Privacy and sun protection in the private sector


Room in room

Simply switch the meeting room to “Do Not Disturb”


Shift quickly and you have peace and quiet


Hotel and restaurant services

Partition walls for hotels, bathrooms / bedrooms, exterior windows, doors, windows and skylights in conference centers, partition walls in bars and restaurants, toilet cubicles, balustrades and balconies.

Distribution, trade and salesrooms

Partition walls in offices and boardrooms, doors, sliding / folding doors, windows, skylights, shop windows, vanity panels.


Switchable glass india is quite good in hospitals, windows for ordinations and intensive care units, movable partitions and X-ray protective screens.

High-end households

Panels, windows, doors, skylights, partitions for bedrooms / bathrooms / living areas

Switchable glass india  provides better security

Cell doors and windows, screens, entrance foyer, screens for cashiers


Ideally suited as a projection surface for events and presentations


Similarly, it applies on machine screens, skylights, windows for master cabins

Switchable glass india in train and public transport

Switchable Glass India 2021

Switchable glass india offers privacy at the push of a button. All switch glass panes are custom made using a lamination process that encapsulates a PDLC film between two or more panes of glass. With the help of a tiny electrical current, users can instantly switch the S witchglass from transparent to non-transparent (opaque) and vice versa.

How to install switchable glass india?

Basically, switchglass is easy to install and easy to use for many applications. Numerous configurations is easy to supply, including colored and fire-resistant glass, as insulating glazing, shaped sections and curved glass.

If power one is switched, the liquid crystal molecules align incident light shines directly through and the switch Glass – plate is immediately transparent. When the power of is turned, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly orient and cause diffuse light scattering, whereby the switch Glass is opaque.

The voltage Consumption

Switchglass comes by supplying 110V AC to the glass from an included transformer. When a voltage is applied to the glass, it changes immediately from opaque to transparent and allows a clear view. When no more electricity flows, the glass returns to the matt “private” state.

Privacy glass for every home

For many homeowners, switchable glass india is an important element in creating more privacy. This is often common, especially with large windows on the ground floor.

Privacy glasses are particularly popular on the facade side that faces the street. Because nobody wants to be disturbed by passers-by or neighbors in a private situation.

The advantage of privacy glasses:

You don’t completely lose daylight, but at the same time you get optimal privacy. Furthermore, the frosted glass in particular is a popular element and almost completely covers the silhouette.

But other ornamental and structured glasses also work well. The so-called switchable windows are particularly convenient. These are under electrical voltage and switch from opaque to transparent at the push of a button.

Configure windows with privacy protection glass

Simply and conveniently configure windows and doors online according to your requirements and order them from fensterblick.de.

Types of switchable glass india

Switchable glass india serve different purposes. From shower glazing to normal exterior window glazing to room dividers, privacy glasses are good to use.

Depending on the purpose and degree of privacy protection desired, various options easy to apply. A distinction is made primarily between:

  • Ornamental glass
  • Moreover, Structured glass
  • Switchable glass or

Ornamental glasses and structured glasses

With ornamental glasses and structured glasses you can get optimal privacy protection. But what exactly is the difference between the two types of glass?

Ornamental glasses consist of simple float glass that is subsequently applied with an ornamental pattern. Structured glasses, on the other hand, melt into the desired structure directly during production.

The function of the two types of glass, however, remains the same: They serve as privacy glasses. However, ornamental glasses are more popular because they are easier to look after. With structured glasses, however, dust can easily settle in the grooves of the glasses. The frosted glass is becoming more and more popular because it looks very modern and completely covers the silhouette.

Why switchable glass india are popular?

But other privacy screen patterns are also popular, depending on where they are good to use. The switchable glass india is often common in offices for spatial separation, while the pattern of the glass is reminiscent of water courses and is more often used in spa and recreation facilities.

Undisturbed privacy with switchable glass

Switchable glasses like privacy glass are very modern innovations. A filling of liquid crystals (liquid crystal = LC) made between two simple float glasses. The molecules of the liquid crystal arrange very randomly, so that the pane of glass appears in the frosted glass effect and offers privacy.

The liquid crystal film connects to a power source and easy to operate with a switch. When switched on, an electrical voltage is generated and the molecules of the liquid crystals align themselves in parallel so that the glass pane appears transparent again.


The innovation of the switchable glass india is ideally good for rooms that do not require permanent privacy, but desire from time to time. So you can decide for yourself when you want to enjoy the view and when you want more privacy.