Photochromic light control film is a kind of heat insulation window film which can intelligently adjust its visible transmittance with the change of sunlight intensity, soften the incident light intensity, reduce the glare, and has the characteristics of high heat insulation rate, transmission force, and high UV resistance.

Key Features
  • Strong thermal insulation.
  • High-definition field of vision.
  • Safety explosion-proof.
  • Health and environmental protection.
  • Realize rapid color change of window film.
Due in trock (estimated): 4~6 days

Photochromic Light Control Film is the next generation of retrofit window film technology. Designed to adapt to your environment, photochromic window films share all the same benefits of conventional window films but have a special adaptive feature craved by homeowners and building design professionals – the ability to darken when exposed to sunlight, further reducing heat and sun glare streaming through the glass when needed most.


Benefits of the photochromic film

UV protection

Like many other varieties of window film, the photochromic film provides 99.9% UV protection. This prevents fading and discoloration or your floors, furniture, and other pieces of decor. Additionally, this protection also applies to your skin. The harmful UV rays which penetrate untinted windows are linked to skin cancer.

Heat reduction

This film also reduces the amount of heat entering your space. It reflects over 90% of infrared rays, which helps keep your space cool. When your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat, you save on energy bills. This eventually recoups the cost of the film and installation, making it a worthwhile investment.

Glare reduction

While we all love natural light, it can also cast annoying glare across device screens and interfere with the view from your windows. It can even cause headaches and eye strain. In its darkened state, the photochromic film dramatically reduces glare. This allows for increased comfort for your family or the occupants of your commercial space.


What truly sets this film apart is its ability to transition from clear to tinted and back to clear without any effort on your behalf. The photochromic film doesn’t require a remote, wall switch, strings, or chords. It automatically reacts to changes in sunlight to darken or lighten.


Applications of photochromic film

It can be used indoors and windows of the building, outdoor ceiling, car front of train, aircraft, car windows cruise ships and other vehicle doors, windows, screens, and celling of all buildings such as airports, hotels, schools, public places, and residential areas.


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1. Quality assurance

Engaged in offering the highest quality of standards in aesthetics and functionality, SMART GLASS has our R&D to improve product properties.

2. Our warranty

SMART GLASS works very hard to offer the highest customer service pre and post-installation of the smart film. We always offer a professional and quick customer care service with our professionalism.

3. Lead time

SMART GLASS offers the quickest turnaround for your project all over the world with 2 week lead time.

4. Full range of product service

From product consultant to the logistic arrangement, Place your order in SG GLAS, Then everything done by us.

5. Certificate

SGS certificate.

  • Strong thermal insulation.
  • High-definition field of vision.
  • Safety explosion-proof.
  • Health and environmental protection.
  • Realize rapid color change of window film.
  • Superior aging resistance and long life.
Type Glass Film
Material PET
Size OEM
Thickness 3mil
Color Customized
Function Decorative, Heat Insulation
Glue Removable Glue / Self adhesive
IR Rejection 95%-100%
UV Rejection 100%
Feature UV Protection
Certificate SGS
1. Does Smart Film privacy film blocks harmful UV rays?
Yes, It blocks over 98% of the harmful UV rays in both its energized and un-energized state.
2. Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a manufacturer with designing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting. ODM or OEM is acceptable.
3. Do you provide after-sales?
Yes, we can provide services from sales, manufacture, installation, and all the technical support.

4. How can I get your glass quotation?

Please tell me the thickness, size, color, quantities, whether your need to further process and other detailed requirements, etc.

5. Can you do the production as customized?

Yes, we have a professional technique team, we could produce the glass depends on your requirements.

6. Can you supply a free sample?

Yes, if you want us to provide a big size sample according to your requirements, you should pay the cost of production.

7. How can I get samples to check your quality?

We offer samples for free, all you have to do is ask.

8. Can we install this glass by ourselves?

Yes, when you start to install, we have a video to teach you installation and engineer online follow your order.

9. What is your payment term?

T/T, Western Union, Paypal.

10. What is your delivery time?

4~6 days, depending on the order quantity.

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