Smart Pdlc Beginner Guide: (How does PDLC Switchable Smart Film Electric work?)


Smart Pdlc Beginner Guide: (How does PDLC Switchable Smart Film Electric work?)

smart pdlc

Smart pdlc instantly switches between transparent / frosted state.

Today in our life many smart technologies are used every day. They make our lives easier, more convenient and more comfortable. The latest word in innovative technologies at the moment is smart pdlc. Therefore, it is a wide application in our daily life.

Many people today install such a film on the glass of their car. But in order for the smart film to work as it should, if you decide to do everything yourself, you need to follow a certain sequence of actions. Our article will tell you how to work with such a product and where it can be used.

Introducing smart pdlc

Smart film is an excellent projection screen that is often used to project an image onto it. But this is generally speaking.

Smart technology means endowing a product with certain qualities that it did not have before. Moreover, this technology is widely common today in many different fields.

So, smart film or stretch is often applicable as window tinting on cars. At the same time, many apply it to the glass of a car without resorting to the services of specialists, preferring to do everything with their own hands.

Manufacturing options for smart pdlc

The film of variable haze can be applicable in conjunction with various types of smart pdlc:

smart pdlc Suppliers

  • ordinary float glass
  • anti-reflective
  • tinted
  • artistic
  • together with various decorative
  • protective or sensor films

The most suitable option for the manufacture of glass with variable opacity comes with some characteristics:


Film between two glued glasses: for installation in a frame

On glass

We apply smart pdlc to a single glass: for large sizes or all-glass versions

In a glass unit

The film applies inside the glass unit: for sound-insulated or heat-insulated structures (for installation in a frame)

Characteristics of smart pdlc

Basic properties of smart glass
  • The state without power supply is opaque; when applied, it becomes transparent.
  • Switching time is less than a second.
  • Transmits about 80% of the light in both directions, regardless of the state (opacity or transparency), without darkening the room
  • Maximum dimensions: not limited (film application on glass)
  • It is possible to manufacture beaded (curved) smart glass
  • Variable matt triplex can be washed and treated in the same way as ordinary

UV Protection

Privacy shutters and curtains are not important on windows with variable transparency. Similarly, it can act as a projection screen.

electric smart glass

The technology of its application provides for protection from climatic influences. The smart film locates inside a multi-layer structure. We treat the end parts of with a special sealant. This ensures its durability, as well as the stability of performance during the entire period of use.

The cost of smart pdlc with installation from 50,000 per m2

The main advantages of smart pdlc

  • Really favorable cost.
  • A clear, high-quality image on a projection screen created using smart glass.
  • Remote control capability, easy operation.
  • Blocking up to 98% of UV radiation by smart film.
  • High strength, ensuring the product is resistant to impact.

Such a surface is capable of changing the heat absorption coefficient, as well as dullness and light transmission at the time of temperature. Moreover, this effect is common for cars.

Electronic tinting of the smart pdlc of the machine with such a film allows you to achieve a number of positive points:

  • heat loss is significantly reduced;
  • the amount of electricity used is reduced;
  • Subsequently, the cost of air conditioning inside the car is reduced.

In addition to vehicles, the “smart” we can also use smart pdlc to ordinary glass inserted into a window opening.

Film on smart pdlc

Being even in an inactive state on the glass, such a stretch prevents ultraviolet radiation from penetrating into the interior of the room or car interior. And it is known to be harmful to the human body and can cause various disorders and skin diseases.

The variation of this product is smart stretch. This stretch comes from the film stretched during rewinding.
Using stretch, you get the following benefits:

  • economy of production;
  • there is a “squeezing” effect after the winding is completed;
  • The stretch has increased elasticity as well as puncture resistance.

Therefore, in the modern world, the use of smart films opens up great prospects in terms of developing and creating more advanced technologies for the future.

Product characteristics

“Smart” films, which we use today as an additional coating for glass, can vary in haze and color saturation. Moreover, it depends on the amount of current supplied to it. Therefore, glass tint on a car or building can have different intensities.

Various toning intensity of smart pdlc

In this case, the supply of current is necessary only when it is necessary to change the
gamma saturation of the glass.

Glass with variable transparency has the following advantages:

  • Instantaneous switching. Smart pdlctransparency changes in a tenth of a second.
  • Good light transmittance. In any state, partitions or windows let in 78% or more light, both in one direction and in the other.
  • Ease of management and low power consumption. We can control the window using a:
  • touch screen
  • a standard switch
  • key-button
  • receiving device with a remote control
  • a light sensor
  • a motion radar
  • And a smart home control system.

The control panel can be configured for each room separately. For one square meter, you only need 5-7 watts.

Multilayer triplex consists of transparent silicate plates glued using polymer EVA materials, between which there is a smart film. Basically, this is a multi-layer block of increased strength, capable of changing transparency and having a minimum size of 200×300 mm, and the maximum size of 1200×3000 mm. In this case, the thickness of the smart film in the middle is 460 microns.

In the absence of electricity, the surface becomes matt white, and in some variants – bronze, green and blue. Smart glass is completely transparent when turned on. The fogging of this material is 7%, its storage and operation is allowed at temperatures from –10 to +50 ° С. Similarly, the smart film comes with a long (3 years) official warranty.

Electrical parameters of smart pdlc

  • smart pdlcmode switching time – less than 1 s;
  • The transition from the opaque state of smart glass to transparent is carried out in 100 ms, The reverse process occurs in 400 ms;
  • Frequency range – 50-60 Hz, voltage – 110 V.

Thanks to its versatility and favorable price, smart films can be used in various fields, such as:

  • architecture, interior design;
  • decoration of walls, partitions, roofs, front entrance groups;
  • Outdoor advertising on billboards, posters, shop windows, etc .
  • Consumer electronics, furniture, appliances (industrial smart glass).

If you want latest smart pdlc film for your home office, or an apartment, we can help you. Just contact us for an instant quote.