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Styling and tuning of cars these days does not lose its relevance, many motorists are trying to change the appearance of their car or add any details.

Carbon fiber material has an attractive appearance, excellent technical characteristics and therefore is often used for the manufacture of car parts. However, the price of such material is quite high, so not every car owner can afford to replace parts with smart ones. In this case, you can use a smart film factory. Of course, it will not lighten the detail, but it will help to achieve an attractive appearance.

Most often you can find a 3D film with a smart look. It has a three-dimensional pattern and simulates the relief well, in contrast to the 2D smart film. 4D smart films has an even more complex texture, which is almost identical to natural smart fiber, but difficult to manufacture, therefore it is less common and costs a little more.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart film factory

Film for 3D smart, like any other vinyl film, has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Carbon imitation film is much cheaper than real smart;
  • Such a film adheres perfectly to almost any surface, be it metal or plastic;
  • Due to its thickness, vinyl film with a smart look will help hide small chips, scratches and scuffs on the car’s paintwork;
  • The smart-like film will also protect the paintwork from fading, since it does not transmit ultraviolet rays;
  • In case of damage, in smart film factory itcan be easily replaced in whole or in part, in addition, due to the pattern and texture, the joints will not be visible on the surface;
  • Smart film has short-term resistance to various types of dirt, oils and gasoline.

Smart Film Factory

Pasting of Carbon Films

Carbon film looks good with different types of pasting, both partial, for example, the hood, mirrors, roof, etc., and full. If you get tired of this type of tuning, the film is easy to remove. It does not damage the surface and does not leave glue traces on it.

However, smart-look vinyl has its drawbacks. One of them is the rather high cost of some brands of film. Also, no matter how high-quality the film is, there is still a need to change it, since the service life of such a film is about 5 years. When pasting with smart film factory, some skill is required, so you should entrust this process to professionals.

When visiting a car wash, you should always warn workers about the presence of a vinyl covering, since an incorrectly selected angle and water pressure can damage the film, peel its edges from the surface, etc.

How to properly glue the smart film in smart film factory?

In order to paste over a car with a smart-like film, you need to have experience in car wrapping and some inventory, so you should always give preference to pasting from professionals.

It is necessary to glue the 3d film for a car in compliance with all the rules so as not to spoil the material or stick the film incorrectly, and subsequently not to receive additional costs for pasting again from professionals.

The correct method for applying the smart film in smart film factory is considered to be the dry method using a squeegee and a hair dryer.

For pasting a smart film, you need tools such as:

  • degreaser (isopropyl alcohol);
  • soap solution;
  • construction hair dryer;
  • squeegee;
  • a knife for cutting off excess film;
  • microfiber


The work itself must be carried out in a clean, dry and well-ventilated area in smart film factory. The very surface of the car or the part to be pasted must be well washed and degreased. After pasting, the car must dry for a while for the film to finally adhere to the surface.

Film wrapping around cars is becoming more common these days. It is an excellent and more economical alternative to staining. Film wrapping is much faster than painting, and in addition, it can always be removed or replaced with another. There are many types of vinyl, its textures, colors, brands.

Film wrapping in smart film factory

Film wrapping can be done in various variations, allowing you to create original looks for cars. Often, individual body parts are pasted over with film, allowing you to create a unique car style.

smart films produced from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), by casting or calendaring. For cast film, the material is poured into the required shape, and for calendared film it is rolled out between special rolls.

In Smart film factory, smart film primarily serves as a decorative function. It can only protect the paintwork from fading and minor damage, such as sand ingress.
Smart Film Factory 2022

In addition to being used in the smart film factory, vinyl is also used for print applications such as advertising or clothing printing, for architectural applications such as indoor windows. film films are also in demand in interior decoration.

Types of vinyl films for a car

There is a huge variety of vinyl wraps for car wrapping. In smart film factory films can be either completely transparent or have a certain color, they can be matte or glossy, imitate the texture of leather, wood, smart fiber, metal, etc., which will allow you to achieve a variety of design solutions.

Films have a wide palette of various colors. However, such films are designed to serve as a decorative function. Decorative smart film will help decorate and upgrade your vehicle, but will not protect it from damage in the same way as polyurethane sheeting. Therefore, if you want to protect your car, then you should give preference to polyurethane.

One of the main criteria by which vinyl films are distinguished is the surface texture.

In smart film factory Film is available in a variety of colors and textures. For example, the film can be matte, glossy, textured, camouflage and more. Also, vinyl films can be of different thicknesses, thanks to which they better, for example, hide flaws on the surface.

Glossy film

Glossy vinyl is the most common material that will allow you to quickly and easily change the look of your car without painting. Film wrap on your car will help change the color of your vehicle without the need for expensive paint jobs. This film has characteristics such as:

  • resistance to high temperatures;
  • wear resistance;
  • resistance to chemicals, oils, fuels;
  • resistance to ultraviolet rays.

The most popular vinyl colors are black red, blue and gray. Motorists often use black film to imitate a panoramic roof and for “anti-chrome” – pasting chrome elements on a car body.

Glossy films include, perhaps, chrome-like films (however, matte chrome films are also found). These are films with a mirror effect, difficult to work with, but giving an amazing effect on the car. In smart film factory Chromium is most commonly found in silver and gold.

In addition to a beautiful appearance, it will also provide protection to the car body. It will be able to protect the paintwork from minor scratches, chips and abrasions.