Self-Adhesive Smart Film: A Magical Smart Film 2022


Stained glass has long been considered a sign of luxury. They were common to decorate the window openings of cathedrals and galleries. Self-adhesive smart film appeared by skilled craftsmen, to whom a line of noble people wishing to decorate their home lined up.

Stained Glass Film

Nowadays, such an element of decor is available to everyone. Stained-glass film helps to make your window look like a work of art. Unlike the classic stained-glass window, the film is easy to install, democratically stands and does not require special care.

It is possible to apply the self-adhesive smart film to the glass even after the windows install. And if you decide to change the interior or you are tired of the pattern, it is easy to remove it.

Self-adhesive stained glass usually comes from vinyl, polyester or polyamide. It consists of two layers: a decorative outer layer and a backing layer. Apply it to the glass, respectively, without the use of glue.

In an upright position, it is quite difficult to apply the film evenly, therefore, when decorating a window, it is usually glued onto a separate glass. Later, they replace one of the glasses, put them on top of the already installed glass, fixing it with a special sealant, or install it with a “third glass” in a double-glazed window.

Self-Adhesive Window Film

Self-adhesive smart film has a huge assortment of colors and patterns, so it is quite easy to find the right option for any interior. Basically, the following types of decor are presented:

Corrugated Transparent Self-Adhesive Smart Film

Most often it has a translucent pattern, very similar to the pattern of frost. It is one of the most popular options for color, bright shades and with sharp color transitions. The most common is a mosaic pattern. It is very similar to the first classic stained glass windows.

Film with A Picture

Reproductions of paintings, fruits and vegetables, photographs of animals, flowers are often common. It has been quite common in apartments and offices since the Soviet period. Often common in public institutions – school canteens, kindergartens.

With Three-Dimensional Printing

Any pattern is possible – such a self-adhesive smart film most often comes to order textured. It also simulates the texture of some material, rough to the touch, usually solid.


Matte or Glossy. Absorbs or Reflects Light.

An additional advantage of self-adhesive smart film is the increased safety of the glass. Even if damaged, it will not scatter into small pieces – the film will hold the fragments. For the same purpose, you can apply it on the back of the mirror.

Also, the stained glass window dims the bright sunlight. The tinted film creates a pleasant lighting tone in the room, and the translucent matte pattern creates a feeling of light coolness. It would not be superfluous to mention the effect of privacy.

In addition to windows, stained glass films can be common on interior doors, applied to wood, chipboard, tiles and other smooth types of coatings.

In general, self-adhesive smart film is an easy and quick way to transform your interior, adding zest and originality to it.

The price of Quality self-adhesive smart film

When choosing a tint film, you should first understand the range of coatings from various manufacturers in order to buy the material that is ideal for your windows, glass doors or car windows.

The production and sale of self-adhesive smart film is carried out for various categories of consumers:

  • economy class – inexpensive single-layer films;
  • middle class – the most demanded products;
  • premium class – high quality material with expensive spraying and special properties.

Economy class tinting of smart film

When buying a cheap tint film for cars or windows in Ukraine, it is worth remembering that inexpensive films can also be of good quality and therefore it is important to distinguish high-quality economy-class goods from fakes or non-professional coatings.

Inexpensive films consist of one layer of polyester, in cheap films there is no protective coating from scratches at all, only low quality polyester + colored adhesive layer of the material. The dyed glue itself is not reliable; it will fade after a short period of time.

This coating will quickly stain. Since such films do not have a protective layer, they are prone to scratches, abrasion, and tears.
Self-Adhesive Window Film 2022

As a result, the pasted film on a car or windows from the sun quickly loses its original color, becomes cloudy and does not protect from UV rays, and may begin to peel off. You can also find cars on the roads in Ukraine with such a cracked film of an incomprehensible purple hue.

As for professional self-adhesive smart film, here the polymer layers are evenly painted over even at the manufacturing stage. Additionally, a layer of metal or ceramic is easy to apply, providing the coating with excellent sun protection properties. This film has high optical transparency and uniform color.

Tint coating of the middle price segment and “premium”

self-adhesive smart film for windows and cars with an average price range are the most popular among Ukrainian consumers. They have at least one or two layers of dyed or metallized polyester. The cost of the coating varies depending on the metal common for the spraying and the manufacturing method.

If the film contains several layers covered with expensive metals or contains ceramics, it automatically goes to the “Premium” section. Multilevel metallization provides the self-adhesive smart film with a high degree of light transmission, as well as maximum protection against overheating and UV rays.

In addition, the metal gives the film a light reflection, allowing you to maintain privacy from “prying eyes”.

Premium-Pro Series

In the “Premium-Pro” section, there are usually high-quality tint films that tint centers and professional installers like to use. Automotive films from the “Premium-Pro” series are more durable, have additional properties – they stretch well during heat forming and are antistatic (they attract less dust when gluing).

When choosing a tinting film for gluing on windows, you need to focus not only on the preferences of the customer, but also on the technical characteristics of the selected tinting.

If the self-adhesive smart film installs on the inner partitions of the room, then it can be almost any. Although in this case there may be some peculiarities when using mirror tinting in order to obtain one-sided visibility.

We should remember that mirror film has a mirror effect only from the side of higher illumination. And at the same time it does not matter at all on which side of the glass the film is glued.