Why is it important to install Pdlc smart film?


Differences from other types of electro toning

Firstly, pdlc smart film is one of the best inventions to make best privacy. Its basis is a film containing a layer of rod-shaped particles fill with a non-conductive liquid. In the normal state, these particles locate close to each other, making it difficult for light to penetrate.

Pdlc smart film

In this state, the light transmission capacity does not exceed 15%. When an electrical voltage applies, the particles orient in one direction and move away from each other.

Is pdlc smart film technology dependable?

Pdlc smart film technology considers more reliable. Such a film can glue to any car glass. At the same time, it has a very high mechanical strength.

The main disadvantages are: a higher price compared to PDLC and the lack of production in the Europe.  A well-known electronic tinting technology is Wigless. It provides for the installation of laminated smart glass. Smart film places between all layers. This increases the adjustment possibilities and achieves a blackout of up to 96%.

What are the advantages of smart film?

Such pdlc smart film creates a “thermos” effect, keeping the temperature in the cabin well. Almost 4 times more impact strength compared to conventional glass.

Main disadvantages: high cost and heavy weight. The latter circumstance has a particularly strong effect on the design of doors and windows.

The budget option for adjustable tinting is double glass. This technology provides for the installation of a system of two glasses, each of which has its own power window and its own guide elements. One of the glasses tints and the second is ordinary glass. Raising this or that glass, it is possible to provide transparency or darkening.

Important! In severe conditions, PDLC tinting looks preferable to other electric tinting.

Structure and principle of operation of PDLC film

Pdlc smart film works on PDLC technology. A liquid-crystal substance places between strong polymer films. When, an electric current applies the density of the crystals changes, which increases the light transmission capacity.

Such a film differs in that additional elements introduces into its composition that can play the role of a catalyst. They design to react to temperature. When a current passes through a substance, it heats, and the catalyst accelerates the process of changing transparency under the influence of a temperature background.

How Installing PDLC tint?

Pdlc smart film tinting can be done by replacing glass (ordinary glass with smart glass) or sticking an electro chromic film.

Installation of smart glass carries out in the following order:

  1. Order smart glasses. They are made for a specific car. To do this, it is necessary to inform not only its model, but also the factory number of the glasses.
  2. Dismantling the windshield and rear window. Dismantling the door frame and removing the side windows.
  3. Installation of new smart glasses.

There is no need to remove the glass to stick the film

  1. Glass surfaces being prepare. Removing old films, cleaning from dirt and dust.
  2. Carefully apply a soapy solution to the entire surface of the glass. It should be evenly distribute over the entire area.
  3. The film pasts. Smoothing is done with a rubber spatula, with smooth movements.
  4. Special copper contacts bond to the liquid crystal layer using silver paste. Next, the contacts solder to the power supply and the controller.

The pdlc smart film tinting process can equip with a system for automatically adjusting the degree of transparency.

 It achieves in 2 ways: By introducing a special program into the on-board computer or by installing external light sensors.

The cost of pdlc smart film

Electronic tinting is a rather expensive procedure. The average cost of materials for its various types is:

  1. P.D. _ the kit includes glasses, wires and a controller.
  2. Double glass. The kit includes glass and electric motors.
  3. .

Pdlc smart film 2022

The cost of tinting depends on the size of the glass and the class of the car. It should remember that the total area of ​​​​tinting varies significantly for different models.

Maintenance of PDLC tinted windows

Caring for PDLC glass is the same as caring for ordinary car windows. The pdlc smart film is also quite reliably protects by high-strength plastic. These materials well tolerate by frost, direct sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and moisture.

They can wash with cold and hot water. It allows using ordinary detergents use for cars. To avoid damage, it recommends using soft cups, without fiber coating. After washing, wipe the film dry with a cotton cloth or paper napkins. Do not accumulate condensation on the glass.

Power connections require maximum attention. Periodically check the condition of the electrical system

Is it possible to do electrical tinting with your own hands?

Important! Self-installation of pdlc smart film is unrealistic. Firstly, it is extremely difficult to find a finished product that will fit a particular car model. Glasses must order from the manufacturer or its dealer. Secondly, it will not be possible to cut glass with high quality, because.

The end seal of the product will reveal. Moisture can freely enter the interlayer space and accumulate there. Finally, it is very difficult to securely fasten the contacts with your own hands.

Do-it-yourself pdlc smart film is quite simple to stick with your own hands. Such tinting, in principle, can be done independently, observing extreme caution.

Work is carried out in the following order

  1. The dimensions of the glass are carefully measure.
  2. The film is cut out without removing the protective layer, according to the principle: the measure size plus 1 cm in each direction.
  3. The surface of thepdlc smart film is being prepared – cleaning from dust and dirt. Grease stains are especially carefully eliminated.
  4. Carefully remove the protective coating. The film glue to the glass from the inside of the car. It gently smooth out with a rubber spatula. There should be no air bubbles under the film.

Thus, tinting with pdlc smart film can be done by hand, but you should think about the appropriateness of such an event. Smart film is an expensive material. Poor quality of its gluing can lead to its rapid failure. There is a significant risk of financial loss.