What is the expected life of electric frosted glass windows? (China Best Privacy Window Film)


What is the expected life of electric frosted glass windows? (China Best Privacy Window Film)
electric frosted glass windows

With privacy glass windows say goodbye to curtains and blinds

In recent years, the development of electric frosted glass windows is increasing. Now, these glasses are common in areas such as offices, crisis rooms, bathrooms, facades, etc. has been gestating.

According to the above statement, almost every industry has started applying privacy glasses. The reason is very obvious. Frosted glasses are not only cost-effective, but also enhance decoration of any space.

How much it cost to buy electric frosted glass windows?


The price of intelligent electric frosted glass windows can only be calculated by reviewing each project in detail. Each case is different and they are products made to measure and customer requirements.

  1. By implementing an automated system like our Smart Glass youwill save a lot of time and money.

You will also save time, because you will not have to raise and lower each blind or curtain in the house in a manual way. Simply by pressing a button your glasses will activate in less than 1 second, going from transparent to opaque or vice versa.

  1. Money, because smart glass system in the windows allows a reduction in the use of air conditioning; directly influencing energy consumption around 30%.

Smart Privacy glass saves time and money; how?

In the same way, you will save time and money. You will not have to invest in expensive and annoying technical maintenance in cleaning and mechanical parts of motorized blinds and curtains. But we can maintain electric frosted glass windows maintenance periodically.

  1. You will have a complete system of smart windows and glass. It is to control the opacity and total privacy of your glass just by pressing a remote control or traditional switch.
  2. It protects and takes control of your privacy, at the same time avoiding the passage of harmful UV rays. These rays deteriorate your furniture and valuables close to the source of natural light.
  3. You can also project movies and videos directly on the smart glass without the need for mosquito nets.

How long does electric frosted glass windows last?

As if that were not enough, smart glasses have a longer useful life (20 years approx. It is better than traditional products that you find on the market.

In summary, the implementation of a Smart Glass or Smart Glass system makes your architectural projects be it offices .Moreover; houses, clinics, etc. are at the forefront of technology worldwide.


Decorative window films are flexible sheets that are adhesively installed on the glass. It comes without damaging the glass surface, giving them a more pleasant appearance.

These decorative films, also known as opal window decoration paper, are ideal for interior decoration. Projecting a modern image in homes and giving an elegant touch to office glass.

This frosted film is common for opalize sandblasting glass, in an elegant and modern way, it also represents an excellent alternative, much cheaper than the traditional curtains and blinds that are on the market.

These electric frosted glass windows also allow you to take advantage of the natural light that enters through the glass. At the same time it will preserve our privacy without affecting the clarity of the areas.


By implementing a frosted film or decorative film on the glass in our areas, we can give a different and personalized decorative touch to the spaces where we apply this product.

Likewise, decorative glass films are ideal for:

  • Provide privacy
  • Separate divisions in glass
  • UV protection against sun rays
  • Novel designs
  • Custom design

What are solar electric frosted glass windows?

Solar Control Films are a product designed to combat solar rays and offer great benefits when installing them on the glass of our homes and offices.

To know in depth what we are talking about, you must first identify that the solar rays are composed of three forms of rays:

  • UV rays
  • IR rays
  • Visible light

Now that you know the composition of the sun’s rays. We explain in this guide what are the serious effects that sun rays have on human beings. And the vast majority of objects that is close to or exposed to these sun rays.

But we also want to explain to you how you can reduce and combat these effects of very harmful solar rays in a suitable way for our care, with our high performance electric frosted glass windows.

Effects of Solar Rays

  • UV Ray Effects:
    • Severe skin problems
    • Visual problems
    • Premature aging
    • Deterioration of objects and materials
  • Effects of IR Rays:
    • These rays are perceived in the form of heat
  • Visible Light:
    • This effect is what allows us to perceive the colors

What is the function of electric frosted glass windows?

According to the above, we see that when we allow UV and IR rays in our workplaces or in our homes. We are exposing our physical identity and the economic investment that we have made buying carpets, desks, objects, etc.

Our goal is to help you have more comfortable and conditioned work and leisure spaces. We achieve this with our high performance Solar Control Films.

The benefits you get from implementing electric frosted glass windows in your spaces are the following:

  • You will reduce IR rays.
  • Eliminate harmful UV rays by 99%.
  • You will reduce your monthly energy consumption.
  • Reduce the glare that is generated in the windows and that affects your vision.
  • You will noticeably decrease the heat in the inner part of the areas.
  • Reduce fading, wear and tear, and damage to appliances, fabrics, carpets, and objects close to the light source.
  • You will protect your skin.
  • You will protect your eyes.
  • It will increase the safety of the glass, either against accidents or vandalism.
  • Last but not least, you will improve the appearance of your spaces.

To finish this guide, we want to advise you that the investment in Solar Control Films that you make to protect yourself against the sun’s rays, you should make sure to do it with reliable companies and suppliers that can guarantee and accompany you in a technical and timely manner in the implementation of your Solar Control Films.

electric frosted glass windows 2021

Electric Frosted Glass Windows in Architectural Projects

In keeping with the latest trends, more and more modern companies are striving for innovative electric frosted glass windows. In the first place, it refers to the design of spaces, offices and homes; where it seeks to use new products, among them is smart glass technology, smart films to carry out innovative projects that make a difference with their possible competitors.

Smart glass can serve as a room divider, as well as a door in an office; creates a balance between technology and privacy.

Adhesive privacy glass provides a modern and versatile environment according to your taste. Today the client looks for configurable products according to their tastes and requests. That is why our smart films Smart film provides great value and is making a difference when it comes to their implementation in architectural projects, with great acceptance by end users who enjoy the benefits of our product.


Electric frosted glass windows minimize costs, maintain the proper temperature of the places where you are also improves lighting and reduces air conditioning consumption. It is an excellent replacement for curtains and other sun protection mechanisms. A great advantage of our smart film is protection against ultraviolet radiation.

If you want to maintain a comfortable and suitable space, you must start where you and your colleagues work. The cost-benefit that our product provides and the number of applications it has makes Smart Film a wise bet when it comes to offering value and innovation to each project where our technology is applied.