Classes and Types of pdlc electro chromic Film Safety Glazing

What is the most important thing for any person? Of course, it is your own safety and the safety of family and friends. Therefore, it is now very important to install protective pdlc electro chromic film, where there is even the slightest risk of explosions, vandalism or illegal entry.

pdlc electro chromic Film

In a word, almost everywhere:

  • Banks
  • offices of large companies
  • gas stations
  • Supermarkets
  • restaurants, as well as private houses or apartments need protection

It is also very important to use impact-resistant films in regions prone to earthquakes or other natural disasters. Hence, where there is a threat of terrorist attacks.

Protective films are divided depending on the purpose:

01Anti-vandal films

The advantages of this pdlc electro chromic film have many functions.  They provide the creation of explosion-proof and impact-resistant glazing. Such films absorb a significant part of the shock wave. And therefore, they are able to withstand significant mechanical loads. And even if a crack appears on the glass, it remains in the frame and fragments remain on the film.

This protective film consists of several layers of glue and polyester with a thickness of 112-380 microns. It is applied to the window surface from inside the room. And the glass, as a result of a huge mechanical load, nevertheless flies out of the frame. The glass remains on the pdlc electro chromic film, so the fragments do not fall apart.

Impact resistant pdlc electro chromic

Shock-resistant films differ in technical characteristics, on the basis of which they are divided by protection classes into A1, A2 and A3.

Impact-resistant glass is subject to testing on special equipment. This acts on the test specimen with arbitrary impacts of a falling ball of various masses. Impact-resistant glass is used in buildings where there is no need to install safety glass or other mechanical means of protection.

Safety glass

Protective pdlc electro chromic film is used to ensure the safety of people, as well as inventory. It is usually installed in windows and shop windows to prevent illegal entry into the premises. Security glazing will be able to detain the thief at the crime scene. This gives the security services time to respond to the alarm signal, thereby preventing crime.

Where pdlc electro chromic film can be installed?

When installing protective glasses of any class, grilles, shutters, blinds and other security elements are easy to omit. Many govt institutions approve the use of this film. The pdlc electro chromic film is installed at the following objects:

  • In premises that do not contain significant material values
  • ​It can be used for internal security system: shops, bars, restaurants, offices etc.
  • Impact-resistant films of classes А 2, А 3 (Р4А, Р5А)
  • In premises that contain significant material, historical and cultural values ​​
  • It can be used under internal or centralized protection;
  • Furthermore, in bank rooms, buildings of authorities and administration
  • They are installed in: sales rooms of weapons and jewelry stores, as well as in pharmacies
  • These films are used in private houses and apartments to provide additional security.

What is the use of mirror films?

Mirror films protect our living spaces and various offices from the sun. The low cost of such a film allows it to be used on large glazing areas as pdlc electro chromic film. Also, these films ensure the confidentiality of indoor spaces, and this effect remains even with the same lighting from inside and outside the room.

Such glass protects well from ultraviolet radiation, reduces glare on computer monitors and TVs, which increases the productivity of office employees.

What is matte film?

The next type of such coatings are matte films, they have high (up to 68%) light transmittance, exclude the visibility of the room from the outside. They are widely used for covering glass of entrance doors, offices, and partitions. Tinting films also perfectly protect the room from overheating in the summer, and also save up to 30% of heat in the cold season.

Also, pdlc electro chromic film is produced, which are relevant in our time for protection against man-made electromagnetic fields. This type of glass coating is especially loved by interior designers and architects – they make it possible to radically change the appearance of buildings and premises.

When sunscreen films are used?

On hot summer days, special sunscreen films are especially useful – this type of coverage reflects most of the incoming sun rays – up to 75%. The application of such a film increases the comfort in the room, reduces the amount of glare on monitors and protects furniture and interior from burnout.

What is the use of decorative films?

Decorative films – this type of coating is specially used to change the design and transparency of the glazed coating. The use of decorative films to the greatest extent changes the color gamut of both reflected glass and light transmitted through the glass.
pdlc electro chromic Film 2021

With the help of such a pdlc electro chromic film, you can change the color of the glass in the doors and windows at will. The effect achieved with such changes is often used to create an unusual look for familiar office spaces.

Do I need to install the film “under the glazing bead”?

When installing protective films on the glass of existing light openings in a building, it is often impossible to remove the glass fastening elements in the frame. In this case, the films are installed with a gap between the edge of the film and the glazing bead along the entire perimeter of 1-2 mm. This gap is necessary for the release of moisture remaining between the film and the glass.

What is the effect of a gap?

The presence of a gap does not in any way affect the strength characteristics of the “pdlc electro chromic film -glass” system. The fact is that the glass fixed around the entire perimeter cracks upon impact with the formation of dagger-like fragments, the tops of which are at the point of impact; the bases are formed by the ends of the glass.


How does pdlc film for car protects your vehicle?

What is pdlc film for car for?

Understand why people look for pdlc film for car. Before we talk about the car film allowed by law, let’s highlight the importance of this accessory. Yes, it is not a mere “perfumery” in the car. The automotive films not only have aesthetic function, though many to install in their cars for this reason.

pdlc film for car

Which is the best pdlc film for car?

Currently, the best pdlc film for car for UV protection is transparent, oddly enough. Returning to the accessory’s functions, another one is to make the vehicle’s interior heat less. Again, it’s important for you to know that this has more to do with the quality of the film than its dark tone.

And we can’t stop talking about security, of course. One of the functions that most attracts people is making robbers not know how many people or who is inside the vehicle. Popularly, the idea was spread that a good film for cars allowed by law can curb robberies, kidnappings and other crimes. It’s a hypothesis, but the police also have theirs.

Use of dark pdlc film for car

If inside the car there is a crime in progress, such as a lightning kidnapping, there is no way law enforcement authorities can see it if the pdlc film for car is too dark. This also happens if the vehicle owner chooses to install so-called reflective films. In this case, the car’s windows look more like a mirror.

Accident protection

Another function is to prevent the windows from shattering, both in accidents and by the action of criminals. However, a normal film only withstands the impact of a collision to a limited extent. To increase this efficiency, there is car film allowed by specific law for this.


And the last function, of course, is aesthetics. Many people opt for pdlc film for car because they think it gives a bolder look to the vehicle. It’s a kind of customization that doesn’t need a previous inspection to be approved and installed. It just cannot exceed the legal limits, as we will see later in this article.

Types of pdlc film for car

Know which films are allowed and which are prohibited. There are two types of films:

  • Mirrored
  • Smoked

Ø Mirrored films 

These are those that look like a mirror to someone looking from outside the car. They completely prevent vision into the vehicle. The model can be found in several shades: bluish, pinkish, reddish, greenish, and silvery (most common), among others. Let’s say in advance that this model is not a car film allowed by law.


However, pdlc film for car is a great choice for windows in houses and apartments, as it allows those inside to see outside, but prevents those outside from seeing inside.

Ø Smoked

The smoked film is what you see on cars that circulate around. Its transparency level ranges from 0 to 100%. Later in this article, we’ll talk about the maximum percentages that are allowed by law in each glass.

Basic and Advanced Films

The smoked film is divided into subgroups according to function. The first is the basic one. It won’t have any function other than darkening the windows and making the car look aesthetic. If you are going to buy a film of this type, be very careful. There are currently some imported films, mainly from China, which are much cheaper than the others on the market.

However, they are of poor quality, often making the car even warm up rather than lowering the temperature. Therefore, when placing pdlc film for car, ask for the opinion of a specialized professional.

Anti UV film

Another type is anti UV. This film has as its main function to protect the driver and passengers against ultra violet rays. Currently, the highest protection factor that exists for this film on the market is 1,700 FPS.

How does pdlc film for car work for your vehicle?

For you to be able to compare, the sunscreen you buy in markets and pharmacies, the one you use to go to the beach, has a maximum protection factor of 60, with factor 15 being the most common. Imagine that this pdlc film for car protects 28 times more than the best sunblock on the market. It is highly recommended for those who spend hours in the car, as it helps to prevent skin cancer.

You must be thinking she’s super dark, right?

Believe me: as already said, the level of transparency does not interfere with the UV protection of the film. Some of the best anti UV films on the market have 100% transparency. In other words, it is possible for all the light to pass, without the driver and passengers getting burned due to the incidence of the sun.

Obviously, this is the film that most reduces the temperature inside the vehicle, regardless of the level of transparency, as it also prevents heat from entering. It is recommended for use on the front windshield of vehicles, precisely because it is a film that allows total transparency.


  • Thermal comfort
  • acoustic comfort
  • Thermal protection against UV rays
  • Greater durability for furniture
  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Protects the glass against scratches and graffiti
  • Film with durability of up to 15 years
  • Easy installation and zero maintenance
  • Aesthetic versatility

pdlc film for car 2021


Anti-theft pdlc film for car

There is also the anti-theft pdlc film for car. This film is thicker than the others. Its main function is to ensure that the glass does not shatter if someone tries to break the glass with any object. This greatly increases the protection of the driver, who, in case of attempted robbery, ends up not being cut by the glass.

In addition, in robbery or theft attempts, the bandits often give up due to the extra difficulty encountered in accessing the vehicle.

To better understand the aesthetic effects of each model, you can visit our company.


How to stop sunlight with pdlc film? 5 Benefits

Sun protection on the windows with pdlc film

Pdlc film is much necessary during summer. Large bright windows are a guarantee of comfort in the home. However, during the summer heat, enlarged window openings are a source of trouble. The scorching sun doesn’t just heat up the room. Ultraviolet light literally heats up the air, from which not only people but also pets suffer.

pdlc film

Partial or complete blocking of ultraviolet radiation

An overheated room is very harmful to human health, so people do not get tired of inventing more and more new ways to cool the room during the heat.

How to close the windows from the sun in the apartment? 

All methods are divided into two large options:

  • complete blackout
  • light curtain

The first option includes both external and internal films. The most efficient ones have a reflective coating. Thick linen or satin curtains are less effective, but they can turn day into night indoors.

Tinting pdlc film

Light protection from the sun on the windows in the apartment is provided by glass tinting. The tint pdlc film is glued directly onto the glass sheet. Its purpose is not only to reflect the rays, but also to reduce the heat flux. Films with different degrees of protection are presented on the market; some of them are endowed with a mirror effect.

What is mirror tinting?

Mirror tinting not only promotes light reflection, but also provides a masking effect. The premises cannot be seen through it from the street. The advantage of the product is that it can be removed quickly. It is important that the tinting film does not require any special maintenance during operation.

Along with the classic tinted film, which you can seal the windows from the sun yourself, the market offers double-glazed windows with the same function.

Curtains – the classic way

From time immemorial, on a sultry day, curtains are closed to darken the windows from the sun. In this case, dark curtains can not only cool, but also heat the room. A thick curtain must be of a light shade.

Light-colored fabric heats up less, but retains the sun’s rays. A truly ingenious invention of our time is the innovative Black-out canvas.

The composition consists of three layers, it almost completely reflects sunlight. This is good sun protection for windows. However, this option has its drawback. Several layers of fabric not only serve as protection from sunlight. This is a real dust collector. In operation, multilayer curtains are quite complicated. They must be washed several times per season.

Outdoor pdlc film

It is generally accepted that outdoor pdlc film is just a way to protect property. Indeed, they are capable of preventing unwanted intrusion. However, in summer, these products will also serve as protection from the sun. They are lowered when the temperature rises especially high, creating a protective shield.

pdlc film price

Products made of galvanized metal are most effective for darkening windows. They are not subject to corrosive processes and are well tolerated by atmospheric precipitation. Most importantly, galvanized metal has a reflective effect. External films must be accompanied by a lamella angle change mechanism.

Cassette curtains – a modern option

Heavy curtains with lambrequins were replaced by light and graceful cassette curtains. The design allows them to be fixed directly to the glass unit. The cassette curtains fit snugly against the glass, so they can block the window from the sun. On the market, they are presented in a wide variety of color and texture options. They can be matched to almost any design solution.

In fact, cassette curtains are analogous to pdlc film, but better. They are more graceful. They are effective as protection from the sun’s rays and are much easier to care for than conventional multi-slat films.

Metal and plastic interior films

Horizontal films perform their function at home and in the office, creating obstacles in the path of sunlight. But many years of practice have shown that this option is tiresome in daily use. The fact is that even more dust accumulates on the slats than on canvas curtains.

Each lamella must be processed separately. Of course, this takes a lot of time and effort. However, they are still popular. On the market you can find interior films made of light-repelling plates. It is enough to turn them in a vertical plane to get a light but dense enough shield for the entire width of the window.

Bamboo and pleated films

Manufacturers spoil consumers with several options for bamboo pdlc film. They are both horizontal and vertical. A small angle of rotation makes it possible to illuminate the room, but not completely. Since they are made in a variety of colors, they can organically blend into any interior.

These are the most budget-friendly option, but their disadvantage is the ability to attract dust. Caring for bamboo films should be the same as for any surface in the room: periodically arrange them wet cleaning.

Pleated films: a tribute to fashion

The classic design of strips of fabric, connected by a lifting mechanism, in this version is supplemented with a day-night function, which allows you to make the shading more or less dense. This design is made of two types of fabric, one of which is translucent. The model is attractive for its variability of use, and the external resemblance to horizontal pdlc film inspires confidence in the consumer.

Protecting windows from the sun with your own hands

How to close the window from the sun with your own hands? Everyone knows a sheet of foil, which is fixed at the top of the window with tape. The resourceful townspeople have perfected this option. The foil can be secured to a regular sheet of cardboard and exposed to the window as needed, while the roll foil is secured to the window frame all summer long.

Another option that can rightfully be attributed to folk art is pleated paper pdlc film. They are done by hand from a simple roll of paper. It is enough to choose darker wallpaper and fold it like a fan. The top edge is secured with tape on the frame, and the pleated fabric goes down to curtain the window.

Use of common building substance

The most inventive people use a common building substrate. One side of it has reflective foil. The material is much denser than a regular sheet of foil. If you attach it to the outside of the glass, the effect will be amazing. You can experiment and place your palm on a heated substrate in the middle of a sultry day. The foil is heated almost like a hot frying pan.

Thus, all the aggression of summer sunlight remains outside the apartment. Of course, the underlay option, for all its effectiveness, is short-lived. None of these methods give a 100% effect, but they all help to survive the sultry summer.


Why and where to install pdlc film in roll? Best Guide 2021

Why do you install pdlc film in roll in your environment?

Has the sun been a problem for your home? Has the large presence of light in the environment bothered? Don’t worry, with the installation of pdlc film in roll this is no longer a problem, because with quality materials, it offers a space with ultraviolet rays’ control, providing more comfort and quality of life for you and your whole family.

Why and where to install pdlc film in roll?

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the installation of this film is an excellent alternative to save energy. This promotes thermal comfort in the environment while providing lighting, avoiding the use of lights, air conditioning and others.

One of its best-known features is that it retains about 99% of UV rays. This is a measure that aims to prevent furniture and other objects from being exposed.
pdlc film in roll

Make the installation of the film with a specialized company. We still offer more features and quality of service, enabling better results than expected. We a specialized team that makes the application in your environment, thus providing a space with pdlc film in roll, maintaining an ideal temperature in the rooms and reducing the glare.

What are the benefits of pdlc film in roll?

Glass is a versatile material that can be common for many occasions. Currently, many architects choose it in their projects. This comes both for room division as a modern touch for decoration and to bring more lighting. But despite its benefits, this material ends up taking away some of the privacy of the space, which may annoy the residents, in addition to increasing the risks.

In order to bring more privacy, comfort and security to the house, the dark film for windows is an excellent alternative. It is for those who want to have glass to modernize the environment without losing the possibilities to feel at ease. Manufactured with pdlc films in roll that help make it difficult to see the interior of the space and also protect the window from possible problems such as vandalism.

Some other benefits of pdlc film in roll

  • Increases home security;
  • Offers more privacy to the environment;
  • Protects the glass from possible problems such as breakage, scratches and strong impacts;
  • Provides more comfort and convenience for the whole family;


Residential Pdlc provides protection and comfort

The home should be a comfortable and private environment to enjoy moments with family and friends. It should be a place to relax, watch a movie or have lunch with loved ones.

And for all of this to be possible, it is important to invest in alternatives that offer more and more benefits for these times, as is the case with residential Pdlc. This provides several benefits to improve these moments.

 Qualities of residential Pdlc:

With many alternatives and versatile for any environment, residential Pdlc is a great alternative for those who want more:

  • Comfort
  • Privacy
  • Protection
  • and security for the home

Its material makes it difficult to see the interior of the space and even protects the glass from any type of vandalism.

pdlc film in roll 2021

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, residential Pdlc also offers greater temperature control for the environment, as its material has the ability to retain the incidence of sunlight in the space by up to 99%, ensuring a longer useful life for furniture and objects that are exposed in these places, in addition to offering more convenience for those who use it.

Everything you need to know about pdlc film for facades

Having an area covered by glass has several advantages, in addition to being a great alternative to see natural daylight and admire the outside of the house; pdlc film in roll offers a modern and sophisticated decoration. However, to make its installation, it is necessary to invest in other materials that help to improve its efficiency.

Although glass is a versatile material that can be common for different purposes and in the most varied spaces, it can bring some discomfort on hotter days due to the sun. For this reason, installing pdlc film for facades may be the best option.

How pdlc film for facades can help you?

With the ability to retain the sun’s incidence by up to 99%, the pdlc film in roll for facade is not intended to inhibit your access to natural light, but to protect against ultraviolet rays that can be harmful to the skin, as well as to the objects and furniture that are in the place. In addition, it provides an ideal thermal comfort for the environment.

With high durability, the pdlc film for facade adjusts to the needs of the glass; this allows it to be installed easily and practically. It is a kind of filter that controls the entry of sunlight into the environment, thus offering more comfort and quality of life. It maintains the ideal temperature for the room, keeping it cool on hotter days and cozier on colder days.

Main benefits of pdlc film for windows

The decoration of an environment is essential to increase the value of a home, so pdlc film in roll takes a lot of planning and attention to detail. A very appreciated item and common as the main element is glass, which has been receiving more and more amplitude in architectural projects whatever its type, common, tempered, laminated or any other to compose windows and doors.

What are the benefits provided by pdlc film for windows?

Pdlc – Provides improved energy efficiency, absorbing or reflecting up to 99% of UV, infrared and invisible light, helping to regulate temperature, reducing glare, preventing furniture fading and providing greater thermal comfort and energy savings.

Ø Security

Increases privacy within the internal environment, prevents damage cacommon by storms, deters thieves and in case of broken glass, there is no spreading.

In which environments is it possible to apply pdlc film for glass?

  • Dining room or living room
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoors

Buying Guide to Choose Intelligent Glass for Homes and Windows

Intelligent glass is directly involved in many aspects concerning the quality of life and home comfort. It is the task of the windows and doors to protect the home from atmospheric agents prevent the external temperature from penetrating into the rooms.

Moreover, this makes them unlivable, shielding from outside noise, blocking intrusion attempts and ensuring correct recirculation air in the house.

Is saving money good idea while purchasing intelligent glass?

The savings on the initial investment (ie, opting for low-quality economic models) is actually a “fake saving”: in the long run, the frames are not very resistant and made with poor materials, without perimeter ventilation mechanisms and safety systems anti-burglary, determine a series of deleterious consequences.

Intelligent Glass

On the contrary, focusing on the top of the range represents a wise and far-sighted choice. With a larger initial investment, the house will be less exposed to extreme temperatures and bad weather, healthier and quieter, safer and more protected. The real saving, therefore, is not saving on the cost of windows.

What we are going to study in this article?

In this article we will see that many advantages and benefits derive from choosing the best windows on the market. Scrolling through them one by one, we will realize that saving on the cost of the intelligent glass, putting quality in the background, is by no means a far-sighted choice.

Smart privacy films allow you to deduct 50% or 110% of the expense incurred for the replacement of old windows with high energy efficiency windows or to benefit from the immediate discount on the invoice by purchasing the windows at half the price market.

How much and why it is convenient to choose quality intelligent glass?

Cost of fixtures: saving on windows is always counterproductive. Everything you need in a comprehensive checklist quality window and intelligent glass. Don’t give in to the illusion of saving by buying cheap window models.

Instead, it is better to evaluate the aspects that can save us in the long run. When purchasing doors and windows, it is important to pay attention, rather than the price.

Main advantages of buying excellent quality doors and windows

Lighter bills

The high energy efficiency windows are those made of the best thermal insulating materials. And they ensure the lowest thermal transmittance values. Intelligent glass is a natural and excellent thermal insulator.

Similarly, aluminum achieves equivalent insulation parameters thanks to the thermal break treatment: both materials. Therefore, are perfect for making energy-saving windows.

Intelligent Glass 2021

However, the material alone is not enough to reduce heat loss and maintain the ideal climate in the home. In order to obtain a concrete and tangible cost saving for heating or cooling the rooms, the windows must come with intelligent glass.

Furthermore, it should have special gaskets in thermoplastic elastomer, a latest generation material with very high insulating properties that manages to remain elastic.

Reduction of the risk of mold and humidity

In order to avoid the historical enemies of the salubrity of the air, it is important to ventilate the rooms frequently. A correct and suitable air circulation protects against the formation of humidity and mold on the walls.

All the more so if we think that the hermetic sealing of modern window closing systems, if on the one hand it eliminates heat loss. Similarly, it favors energy savings, on the other it does not let air through.

To ensure good air exchange, then, there are two options:

Open windows often in any season

Choose integrated models with automatic micro – ventilation technology and / or aerators. This allows you to ventilate the rooms even with the windows closed. If your intent is to save on the cost of the intelligent glass, you will necessarily have to opt for the first solution. Open the windows often – while if you want to optimize energy saving.

By opening the windows, in fact, you will have the air change you need, but you will also bring a large amount of smog, pollutants and allergens into the house. Not to mention that you will disperse much of the heat produced. It is to heat the room or the coolness that you created by running the air conditioner.


It is much more logical and effective to have automatic ventilation except intelligent glass that acts silently when the windows are closed: in this way, in addition to keeping mold away, muffling noises and saving on bills, you will be able to avoid the entry of annoying pollen and all harmful substances that come from outside, especially if the house is located in a large city.

Lowering of psychophysical stress levels

To live well and healthy in your own home, you need to:

  • Keep the premises dry and free from humidity
  • Reduce noise pollution, creating muffled, quiet and comfortable environments
  • Have the highest possible perception of security.
  • We have already talked about the first aspect (thermal insulation) and we know how much it affects health on a physical level

How to choose intelligent glass for doors and windows?

When choosing the doors and windows of a house, we consider following factors:

  • material used in the manufacture
  • the amount of leaves and
  • the types of shutters.
  • Another important point is the choice of the type of glass.

Smooth intelligent glass is completely transparent and normally used when there is no need for total privacy.

They are present in the windows of the living room, bedrooms, laundry and even on the sliding doors of the balcony and backyard, for example.

Where to buy intelligent glass?

Available on the market in different options, each type of glass is suitable for an area of ​​the home. It all depends on the main objective you will have for the environment and how much privacy you want.

We have selected some intelligent glass models available for doors and windows:

It is a good option for those who do not need to use curtains and blinds. Privacy glass is widely common in tilting windows.


7 Best Magic Glass Components you work with for Easy Installation

When we talk about window accessories, we tend to think that we refer only to the aesthetic aspect of the windows. In reality, some pluses definitely improve the quality of life of those who reside in the home, bringing indisputable advantages as using a magic glass.

Of course, aesthetic customization is important, and undoubtedly it too is a source of inspiration and well-being.

Magic Glass

What benefits you can get with magic glass?

To complete its windows, Magic glass offers a truly remarkable parterre of window accessories. Some technical solutions are even exclusive, conceived and patented precisely with the aim of creating exceptional fixtures, capable of combining design with optimal functionality with a view to increasing domestic well-being.

Following magic glass‘s proposals in this regard, we have highlighted the 7 window accessories that are truly capable of making a difference in the home:

  • Anti-burglary hardware
  • Modular security
  • Special double glazing
  • Ventilation systems for windows
  • Thermal ducts
  • Blackout systems
  • Lowered threshold

Accessories to improve the performance and offer residents all the advantages

1. Anti-burglary hardware

Burglar-proof hardware is probably the first window accessory to think about when it comes to security in the home. The anti-intrusion devices present as standard in the magic glass hardware replaces side by side with the accident prevention devices. Similarly, it creates an optimal system to guarantee an excellent level of protection.


Together, they form a fundamental ensemble to improve multi-level home comfort:

  • Anti-burglary strikers: these are two anti-burglary strikers fixed directly on the steel reinforcement of the PVC windows, which increase the resistance to unhinging. The aluminum models are also easy to equip with these safety strikers. They are present at the two locking points and fixed directly on the aluminum tubularity
  • Safety latches: in the event of an attempted break-in, these special octagonal-shaped latches get stuck in the groove of the strikers, hindering the forced opening of the doors
  • Door lock: prevents the doors from releasing from the hinges if the handle has not been positioned correctly when the door is open
  • Limit switch device: this anti-injury system prevents the open flap door from violently hitting the structure in the event of a strong gust of wind.
  • Magic glassoffers these accessories already in the basic version of its fixtures. An advantage definitely not to be overlooked.

2. Security at the highest levels

This point strongly connects to the previous one. In certain contexts it may be necessary to further reinforce the defenses of one’s fixtures against intrusion attempts. Thanks to a modular safety concept, Smart glass doors. And windows are easy to equip with with mechanical elements that allow to reach the safety classes.

More in detail, here are the optional equipment with which to enhance your windows to reach the RC1 and RC2 safety classes:

  • RC1: is the first of the resistance levels available for magic glass It can be reached by inserting the following equipment.
  • RC2: provides greater resistance to break-in attempts compared to RC1 level, even if made with burglary tools

Anti-burglary strikers

Each positioned on each corner transmission of each door.

  • Anti-drill steel plate
  • Handle with key or button
  • Thicker glass

Necessity of Anti-burglary strikes

  • Anti-burglary strikers along the entire perimeter of the window
  • Anti-drill steel plate
  • Handle with key and anti-drill protection
  • P4 shatterproof laminated magic glass
  • An increase in the safety factor is certainly essential for homes located on a low floor
  • As well as for those located in rural or somewhat isolated contexts

3. Special double glazing

Double glazing units make a decisive contribution to improving the home comfort of residents, in several respects. In fact, depending on the technical characteristics and the particular needs of each one, quality window glass can act as:

  • Thermal barrier: in tandem with the frame structure and the other technical characteristics, they allow to increase the energy efficiency of the house, with consequent savings in the bill and a healthier internal micro-climate
  • Sound absorbing barrier: they limit the entry of noise into the house. In this way they allow you to enjoy domestic silence without the noise that can come, for example, from a busy street. magic glassallows you to choose triple-glazed double glazing for your windows, available in two different thicknesses (36 mm or 44 mm)
  • Burglary barrier:increase the level of security in the house against potential intrusions. Smart glass offers burglar-proof (P2) or shatterproof (P4) glass, capable of withstanding repeated impacts with a 4 kg steel ball. Still on the subject of double glazing, we cannot fail to mention the accident prevention aspect.
    Magic Glass 2021

The former, in case of breakage, ensure that the fragments remain glued to the inner film, protecting from accidental cuts. The latter, on the other hand, represent the safety standard present as standard on all magic glass double glazing units. After breaking, the fragments of a glass subjected to the hardening treatment crumble into small pieces with non-sharp edges that avoid cuts and injuries.

4. Ventilation systems for windows

Ventilation systems are not common to all windows, but they represent exceptional accessories to increase home comfort. In fact, these accessories allow you to properly ventilate the different environments without the need to open the door.

Thus it avoids energy dispersion and the entry of insects and rain. Wglass offers three different types:

  • Aereco: automatic aerator equipped with a hygrometric sensor that activates itself when a certain humidity threshold is exceeded
  • Vent air: manual pressure aerator, to activate according to the needs of the residents to allow a constant air flow
  • Wind AIR: is the latest news from magic glassin terms of air healthiness. It is a special hardware which, by simply turning the handle. Moreover, it creates an opening of just 6 mm along the entire perimeter of the window. In this way it allows you to easily ventilate the rooms in an effective and safe way.

Which is the best intelligent film to use in new homes in 2021?

To understand the importance of intelligent film, we could compare their role to that of an item of clothing. A suit protects the person from everything that comes from the outside and helps to define his look. In the same way do windows they protect the house, complete its furnishings and enhance its style.

intelligent film

Continuing with the comparison, changing the films can sometimes serve to rejuvenate the style of your home. Especially if decades have passed since the day they were good to install. Other times, however, the replacement becomes a matter of “life or death”. It is either because the windows are no longer adequate to protect us from noise and to counter the action of thieves.

Which intelligent film is the right choice?

To make the right choice, in fact, it is necessary to be aware of two fundamental aspects:

  • The relationship between the characteristics of the intelligent filmand the climatic and social context of reference
  • The availability of bonuses and tax incentives. You meet the requirements, you can take advantage of the opportunity to deduct a part or the total of the expenditure incurred for the purchase of energy efficient fixtures. You can get an immediate discount on the invoice and have the new ones immediately windows at half price

How to understand when it is necessary to replace the windows of the house

Draft windows and / or water infiltrations and doors and windows with thermal and acoustic insulation problems increase the risks of:

  • Formation of mold on the walls, with obvious repercussions on people’s health. It brings positive impact on the healthiness of domestic environments. And  it is also good on the tightness of the housing structure
  • Increased levels of psychophysical stress, insomnia, anxiety and hearing problems
  • General decrease in living comfort
  • We must not forget that eliminating drafts from windows means eliminating heat loss and contributing to the reduction of atmospheric pollution and energy consumption.

When and why to change the intelligent film?

The reasons why it is necessary to change the intelligent film can be different:

  • Wear of time
  • Use of materials with high thermal conductivity
  • Obsolete construction systems or, simply, new windows but of poor quality

When is it time to replace the windows in the house?

To understand this we must learn to recognize the 3 unequivocal clues that tell us that it is no longer the time to postpone.

First clue: condensation on the intelligent film

Condensation on the glass is never a good sign. Why does it form? Errors during the installation phase: for example, the window frame was mounted on a metal sub frame, rather than on PVC or wooden one.

Inadequacy of some elements of the window frame. If the spacer (channel) that is in contact with the intelligent film is made of aluminum (or other metal), condensation is ensured; the only way to avoid it is to change the fixtures and choose models with thermal duct.

Second clue: high bills

The surge in bills is an indicator that jumps to the eyes and manages to justify the need to replace the windows, evidently no longer able to ensure proper thermal insulation. If full of drafts, the latter in fact favor the penetration of any external threat: frost, humidity, rain, heat.

Third clue: loud noises

If the house is affected by noises of any kind, it could be due to the windows. The wear of time could have deteriorated the gaskets, the insulating material, the thermal duct, the functioning of the closing system. Or we could be in the presence of old-concept windows with single glass’ intelligent film.

The ideal, in any case, is to opt for anti-noise windows, made with the best insulating materials, equipped with low-emission double or triple glazing glasses, long-lasting gaskets and hermetic closing systems.

Window replacement: what you need to know before proceeding

We have seen how important it is that the windows of the house have double or triple glazing and other features. They can protect us from noise and external temperature:

  • thermal insulation materials double glazing
  • gaskets with special sealing
  • and perfect tightness of the closure.

To make the right choice, however, it is important to relate the characteristics of the fixtures with the context in which we live.

intelligent film 2021

Basically, choosing the material, type of glass, intelligent film and security systems most suitable for your home is a good idea. You need to evaluate what we really need. The climatic context, for example, greatly affects the choice of material.

If the climate is particularly hostile, it is preferable to install PVC or aluminum windows with thermal break that is the materials most resistant to atmospheric agents.

Is location has any matter in this regard?

Even in terms of burglar-proof security and sound insulation, however, the area in which you locate must choose carefully. For an apartment in the city center, overlooking a busy road, in an industrial area or close to ring roads, the aspects related to noise shielding require greater consideration.

We can say that every noisy place needs privacy films.

Why your windows require intelligent film?

On the other hand, the isolated position of a country villa requires the installation of windows having intelligent film equipped with additional safety devices compared to the standard equipment of the basic models. Increasing the risk of theft, it may be necessary to provide handles with locking systems, anti-burglary or shatterproof glass. And it should come with certified hardware with anti-burglary reinforcements and safety latches.

How to save on the purchase of intelligent film?

For several years now, the State has made available to taxpayers a series of tax measures to improve the energy efficiency of old-concept buildings, reducing polluting emissions and allowing taxpayers to save on consumption.

The savings offered by the various bonuses do not only concern the optimization of consumption. They also extend to the purchase cost of high energy efficiency windows.


How to make room comfortable with film smart glass?

Film smart glass offers a Self Adhesive and a Non-Adhesive switchable privacy film that has the ability to contour to the curves of various types of glass. Smart Film is very popular for projection screens, electronic blinds, white boards, and high tech window treatments.

Sunscreen and blackout glass: the solution to the problem of interior overheating

The sun – and with it, the first heat – is appearing with increasing force at the windows. It is a joy for the mood and for the body, which is gladly, pampered by the late spring warmth that film smart glass filters into the house from the outside.

film smart glass

Warmth that, however, with the imminent arrival of summer, could turn into excessive heat cacommon by direct radiation which, if not countered, causes the internal temperatures to rise and makes the environments unlivable, with consequent greater use of cooling and related increases in the bill.

To restore a good level of well-being, in fact, one is led to use the air conditioner or the fan more.

How we can make room comfortable using film smart glass?

Of course, there are more or less cost-free measures to protect yourself from the heat. Moreover, it opens the windows in the evening and keeping them closed during the day. It is to favor night ventilation. And it gets white or light curtains because they are reflective.

But they are solutions that, if in they can give immediate relief, they do not solve the underlying problem.

Film smart glass is the option to use for this which has better results to all the other options.

What do you about blackout systems?

Anything that hinders the entry of sunlight into a building is a screening or darkening system. And one can distinguish between fixed systems (loggias, canopies, roof extrusions).

We are talking about permanent structures than it is difficult to replace windows films.

And it is precisely this second sector that film smart glass knows perfectly. The wide range of shading systems is best. In fact, is not only able to offer an aesthetic finished in the smallest details – in perfect harmony with the windows and doors. It increases style of the house -, but also to ensure a marked improvement in the livability of the interior.

How louvers help to protect room from sunlight?

The sunshades with adjustable louvers, for example, completely automated, protect from direct sunlight and allow you to screen even large surfaces (not only windows, therefore, but also windows and sliding glass doors).

The internal shutters, on the other hand, represent the most practical solution to protect the different environments without having to open the windows to close the shutters.


Finally, the Venetian blinds, inserted directly inside the double-glazing unit, are equipped with so thin slats. This allows you to efficiently adjust the brightness of the rooms. Similarly, they are practically invisible when they are in the open position. They also do not require the slightest cleaning or maintenance: a nice advantage, in terms of practicality.

Film smart glass: all the advantages

Film smart glass is common as a darkening systems act in synergy with the windows to avoid excessive overheating of the interiors, and in particular with one of their fundamental components: double glazing. These are modern solutions designed to meet other needs as well, such as that of acting as sound-absorbing barriers, protecting homes from break-in attempts and limiting energy waste.

New call-to-action

Here are in detail the advantages that you can benefit from thanks to the use of Smartglass’s high-tech double-glazing units:

  • savings on the bill, thanks to the decrease in costs associated with cooling;
  • higher level of domestic comfort, with more pleasant temperatures indoors even in the height of summer;
  • possibility to choose between double, triple and quadruple glazing according to the level of insulation required
  • greater security against theft attempts, thanks to P2 (burglar-proof) and P4 (shatterproof) double glazing
  • vast possibilities of application and customization.

Film smart glass blackout systems

Anti-solar glasses: the many film smart glass categories

To effectively protect the interiors from solar radiation, it is possible to count on special double-glazing units. They have special design to avoid excessive overheating of the interiors. There are three types of Smartglass anti-sun glasses. And they differ according to the aesthetic result, the production technique and the type of protection against the sun’s rays.

All categories are created with the intention of modulating the external solar rays, reducing their entry into the home, while maintaining exceptional transparency.

1. Reflective film smart glass

With the Stopsol system, the reflective film smart glass is coated on the outside with metal oxides capable of reflecting the sun’s rays and thus avoiding overheating of the rooms. Available with blue, green, gray or brown pigmented mass, it guarantees exceptional transparency.

2.  Absorbent glass

The Anisole system with which Smart glass absorbent glasses are made is characterized by the high absorption of solar rays, which are then dispersed outside. This type of glass is also available with a blue, green, gray or brown pigmented mass.

3. Selective film smart glass

The antismoke film smart glass of selective type is increasingly popular and common. It can filter out UV rays at the input, thus limiting the overheating of the interior. Once distinguishable from traditional glass due to their bluish shades, today they are completely transparent and perfect to adapt to any context.

New fixtures: film smart glass

As we have seen, blackout systems and above all modern windows, equipped with high-tech double glazing and capable of counteracting interior overheating. It can be essential to ensure comfort in the home even during the hottest seasons. Additionally, protecting your wallet from interior cooling expenses is another compelling reason for a compelling reason to replace fixtures.

Final Thoughts

The film smart glass provided for this type of interventions is a further stimulus. There is time, in fact, to take advantage of the replacement of windows.


Which is the best security magic film for a country house?

Magic film for the house in the country: how to choose the most suitable?

Have you decided to improve the thermal insulation of your country house by replacing the old windows with brand new windows with magic film? Then the choice can only fall on high energy saving windows.

A guarantee from the point of view of the technical performance of insulation and optimization of consumption, but also in terms of anti-burglary security and the care and innovation of design.

magic film

The best film for a country house are those that manage to combine the rustic soul with attention to detail, the softness of the lines with stylistic refinement, simplicity with natural elegance.

The best solutions to define the furnishing style of the country house

Generally the right design of the area is also important. In particular, it is necessary to make a series of decisions regarding:

  • The type and opening of the frame
  • The design of the model, the window and the handle
  • Moreover, The effect and the color
  • Similarly, the accessories
  • The blackout systems

Now let’s see in more detail each of the elements that will make up the style of your new country magic film.

Type and opening system of magic film

The villa surrounded by nature benefits even more from this aspect: a large sliding window will be perfect to underline the stylistic continuum between the country landscape and the rustic style furnishings. A particularly practical solution for certain environments can instead be a tilting window with a totally outward opening: in this way there will be no encumbrance in the house.

The design of the frame

As a rule, the country style recalls classic and traditional forms. In terms of fixtures, this means choosing soft and enveloping lines for the profile and the handle.

The choice of magic film handle can also make a difference

If the square or retractable handles are ideal for accentuating the minimal character of contemporary-style windows with magic film, the rounded handle is perfect for the stylistic connotation of the country house.

The effect of the color on magic film

From a design point of view, the customization of the window takes on great importance. Similarly, it is to create a unique and unmistakable environment. Moreover, it is important that the windows of the house in the country can count on an infinite range of colors and wood effects.

Windows appear aesthetically identical to wooden ones, but with the many advantages of PVC in terms of water and fire resistance.


The perfect imitation is due to the innovative film application system designed by magic film. The incredibly realistic colorful coating is positioned on the entire window structure, guaranteeing a completely homogeneous finish without the chromatic contrast.

Invisible welding

The invisible welding of the corners completes the design and returns a perfect frame to convey warmth and a sense of welcome to the interiors / exteriors of a country villa. The Colorful option, applicable on different window models, includes a wide range of color shades:

  • The dark essences that are closest to the country style: walnut, Winchester
  • Warm, soft and enveloping colors: soft cherry, magic film, Douglas, sienna PL, golden oak
  • To characterize the environment halfway between country and shabby, neutral and delicate shades are perfect: white, bleached oak, ivory.

Magic film Accessories to complete the country look

The style of a window is also determined by the accessories with which we personalize the glass and doors. In particular, for the country house we could think of adding to the design fixtures some decorative elements that lean towards a traditional, elegant, but at the same time warm, welcoming and rustic style.

  • Internal grooves in painted aluminum, applicable directly inside the double glazing: available in wood effect colors and in the two-tone version
  • Ashlar panel : replaces the glass in the lower part of the French window, giving the frame a more classic look, especially if chosen in a dark wood-effect shade

The blackout system

Let’s see which is the most suitable for protecting the windows of a property located in a countryside area.

Internal shutters for the touch of class

Without a doubt, internal shutters are the most suitable choice to define the country style of your magic film. This protects from prying eyes and representing an excellent system for modulating the degree of brightness of the environment.

It comes without having to open the window to close the shutters. The internal shutters furnish any context with taste and elegance, including that of rustic country houses.

Thanks to the customization systems, the shutters can be perfectly matched to the color of the window or door. Furthermore, the patented magnetic closure makes them even more functional, and can also be used with the flap opening.

Magic film for house in the countryside

Magic film PSK sliding window, made with profile and to improve the thermal insulation and safety of the country house with window frames. Furthermore, the risk of mold formation increases in a structure that is not very busy. It happens due to the physiological absence of air exchange and to the specific climatic characteristics of the countryside.
magic film 2021

Choosing windows and doors

Here it becomes essential to include these considerations among the criteria for choosing doors and windows for these homes. In particular, it is important that the windows:

  • They are equipped with security systems against burglary attempts
  • Moreover,  structural strength, anti-intrusion hardware,
  • Which is the best security magic film for a country house?reinforcement systems, door locking mechanisms,
  • shatterproof glass, magic film, handles with key / lock
  • In addition, they are able to insulate perfectly from the external temperature and atmospheric agents
  • Furthermore, they are equipped with ventilation systems that help to lower the humidity rate

Moisture-proof windows thanks to aerators and micro-ventilation

To keep domestic environments healthy, it is important that windows can guarantee excellent levels of thermal insulation and effective contrast to humidity. In this sense, PVC and aluminum with thermal break are among the most reliable materials.

However, in an uncrowded country house, the quality of the window material may not be sufficient to ward off phenomena such as mold and humidity.


Why does electronic window film is becoming popular in modern buildings?

Quality electronic window film has become a modern alternative to electronic structures. And this is largely due to their properties: good thermal insulation, noise protection, ability to protect against dust and other contaminants.

electronic window film

Before installation, measurement is important. Its correct implementation is the guarantor of precise manufacturing and installation of the structure. Similarly, this article will discuss how to correctly measure plastic windows.

What are the rules for self-measurement for installing electronic window film?

It is important to correctly determine the depth, width, and height of the opening. The accuracy of the future glazing depends precisely on the measurements taken. Moreover, it comes to production. Relying on your own strength, you need to act especially carefully and accurately.

Measurements take from both sides of the window opening for installing electronic window film. Basically, in order to level out the skew, the responsible manufacturer chooses ways to strengthen the structure.

After the final measurement

After taking the final measurements, you need to compare the results. Reliable construction of buildings guarantees the coincidence of 2 types of parameters. In addition, minor irregularities is easy to level at the installation stage.

What is required to measure electronic window film?

It is also necessary to take into account the type of building, the material from which the load-bearing walls erect. Furthermore, such data determine the rules for measuring ELECTRONIC windows. Also, before measuring ELECTRONIC windows, the following tools will come in handy:

  • tape measure with a lock;
  • pencil for marking;
  • A capsule instrument or a laser instrument can be common.

Determining the size of the opening

electronic window film 2021

It is necessary to take into account the construction technology before installing the electronic window film, the material common in the construction.

In a brick house

To determine the discrepancy between the slopes relative to the wall, you need to take external and internal measurements.

The width of the window sill should be 5 cm more than the thickness of the walls for the installation of electronic window film.

In an electronic house

Typically, electronic buildings have smooth window openings and slopes. This makes it easier to measure at home. You don’t have to subtract or add any values ​​to the data.

How to measure electronic window film?

To prevent premature failure of the window, proceed in accordance with the diagram.

By height

Determine the measurements and then subtract 2 cm from each side. This gap is technological. When installing the windows, it is sealed on each side. For these purposes, polyurethane foam is usually common.

With a quarter

In this case, the outside of the slope is larger than the inside. Use a tape measure to measure the outside perimeter. It is necessary to place the tape close to the frame and also to tighten it. It is important to add 30-60 mm to the obtained distance.

After that, measurements are taken of the opening for the plastic window from the inside. The value obtained should be 50 mm larger. To measure the height, you need to act along the outer length of the opening.

Measurements are taken on fragments between the outer upper slope and the drainage system. This will determine the exact height of the profile for installing electronic window film.

Quarter to

If you are working with a straight opening in a brick house, then when measuring the width, you need to subtract 40-60 mm. When calculating the height, it is required to subtract 8-10 cm. Furthermore, this need is due to the fact that a standing profile is common during installation.

They become excellent conditions for the multiplication of microorganisms that destroy the top layer and structure of PVC.

What to do to get rid of dirt?

To get rid of dirt, use;

  • soft brush. It is suitable for the joints of sashes and frames;
  • household chemicals with a neutral composition. Abrasive particles will scratch ELECTRONIC and glass. Acids and alkalis destroy the structure of the material. It is best to use professional tools recommended by electronic window filmmanufacturers;
  • paper towels, microfiber napkins, cellulose sponges. Spread the product over the surface, then wipe the glass unit or profile dry. Microfiber cloths work well for glass surfaces. They do not leave streaks.

Preparing an electronic window film’s seal for winter

Contours play a big role. They reduce the level of street noise as well as cold air and dust. So that the seals do not crack, do not break, it is important to wash and lubricate them before winter.
Fresh air in the nursery is much more important for the development of the child’s brain and his health than Doman’s cards and other “development”. Air must constantly circulate in the room where the child is.

Is warm air the best breeding ground for bacteria?

Stale, too warm air is the best breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Only air saturated with oxygen has a beneficial effect on the development of the child’s brain. Not to mention, babies sleep much better in a cool, well-ventilated room by using electronic window film.

It is important to remove all excess dust with dry, soft-bristled brushes. Then you need to wipe the rubber bands with damp rags.

When to apply a silicone-based spray to the surface?

After that, wait until the seal is completely dry. Then apply a silicone-based spray to its surface. This will keep the material elastic.

It is important to prepare in advance for the arrival of cold weather. To take care of the comfort in the house, do not forget about plastic windows. Our experts will tell you how to properly prepare ELECTRONIC structures for winter and extend their service life.


Generally, the nuances of the correct measurement of a plastic window are very necessary. And the best thing is to turn to specialists. Most electronic window film manufacturers have trained staff members.

If you will measure the electronic window yourself, then be prepared to be responsible for the work done. Moreover, there will be simply no one to accuse of incompetence.


What is the electrochromic glass price? Simple Privacy Glass 2021

electrochromic glass price
What will we see in this article?

  • Electrochromic glass Price – Cost m² of each film
    • How to calculate the Application Price
    • How much does the Electrochromic glass Coil Cost

Among dozens, maybe hundreds of options on the market, the time to choose the best film to be applied may not be so simple. And, in addition, even after choosing the best material for your need, it is still necessary to know electrochromic glass price. Whether it is for material or labor is fair and within the market’s charging standards.

2 Electrochromic glass price points are very important here.

1- Know if you are not paying much more than the market average
2- Check if you are not paying too cheap for bad material and service.

To speed up your search, if that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve listed below a summary of the average price of the main requested films in the market.

Currently, there are several types of Electrochromic glass on the market, such as:

  1. Smoked Electrochromic glass
  2. Matte Electrochromic glass and
  3. Sandblasted Electrochromic glass.

It is increasingly common and residents looking for practicality and aesthetics have a growing demand for residential sulfonates.

Due to its various types and functions, clear Electrochromic glass has many advantages and can have a positive impact on your installation environment. Now, let’s take a look at the main advantages and electrochromic glass price.

What does electrochromic glass do?

In very hot cities, many residents turn to electrochromic glass in order to alleviate the temperature inside the house. One of the types of film that provides this effect is the smoked film.


Residential electrochromic glass can reduce solar heat input by up to 75%, according to recent studies, by balancing the internal temperature. With some types of transparent electrochromic glass, it is possible for this heat reduction to occur. It happens without altering the light entering the environment.

In addition to generating greater thermal comfort with the balance of temperature on hot days, the film also helps to reduce energy costs with electrical appliances such as air conditioning and fans. In this way, it allows for savings in the short and medium term.


UV rays are harmful to health, especially when exposure occurs for long periods, and can cause damage such as skin cancer. Thus, the films for residential glass are great allies, reducing the entry of these rays.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technologies common in electrochromic glass, it is able to block up to 99% of this harmful radiation. This protection is essential for the health of people who attend homes with large and constant exposure to the sun. Before installing, it is important to know electrochromic glass price.


Sun exposure can also affect some furniture and objects, such as rugs, artwork, appliances, wooden furniture and many others that may be exposed to the sun on a daily basis. With electrochromic glass, this exposure to sunlight can be reduced.

Moreover, it prevents accelerated degradation of furniture and objects and increasing their useful life. Once again, residential electrochromic glass brings savings in the short and medium term.


One of the functions of electrochromic glass most sought after among residents is the ability to increase the privacy of the environment. Some types of films diminish or even completely impede visibility due to the degree of opacity or mirroring.

With the sandblasted film, also called matte film, visibility is partially limited, bringing a slight transparency and greater privacy. The mirrored film also brings this effect, as the mirroring of the outside face of the glass prevents the person outside from seeing the inside. It decreases visibility, but without changing the light input, as it is a transparent electrochromic glass.

It is important to check electrochromic glass price

Increasing privacy is also the proposal of blackout film, the darkest electrochromic glass that can be common in homes. Its purpose is to completely block outside light and visibility. Thus, by preventing one side from seeing the other, when applied to glass doors and windows, the blackout film   guarantees maximum privacy for the resident.


Some films on the market are security films. You need to check electrochromic glass price. With a finer finish than armored glass, this film is stronger and has the effect of holding the glass in case it breaks. This prevents it from shattering and from having an accident with the broken glass.

This security guarantee is essential in some residential environments. The application is recommended in homes with babies and children. It is to protect the little ones from possible accidents with the glass. And in homes that have windows or glass doors facing the street, preventing vandalism.


In addition to all these practical advantages, film can have aesthetic advantages. There is a diversity of colors, patterns and styles present in the films. It can bring beauty and harmony to the environment where they are installed.
electrochromic glass price 2021

In addition, residential electrochromic glass is a great choice for small houses or apartments. As it is installed directly on the glass, it takes up no space and does not bring a heavy or bulky decorative touch, perfect for environments with limited space. Thus, the ideal electrochromic glass is the one considered the best for the home and that meets all the needs of the environment in which it is placed.

What is the cheapest electrochromic glass?

Electrochromic glass G5 is the cheapest among all the film lines, with an average application price. Electrochromic glass price may vary, depending on the size of the service. The minimum output value of a professional can vary from company to company.

However it is usually around $150.00 to around R$200.00, for residential and commercial applications, whereas for automotive applications there are other variables for this calculation.

Summary: electrochromic glass price

Stainless steel stickers, metallic and of different colors, usually have a value very close to these vinyl stickers too. They are widely common for enveloping household appliances and furniture. The highest value with respect to the blasted adhesive will be around 10 to 20% higher. If it’s more expensive than this, it won’t be at a good price.


How to properly maintain electrochromic glass film in your home?

The electrochromic glass film still represents today the most used type of window frame in our homes and for this reason the care and maintenance is essential to ensure a long life.

electrochromic glass film

Glass film is beautiful. Its appeal is determined by several factors – the warm color, the structure, the grain. Similarly, it is pleasant to the touch, and its use gives particular aesthetic values ​​to the entire home.

Glass film is a material that increases the prestige of the building. Moreover, it is a material capable of bringing elegance to interiors and guarantees high quality finishes.


1 The glass window frames

  • 2 How to protect glass frames?
  • 3 The 3 phases of maintenance of glass frames
    • 1 Cleaning of glass frames
    • 2 Retouching
    • 3 Refreshment
  • 4 Rules for guaranteeing a long life to windows
  • 5 Window maintenance

The electrochromic glass film window frames

The modern electrochromic glass film provides technical parameters of isolation from the atmosphere, noise good.  These characteristics come thanks to particular construction solutions, most of the time with lamellar systems and the use of increasingly efficient double glazing units.

The thermal transmittance of the entire glass window ensures a level of insulation worthy of passive construction – a construction system devoted to maximum savings.

What is the benefit of electrochromic glass film?

Glass film ensures a favorable microclimate inside homes by absorbing excess moisture from the interior and “returning” it to the outside when we need it.

Resistance and durability over time is easy to ensure through the use of water-based painting systems. It allows for low extraordinary maintenance as long as, once a year, the glass windows we clean with a regenerating product of the painting film. .

The only aspect to keep in mind, that being a “living” material that undergoes transformations over time, it must be subject to a care action, which ensures its functionality, its performance and its natural beauty, contributing to regulate thermal and acoustic insulation , and to monitor the energy savings of a house

How to protect electrochromic glass film frames?

The causes of deterioration of electrochromic glass film are generally connected to the action of atmospheric agents, such as rain, sun, variations in humidity, UV rays, but also to pollution.

In fact, the windows and doors often get damage by substances brought by the rains, which interact chemically initially with the finish of the window frame and up to the glass film of the frame.

The latest generation fixtures have greatly reduced extraordinary maintenance times, leaving room for periodic cleaning and refreshing, mainly because they are:

  • Made with laminated glass film capable of ensuring stability over time
  • Built with latest generation CNC technologies and software, capable of ensuring a long life with high performance over time
  • Equipped with particularly performing hardware in order to ensure excellent closure in all its parts, making them resistant to the various classes of anti-burglary
  • Equipped with very thick glazing, which help to strengthen the frame as well as to ensure a high thermal standard.


The 3 phases of maintenance of glass frames

Cleaning of glass frames

Cleaning is the first fundamental precaution to preserve the painting of the frame as long as possible. As already mentioned, the deposit of acid rain on the external surfaces of the window frame is one of the major causes of deterioration.


Cleaning should be carried out with solutions of water and neutral detergents and a microfibre cloth. Aggressive products, such as those based on ammonia or alcohol should be avoided.

Retouching of electrochromic glass film

On the occasion of the six-monthly electrochromic glass film cleaning it is a good idea to also proceed with the paint retouching operation.

This is a punctual application of paint that is where you notice the onset of cracks, dents or discontinuities.

The goal of retouching is to increase the duration of the paint, which with its protective film protects the glass film from acid rain, UV rays and all harmful agents.

Refreshment of electrochromic glass film

Unlike retouching which involves applying paint only to certain points, refreshing consists of reinvigorating the external glass surfaces. Refreshments are important at least once a year starting from the 4th year of installation.

Initially, a thorough cleaning is carried out to eliminate encrustations and dust that settle on the external side of the frame. Then remove all residues with a damp cloth and dry the parts of the window with a soft cloth.
electrochromic glass film 2021

Then, by means of a soft cloth, a special regenerating and nourishing product applies to the electrochromic glass film.

Rules to guarantee a long life to windows

  • Know the characteristics of the purchased product
  • Carry out normal cleaning operations
  • Follow the instructions for scheduled maintenance of the various elements that make up the product
  • Check the greasing and adjustment of the hardware and the tightness of the gaskets
  • Carry out the retouching and refreshing operations of the coating film

These brief rules, if respected, allow safeguarding the frame over time.

Nevertheless, we realize that often the final user, even if informed, tends to forget the care operations of the product.

Electrochromic glass film maintenance

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You have often wondered what the qualified installation of the fixtures consists of, what the advantages that derive from it are and therefore why it is so important for a window company to offer this quality service.


With this article we will try to make the ideas a little clearer about it.

The qualified installation of the windows and electrochromic glass film has assumed a fundamental role in achieving the energy and environmental performance that the client expects both in a new construction and in a renovation.