Why do we encourage pdlc switchable smart film in homes?

All people know the adage that the miser pays twice. And at the same time, many of them are trying to save money on what cannot be saved on, including pdlc switchable smart film. A high-quality smart film is durable, functional and durable.

It protects the room from the penetration of noise and drafts. Similarly, it helps to retain heat inside the room, and to organize proper ventilation.

pdlc switchable smart film

Another thing is fakes, which are shamelessly offered to buyers by fraudsters in the market of smart films. They argue that reliable manufacturers inflate the price, and cheap fakes are in no way inferior to elite smart films.

Many buyers believe in this lie, and then regret it: the flimsy sashes of the fakes instantly warp, the fittings break, and there is no trace of heat and sound insulation. In this article, we will tell you why high-quality double-glazed windows will never be cheap and share the secrets of choosing the right pdlc switchable smart film.

Factors that affect the cost of pdlc switchable smart film

High-quality double-glazed windows are made from reliable materials that have high strength characteristics and are safe for health and the environment. Leading manufacturers of insulating glass units include in the price:

  • Professional measurement of the window opening before the installation of the structure.
  • The cost of fittings, profiles, ebbs, double-glazed windows.
  • Delivery of double-glazed windows to the client’s address.
  • Professional installation of the structure (up to 25% of the cost of the product).
  • Further warranty service.

Reliable manufacturers of smart films, which have been working on the market for a long time and have proven themselves well in the client environment, set approximately the same prices for their products. So if you are offered to buy a pdlc switchable smart film, the price of which is much lower than the market average, most likely you are in front of scammers.

Why do fly-by-night companies reduce the cost of pdlc switchable smart film?

In fact, it is possible to save money on the production of double-glazed windows and their installation. But this will negatively affect the quality. Most often, fly-by-night companies use low-quality polyvinyl chloride for the production of window structures, in which there is a lot of hydrophobic chalk.

This additive reduces the cost of the structure, but makes it fragile.  Unscrupulous manufacturers perform reinforcement from a thinner layer of metal that has not been treated against corrosion.

Over time, such a smart films loses its strength. Window sashes wear out, window geometry violates. The design becomes leaky.

Why poor structure is harmful?

The most budgetary pdlc switchable smart film comes with cheap fittings that will start breaking in a few weeks or months. Often it is not completely metal, but has plastic elements. Unscrupulous manufacturers also save on double-glazed windows.

But the main danger is unqualified installers who will install a poor-quality structure, which will have to be changed and spoil the window opening. And the most important thing: buying cheap windows from an unknown manufacturer, if the glass unit fails, no warranty obligations will help.

PDLC switchable smart film used in portal windows and doors: what are they?

Today, panoramic glazing, which includes portal windows and doors, is becoming more and more popular. Portal windows and doors are often used in suburban construction and are used to decorate balconies, terraces, closed verandas, winter gardens.

Dur to the use of pdlc switchable smart film portal structures can often be seen in restaurants and shopping and entertainment centers. In this article, we talk about portal windows in more detail and characterize their main advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages of pdlc switchable smart film

Portal structures look very beautiful and unusual. If you use them in suburban construction, then they are guaranteed to become the highlight of the house. Moreover, it gives it an elegant and modern look. Portal windows and doors are easy to make in any color scheme

Furthermore, the constructions will help create the illusion of unity between the interior and the environment, fill the premises with a lot of bright sunlight and air. And this directly affects mood, performance, and well-being. Thanks to panoramic windows, interior space save.

This is possible due to the fact that the sashes work along the plane of the structure and you can do without additional space for full opening of the sash. The profiles of modern pdlc switchable smart film are made from durable and environmentally friendly PVC.

Why do we encourage pdlc switchable smart film?

This material has the highest rates of sound and heat insulation, is reliable and durable. And yet – such a design is easy to care for. Also, portal windows are easy to equip with automation. Moreover, it regulates the process of their opening and closing, and installs motion sensors and door closers. This option is ideal for offices, shops and shopping centers.
pdlc switchable smart film 2021

Many people believe that because of the large area of ​​the glass unit, the portal window is easy to break. In fact, this is not true. If the portal windows come with impact-resistant glass units, then they cannot broken. And anti-burglar fittings will prevent burglary.

What are portal windows and doors using pdlc switchable smart film?

Modern gantry structures are available in wood, aluminum and pvc. We advise you to pay attention to plastic structures. Moreover, this has many advantages over metal and wood. Similarly, it includes more affordable cost, high strength characteristics, and complete tightness.

Do not think that the plastic profile is boring: it is easy to paint in any color, to give the product a metal, wood or stone texture.

Types of pdlc switchable smart film structures

Depending on the number of valves, the following structures used in pdlc switchable smart film are different:

  • Portal: When two opening sashes move in opposite directions to each other.
  • Accordion: Itconsists of more than two sections, folding “accordion”. Most often used to decorate large doorways.
  • Patio: One opening sash, moving parallel to the “blind” sash.

If we consider designs by the type of fittings and by the possibilities of opening, then portal windows and doors are:

  • Parallel-sliding: Opening by parallel sliding. There is no reclining function.
  • Tilt and slide:Thanks to the fittings, the sash is easy to open by tilting (for ventilation) and by sliding it in parallel.
  • Lifting and sliding: The principle of operation is similar to the door of a wardrobe, when each sash is in motion and at the same time goes over one another.

Should you install privacy film window on the basement floor?

As a rule, the basement floors of cottages are common to equip technical rooms. But there you can also create a gym, bath, sauna, home theater. Moreover, basement privacy film window may not be full size. But even a small privacy window opening will bring a lot of natural light into the room.

Privacy film privacy window

Remember that the privacy window provides the air exchange you need in your garage and sauna. Therefore, if you decide to build a house with a basement floor, be sure to provide for the presence of privacy window openings.

Many people ask themselves: which profile to choose for the equipment of basement privacy windows? Similarly, wood is not suitable due to high humidity conditions. Even if you treat it with special antifungal solutions, moisture and mold cannot be avoided.

Why aluminum is common?

After a couple of years, the frame of privacy film window will have to change. The aluminum profile is lightweight and durable, non-corrosive.

But its thermal insulation properties are lower than that of a pvc profile. Therefore, we advise you to install energy-saving double-glazed privacy windows.

 Advantages of privacy film privacy window: 

  • Resistance to mechanical damage and adverse environmental factors.
  • High level of heat and sound insulation.
  • Large skylight.
  • Possibility to order a custom-made profile.

The main characteristics of a privacy film for a basement floor First of all, order a high-quality double-glazed privacy window from a reliable manufacturer. This is the best guarantee that the profile will last a long time.

A few practical guidelines about privacy film privacy window:

  • To ensure optimal ventilation in the basement, the privacy film privacy window must have a tilt-and-turn opening sash.
  • It is best to choose a two-chamber energy-saving glass unit.
  • Equip the basement privacy windows with grilles or order an anti-burglar structure.
  • Such measures will prevent intruders from entering the house.

How to install a privacy film privacy window and what to make a pit from?

Mount privacy windows at a height of at least 15 c m from the bottom edge of the privacy window. If the height is not enough, it is necessary to equip the pits. The main task of the pit is to ensure maximum penetration of sunlight through the basement privacy film window.

The size of the pit depends on several factors. First of all, on the dimensions and level of installation of the glass unit, you also need to ensure the correct slope for the pit, which can be rectangular, polygonal or semicircular. It is important to equip the pit with drainage to drain melt and rainwater.

The pit is made from:

  • Concrete
  • Blocks
  • Bricks

Benefits of using pit

You can also buy a ready-made galvanized steel pit. Such a structure does not leak, does not fail for a long time, withstands atmospheric influences and temperature drops. Furthermore, a good alternative to metal is a plastic pit.

Many people worry that the pits are not decorative enough for privacy film window. Furthermore, we can correct this by using ceramic tiles, artificial stone, and clapboard.

It is optimal to equip deep pits with a roof that protects against the ingress of large particles of debris. In addition, small children and animals cannot fall into such a pit. Often, the pits are covered with metal gratings: this is both decorative and practical.

Decoration of a privacy film privacy window with pseudo-stained glass

A plastic window has many advantages over standard wooden frames. It does not let dust and street noise into the room. Furthermore, it serves for a long time, prevents heat leakage. Similarly, looks beautiful and retains its decorative appearance for a long time. A plastic window can be made to order in any color.

Privacy film privacy window 2021

Moreover, it can be of a standard or non-standard shape, for example, round or triangular. Privacy film privacy window comes from many pieces of multi-colored film. Piece by piece, it glues to the sheet glass, in accordance with which pattern is selected.

Furthermore, it does not allow the edges of the privacy film privacy window glass to deform and creates the effect of a real work of art. With a relatively small investment in decor, your window will look like a small masterpiece.

Film pseudo- Privacy film privacy window  glass

Film pseudo-stained glass is made from many pieces of multi-colored film. Piece by piece, it is glued to the sheet glass, in accordance with which pattern is selected. It does not allow the edges of the pseudo-stained glass to deform and creates the effect of a real work of art. With a relatively small investment in decor, your window will look like a small masterpiece.

By the way, the technology of film stained glass is common not only for the design of double-glazed windows. It is often common to decorate a suspended ceiling. A little hint: if you decorated a window with a privacy film window, you can choose the same motif for decorating interior items:

  • Lamps
  • Shelves
  • Mirrors

Advantages of pseudo-stained glass

Pseudo-stained glass also goes well with faceted elements. Note that film pseudo-stained glass has many advantages.

These include: availability, high quality materials of manufacture, detailing of a picture or ornament. But such decor is not suitable for rooms with high humidity. It is better not to use film pseudo-stained glass in baths, saunas, and bathrooms.

Fill pseudo-stained glass

Firstly, filled Privacy film window comes using special software-controlled equipment. With its help, the contour of the drawing is applied to the glass. After application, the contour is filled by hand using polyurethane varnish mixed with paints. Sometimes a stencil is common for application. Without an outline, the drawing looks more coherent and uniform.

After the filler pseudo-stained glass dries, it becomes resistant to ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes, sunlight and mechanical stress. Therefore, the glass unit is easy to wash without fear of damaging the pattern: varnish and paint have high adhesion to the glass surface.

Furthermore, another advantage of flooded privacy window glass is safety for human health and non-toxicity. In order for the drawing to serve for at least several years, it is best to apply it to the inside of the glass unit.

Conclusion Privacy film privacy window

Summing up, we note: regardless of the manufacturing method, pseudo-stained glass decorates windows and the interior as a whole. The play of colors and sun rays improves mood, helps to raise vitality.

In addition, if a double-glazed window with pseudo-stained glass – you will not have to worry about curtains, blinds or roller shutters: it will protect well from annoying sunlight and prying eyes.


How to install pdlc switchable glass in wooden frames?

pdlc switchable glass
Horizontal pdlc switchable glass is a modern alternative to conventional glass. They are often equipped with metal-plastic windows in the house and in office premises. Advantages of roller glass over textile curtains:

  • Long lasting and durable.
  • It is possible to adjust the light transmittance of the structure.
  • Not subject to fading.
  • Suitable for rooms with high humidity.
  • Fits into any interior and design.
  • Perfectly and functionally complement pvc structures.

But as well as on curtains, particles of dust and grease accumulate on roller shutters over time. And washing pdlc switchable glass is very problematic. In this article, we’ll look at the basic, time-saving ways to clean horizontal glass!

Dry cleaning of pdlc switchable glass

Not all horizontal glass can be cleaned with water, some only dry clean. Such cleaning involves removing dust and dirt from the surface of the glass. Remember, they are cleaned exclusively by dry method:

  • Fabric glass.
  • Wooden glass.

To dry clean pdlc switchable glass, use a microfiber cloth or any other clean rag. Also in large construction supermarkets and in online stores there is a special tweeter brush on sale, with which it is even easier to remove dust from the glass.

When cleaning fabric or wooden roller glass, be careful not to press too hard on the slats. This minimizes the risk of structural failure.

Best Method to clean pdlc switchable glass

Unfortunately, the dry method of cleaning glass causes dust particles to settle on furniture, room textiles, walls and the window itself. So wet cleaning will most likely have to be done. Also, this method is not suitable for allergy sufferers, in whom dust can cause a corresponding reaction.

A good alternative is vacuuming with low suction. The vacuum cleaner can easily handle light dirt and prevent dust from pdlc switchable glass. Close the louvers tightly before cleaning. Then vacuum each of them with furniture cleaner. After that, it is advisable to walk on the glass with a clean, slightly damp microfiber cloth.

Washing horizontal pdlc switchable glass

Horizontal glass can be washed as long as they are not made of fabric or wood. Washing a fabric or wood structure will ruin its appearance and accelerate failure. Aluminum and plastic glass are easiest to clean.

The easiest way is to remove the pdlc switchable glass from the window and wash them in the tub using a shower head and detergent. This way you will quickly get rid of even old and stubborn dirt. After immersing the rolls in the bathtub, pull on the cord so that they open completely.

Then – immerse them in water and pull them out after a few seconds. Repeat the manipulation until all dirt is washed off.

What to do if the lamellas are heavily soiled, for example with cooking grease? You can soak them in the bathroom for a couple of hours in soapy water. When the structure is clean and completely dry, be sure to lubricate the pivot mechanism with silicone grease.

Can glass be washed directly on the window?

It is not always possible to remove horizontal glass from a window. For example, they are fixed in a special box and you are worried that if you dismantle the structure, you will not be able to install it back. To wash the lamellas, prepare a bowl of clean water, to which you can add:

  • Dishwashing liquid.
  • Some furniture polish.
  • Laundry soap.

Take a clean rag, moisten it in the prepared solution and squeeze well. Wipe each lamella gently from all sides. Then it is advisable to get rid of excess moisture by blotting the details of the structure with a kitchen towel.

We hope our pdlc switchable glass tips were helpful and it will be even easier for you to clean your glass!

How to install pdlc switchable glass in wooden frames?

Many people still have traditional wooden frames in their dachas. But they are significantly inferior to modern energy-saving double-glazed windows in terms of quality, strength, durability.

A wooden frame, even if the window is equipped with a lattice, will not become an obstacle for thieves, will not protect the cottage from drafts and dampness. In addition, after a few years of use, it will begin to rot, even if you regularly take care of the windows.


Therefore, it is best to install pvc profiles in the country. What pdlc switchable glass windows are best suited for a summer residence and have an affordable price? First of all, be guided by how the dacha is used: all year round or only in the warm season? We answer this question in detail below!

Choosing windows for a summer residence

There is no particular need to buy energy-saving windows for such a summer residence. There are enough reliable, durable and high-quality double-glazed windows.

A three-chamber profile with two sealing contours is ideal. Such a system provides sufficient heat and sound insulation for rooms that are not heated in winter. In addition, it will last at least 15 years and will fully pay for itself.

Install pdlc switchable glass in single chamber wooden profile

In a dacha that is not heated, it is possible to install a single-chamber double-glazed unit, consisting of two hermetically interconnected glasses. But in any case, do not buy cheap pdlc switchable glass windows from one-day firms.

pdlc switchable glass 2021

They will quickly depressurize, and condensation will begin to form inside the glass unit. These are not just ugly streaks and stains on the windows that cannot be eliminated, but also drafts and dampness in the room.

How to choose fittings for pdlc switchable glass?

When choosing windows, pay attention to the fittings. High-quality fittings are a guarantee that the window will not lose functionality for a long time. Particular attention should be paid to the pdlc switchable glass pvc profile security system.

This is due to the fact that during the period when the dacha is mothballed, cases of theft become more frequent. Therefore, it is better to equip the window with protective shutters, anti-burglar fittings. Do not forget about mosquito nets to prevent annoying insects from entering the house.

Features of the choice of windows for a summer house used all year round

The dachas used by the owners all year round are usually heated. The heating system (boiler or electric convector) does not really matter when choosing windows. It is important that the windows have good thermal insulation properties and retain more heat in the room.

We advise you to choose structures that are installed in apartments. Pay attention to the profile. It is desirable that it be multi-chamber and has from two to three seal contours.

Summary pdlc switchable glass

pdlc switchable glass windows order two-chamber energy-saving. This design has a special energy-saving coating. There is an inert gas inside the chambers of the insulating glass unit, which slows down the transfer of heat between the panes.


3 Most Common Techniques to Install pdlc Smart Window Film?

pdlc Smart Window Film
A few more days and summer will make our days too hot. It’s time for air conditioners and ice cream! It seems that the house is a place where you can hide from the scorching sun and high temperatures in summer, but is it? But how? Try pdlc smart window film.

pdlc smart window film is a good replacement

More and more often there are projects of houses and apartments with panoramic windows. These do not get covering of curtains, blinds or roller shutters. It’s stylish and modern! A house filled with light looks more spacious and uplifting.

  • But in summer, the sun’s rays create a lot of inconveniences in the apartment.
  • Windows let in a lot of sunlight and quickly heat up the room when it’s hot outside.
  • By covering the window with curtains, you make the room much dimmer.
  • It takes 2 – 2.5 times more energy and money to cool the air in a room than to heat it.

Ultraviolet rays are the most dangerous for the eyes. This suffers for a whole year not only from direct sunlight, but also from the so-called oblique rays. It comes from ultraviolet radiation reflected from various surfaces. To date, it has been clinically proven that ultraviolet light can damage not only the external, but also the internal structures of the eye. That is why people install pdlc smart window film.

Why risk your health: Install pdlc smart window film

The latest development of the pdlc smart window film allows you to quickly solve the above problems. This is a multifunctional glass that protects against heat in summer and cold in winter. Super-thin layers of metals applied to the glass keep the glass as transparent as possible.

How it works?

A special coating of silver and other metals creates the effect of a transparent filter that allows light to pass through. Similarly, it significantly reduces the penetration of solar heat into the house in summer and heat loss in winter.

Pdlc smart window film Provides Sun protection

pdlc smart window film selectively transmits or reflects electromagnetic waves of different lengths. It makes up the sun’s rays: most of the infrared radiation. Thus, about 58% of the thermal energy does not get inside thanks to the privacy glass.

Thermal insulation

In cold weather, glass helps to keep the room warm. Silver coating reflects long-wave heat radiation from heating devices inside the room, preventing heat from escaping outside.

pdlc smart window film never lose their relevance. They create a special atmosphere inside the house, beautifully decorate and highlight the external facade. The process of creating stained glass windows is laborious. The cost of such a product depends on how it was made. The final result depends on this, when the product can look like a work of art or like a cute decorative element.

Stained glass pdlc smart window film and what they are?

Stained glass is a type of artistic and decorative art that is embodied in painting or creating a mosaic on a matte or transparent material.

It is glass, painted with patterns on any theme or assembled from separate multi-colored elements. It can be used for installation in a window frame, as a partition, in an interior door window, as a table top. Luxurious examples of pdlc smart window film we can see in churches with a long history.

Stained-glass windows always become a bright accent in any home and give a certain atmosphere to the room.

Types of modern stained glass

Previously, the manufacture of stained glass windows required completely manual work, so the creation process was long and the price was high. Now they use different technologies, including the classic one, you can also buy pseudo-stained glass windows.

They look noble and beautiful, but they are cheaper. When ordering stained glass windows, you can choose both ready-made sketches and unusual installations and even whole stories on one surface.

The opportunity to get not just a beautiful facade of your house, but unique and delightful drawings, does not let the interest in buying and installing pdlc smart window film fade away.

Classic pdlc smart window film technique

pdlc Smart Window Film 2021

You can understand what classic stained-glass windows are by remembering a children’s kaleidoscope device, in which intricate patterns are created from a piece of glass. The drawing on classic stained-glass windows consists of separate pieces of glass welded together.

Before making pdlc smart window film using classical technology, a sketch is good to make. Previously, the cut parts solder together using an H-shaped lead or tin profile.

Which technology is popular in pdlc smart window film installation?

Nowadays, lead is practically not used, but it is used only for restoration work on stained-glass windows. In modern production, it is more efficient to use a brass or copper profile. Sometimes they use expensive cupronickel or silver bindings, which greatly increase the cost of stained glass.

Note! If soldering was not used for the manufacture of classic stained glass, then any mechanical effect can lead to peeling off a piece of decorative glass.

Is oldering a better option in pdlc smart window film?

Thanks to the connection of the elements by soldering, it is possible to use glass with a thickness of 6 mm. That gives wider possibilities of using Smart window film in decoration.

In the classical technique, the lines from the melting add completeness to the overall picture. This makes the transitions from pattern to pattern more textured and expressive

Stained glass decoration

An American artist and designer came up with a technology that was able to combine the beauty and structure of classic stained glass windows. To simplify and speed up the manufacturing process, he proposed using a copper braid.
pdlc Smart Window Film 2021

It is a narrow tape of yellow foil wound into a spool. During the manufacture of stained-glass windows, each piece of colored glass is wrapped around it along the contour, and after that they are soldered together with solder. Thanks to this technology, stained glass has not lost either quality or beauty.

Film method for creating pseudo-stained-glass windows

Film technology is a cheap way to create imitation of stained glass. For her, the drawing is printed onto the film, after which the surface is manually pasted over.

Additionally, you can apply a protective layer on pdlc smart window film against abrasions. With the help of film pseudo-stained glass, the window will acquire an original appearance, but due to the lack of texture, the sophistication of classic stained glass windows is lost.

In addition, their service life is not long. They quickly fade in the sun, crack or wipe off.


How to remove pdlc switchable film from window? Best guide

Smart glass windows changing transparency for home and office

pdlc switchable film from window

pdlc switchable film technologies do not stand still. Today many people expect much more from a glass unit than they did yesterday. Keeping warmth in the room, preventing drafts and intrusive street noise from entering the house, strength, durability and an attractive look are no longer enough.

pdlc switchable film is real Trend

In this article, we talk about a technology that has every chance of becoming a real trend in the next few years. These are smart glass windows produced on the basis of a liquid crystal matrix. Under the influence of an electric current, the crystals change their position, as a result of which the darkening of the window changes.

Thus, it is possible to achieve both completely transparent and completely darkened glasses. Read more about the technology, pdlc switchable film management and the principle of its operation, the advantages of tinted glass – read on.

Adjustable transparency windows: why we need?

Why do we need smart glass windows? They absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation; do not let infrared rays into the apartment or office, making it comfortable to stay in the apartment even in the summer heat. Cool air stays indoors much longer, which means you don’t need to keep the air conditioner on all the time.

This technology is a real boon for a meeting room. Need to hold a confidential business meeting? Tinting will fence off the space, making it impenetrable for prying eyes from the outside, but at the same time, daylight will be enough for people who are inside the room.

Installation of pdlc switchable film in Apartments

pdlc switchable film in the apartment are not only getting rid of the summer heat and stuffiness, but also a reason to abandon the curtains that collect dust on themselves and require regular maintenance. Windows with variable transparency are the best alternative to any, even the densest curtains.

This is an excellent solution for zoning premises in an office or apartment, allowing you to delimit the personal space of each family member or team member. An interesting option is to use smart windows for attic glazing. Install such a structure and forget about insulation, soundproofing and darkening: the smart film does a great job!

What is the peculiarity of pdlc switchable film technology and how to manage it?

Most often, manufacturers use SPD technology. Devices working on it are based on particles suspended in a liquid deposited on a special film.

pdlc switchable film places between two durable plastic or glass plates. Under the influence of an electric current, the system absorbs light, preventing it from penetrating through the particles. If the glass is in the activated state, then it will be black.

Control over the gradation of colors is carried out using automation (control panel). Automatic double-glazed windows are very convenient: the brighter the sunlight, the darker they become. To switch such a glass, you will have to wait no more than a minute.

How does pdlc switchable film transmits lights?

There is also another technology for the production of pdlc switchable film. Its main difference from the previous version is the ability to transmit light when completely darkened, making the stay in the room very comfortable.

Electrochromic smart glass comes on smart film. This electrochromic product, often used for display cases, can serve as a projection glass, be combined with simple glass and significantly reduce the cost of a self-darkening window structure.

In fact, it is a triplex with PDLC-film deposition. The advantage of this option is the possibility of using it even in rooms with high humidity, where water can constantly get on the glass: bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, shower cabins, etc.

What are the advantages of tinted windows?

This option has a lot of advantages. Let’s list the main advantages of pdlc switchable film:

  • Isolation from ultraviolet and infrared radiation, creating the most comfortable conditions for staying indoors.
  • Saving heat resources due to the thermal insulation properties of the film.
  • Increased safety level, because from the street you cannot see what is happening inside the premises.
  • Additional insulation is not necessary.
  • The transparency of the glass does not affect its light transmittance.
  • Attractive look.
  • Simple and affordable installation.
  • Relatively low power consumption.

pdlc switchable film from window 2021

To summarize: pdlc switchable film is an excellent solution for both home and office. They will not only bring zest to the interior and fit into any architectural style, but also provide increased comfort, silence and additional warmth.

Double Glazing pdlc switchable film

On double-glazed windows, various films are often found, which are necessary for protection from the sun. They give the glass strength, shade the window from aggressive sunlight. Some types of film coatings are capable of protecting a glass unit from strong impact; they belong to the class of protective coatings.

Why remove the film from the window? First of all, they do this if the film loses its appearance. Also, the owners may want to change the lighting in the room. In any case, you can cope with this task on your own, without involving a specialist. But you will have to work very carefully, spent a lot of time and effort. Remember: using a spatula and coarse brushes is strongly discouraged!

Basic principles of removing film from a window

Removing the pdlc switchable film must not harm the glass unit. It is important that there are no glue spots, dirt, scuffs, film pieces or scratches on its surface. The easiest way is to remove the film using a spatula. Some types of solar control films can be gently picked up at a corner and slowly torn off over the entire surface of the glass unit.

But it is far from always possible to perform such a procedure, because many manufacturers stick the film on very strong glue, which does not lend itself well and, in fact, cannot be washed off with water.

To remove residues, we recommend using White Spirit or another mild alcoholic cleaner on glass surfaces. Never use a hard cloth with a coarse nap for cleaning, as this will leave ugly marks on the glass, which will be very noticeable in daylight.

The main ways to dismantle pdlc switchable film on pvc windows

There are 2 conventional methods for removing pdlc switchable film:

  1. mechanical

Mechanical is simpler and does not require special training. But if you’re not careful enough, there is a high risk of scratching the glass.


The chemical method takes more time, but it allows you to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the glass unit without harming it. We recommend combining 2 methods. Tear off any swollen and cracked film first. Then get rid of the glue using special products.


By the way, it will be much easier to remove the pdlc switchable film from plastic windows if, before tearing it off, you warm it up with a construction hair dryer. The heated glue becomes more viscous and allows you to peel off parts of the structure. But it is better to remove the glue when it cools down a little.


What is the difference between pdlc smart glass & electric film?

pdlc smart glass
This article contains information about pdlc smart glass for homeowners, business owners and building owners. Those who want to bring comfort, safety and optimal energy to living and working spaces. Here, let’s find out with us!

Things to know about window smart film

Table of Contents

1 Learn about window film

2 Benefits of window film

2.1 Heat resistant insulation

2.2 Health protection – interior protection

2.3 Anti-Glare – Anti-Glare

2.4 Safety – Aesthetics

2.5 Durability of window film

2.6 Quick single installation process

Learn about window pdlc smart glass

Installing and pasting pdlc smart glass for your home or business, office is an important decision. As this will be a necessary and long-term investment.

To make an informed decision, choose the right product for your needs and achieve high efficiency, you need to understand the benefits that this product brings. Research all the benefits. And which insulation is best for your living space.

Benefits of pdlc smart glass

Heat resistant insulation

Window films block more than 80% of heat, cut 80-99% of infrared rays, and reduce from 4-7 degrees Celsius compared to glass without film, save up to 30% on air conditioning and equipment costs.

Pdlc smart glass will prevent heat from being absorbed into the house from the hot air outside or from direct sunlight hitting the glass.

Health protection – interior protection

Insulation film has the ability to remove up to 99% of ultraviolet rays. Similarly, the film has the effect of protecting the eyes, helping the skin not to darken, especially for women and children (those with sensitive skin). Protect furniture (especially leather, felt) from fading, cracking, improving the life of household appliances and equipment.

Interior protection pdlc smart glass

Anti-Glare – Anti-Glare

Pdlc smart glass has the effect of reflecting and absorbing heat, significantly reducing the glare – glare of the light entering the closed door, even when it is hot, it can still be seen normally outside through the film.

The effect of insulation film

Safety – Aesthetics

Insulation film with layers of special materials and adhesives to increase durability is difficult to break in the event of storms, earthquakes, thefts, and impacts.

pdlc smart glass 2021

Window film has many different subdued colors, increasing the elegant, discreet look, and at the same time ensuring visibility for the glass.

Window film durability

The durability of the film also depends on the type, film material, window structure, type of glass, window orientation of the apartment, building, glass construction …

  • Film is blistering, peeling.
  • The film is not working properly
  • Does not have one of the thermal insulation features as the specification suggests.

Quick installation process

Pdlc smart glass on a building does not take much time. Film can be installed inside or outside the building. This depends on your requirements and the type of product you choose. The only caveat is the maintenance process. You do not clean the windows until the construction is complete.

Instructions for pasting greenhouse insulation films

Windows are the heart of your home or building. Nowadays, modern architecture has developed, implementing the trend of living nature with lots of light. However, the increase in natural light comes with a downside: solar heat rises through the windows.

While visually appealing, the building is currently uncomfortable to live in. The use of window film will not only maintain natural light and clear vision. On top of that, it also reduces the amount of solar heat

1. Is pdlc smart glass really helpful?


Electric glass (also known as converting glass, color changing glass) and self-adhesive electric film are both general terms that describe the ability to allow ordinary glass to switch from a transparent state to an opaque state with a control. Furthermore, you can use it remotely or using a wall switch.

This is a breakthrough product of the glass industry, based on PDLC technology – Polymer dispersed liquid crystal technology.

Difference between electric glass and film

Compared with ordinary glass, pdlc smart glass is light, easy to transport, and convenient for installation. It is an economical alternative to existing glass surfaces and provides the best solution for turning ordinary glass into smart electric glass.

It is undeniable fact that self-adhesive electric film is an extremely versatile solution to convert ordinary glass into electric glass at a more affordable cost after gluing. However, self-adhesive electric film will be restricted to use in certain cases.

Where we can use pdlc smart glass?

Pdlc smart glass is only suitable for use in areas less susceptible to human impact, such as gluing for glass walls in high places in the house of Penthouses, villas, and skylights. Or if you still want to use the self-adhesive electric film option, you should consult an expert before using it!!

Our company is always looking to learn and come up with new and better ways to serve our Customers. With our rich experience, we are confident that we bring you the best experience!

Insulating glass film is no longer a strange product for many people. The development of the country, the construction industry, greenhouses and cars are leading to the increasing demand for insulating film. This is not a new product, but many people do not know about this product.

What you need to know about insulating glass film?

Insulating glass film is composed of a thin plastic film, from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This is a product of the Polyester group with a combination of sputtering technology, metal coating or ceramic enamel coating; nano coating … The product is used to glue the glass of cars, glass buildings or offices…

Insulating glass film, also known as insulating paper, was created from the needs of airplane pilots, they always have to endure the burning heat of the sun when flying through the clouds. Therefore, people have invented this type of sun protection glass. This product has the effect of blocking part of the heat energy absorbed into the aircraft cockpit.

Currently, this product is also widely used for sun protection for buildings, offices

Structure of insulation film

  • Insulating glass film includes the following main layers:
  • Structure of insulation film

The effect of insulating glass film

Currently, pdlc smart glass products are being widely used in many fields because they bring a lot of benefits. Here are some highlights of this product.

  • Sun protection and insulation for buildings, car windows…
  • Anti-glare and anti-glare
  • Has a 2-way mirror function
  • Has the effect of keeping heat in the room in winter
  • Helps prevent UV rays to protect human health
  • Help protect utensils and household furniture

The product also has the function of protecting the durability of the glass.


Is it difficult to install pdlc smart film? Simple Method

pdlc smart film
Greenhouses are increasingly popular because of their modern, luxurious design and convenience. However, with the use of too many glass doors, the sun shines into the interior space a lot, causing significant costs for air conditioning equipment to cool. And to overcome this hot sun phenomenon, to help reduce heat and protect the health of the people sitting inside, the most sought-after solution is to use pdlc smart film.

Is it difficult to install pdlc smart film?

However, when choosing insulation film, customers ask if it is difficult to install insulation film? Or the order of construction steps like. In this article, let’s find out the sequence of steps to build a house glass insulation film with

Instructions for pasting greenhouse insulation films

Table of Contents

1 Details of steps to apply insulation film

1.1 1. Cleaning and cleaning the glass surface

1.2 3. Cut, join and fix the edge of the insulation film

1.3 5. Construction completion

Details of steps to apply insulation film

1. Cleaning g the glass surface for pdlc smart film installation

This is a very important step in determining whether the pdlc smart film has a long-term adhesion to the glass surface or not. The cleaner the glass is cleaned, the more beautiful and smooth the sticker will be.

Spread a clean towel under the foot of the glass door to be glued to keep it clean and not spill water during construction on the floor.

Mix a mixture of clean water and shower gel into a spray bottle, the purpose is to create smoothness, easy to move the pdlc smart film when it is necessary to adjust the position.

Clean Glass surface for pdlc smart film

Spray a mixture of soapy water on the glass in a mist form and use a cleaning knife to scrape the glass to remove invisible stains. Then take a towel to clean the glass and door edges.

Spray the spray solution evenly on the glass, clean the glass thoroughly with a soft cloth again and make sure the glass panel is not bent with dirt or dust.

2. Make insulation pdlc smart film paste

Spray water in the form of mist on the surface of the glass, and at the same time peel off the pdlc smart film by gently pulling the nylon part separate from the film and covering the glass from the top down. Align the film so that it sits evenly in the door frame.

Paste insulation film

Continue to spray water on the outer surface of the insulation film, adjust the balance and shape the film.

Re-align the balanced film

Use a rubber wiper to swipe in the direction from the middle to the sides. Align that the rear wiper line always overlaps the front wiper line so that all water is easy to remove from the bottom of the film. This step needs to be done quickly for the glue and water layer on the glass to dry and adhere to the glass surface.
pdlc smart film 2021

3. Cut, join and fix the edge of the pdlc smart film

In case the film is larger than the surface of the glass to be glued, use a special insulating film cutter and a ruler / wiper to remove excess film, the edge of the film is straight and always 2mm from the edge of the door (avoid Insulation film is longer than the edge of the glass, it will peel, peel, stick to dirt).

  1. Construction completion


Double check the glued insulation and make sure air bubbles have been removed. Spray water mist onto the surface of the pdlc smart film and remove any bubbles. Wipe off any un-adhesive areas with cloth-covered gold wipes to absorb water and avoid scratching/tearing the insulation film.

Simple tips to remove scratches on car glass at home

Identify scratches

To identify scratches, you can run your finger across the surface of the glass. When you identify a scratch, whether large or small, you should mark the spot with tape or an erasable pen and have a plan to repair it as soon as possible.

Small scratches on car glass is easy to repair at home

In the case of a deep pdlc smart film scratch, you should seek the help of a repairman as soon as possible to avoid potentially dangerous breakage of the glass and additional costs. For minor scratches, you can treat them yourself using one of the methods outlined below

Ways to remove scratches from pdlc smart film

Glass repair kit

Using a pdlc smart film repair kit is an effective and comprehensive method to deal with fairly deep scratches without affecting the glass surface.

Apply rubbing compound from the repair kit to the scratch. This compound will react with the glass to seal the scratch. After applying the rubbing compounds, wait about 30 minutes. Then, use a soft cloth to clean the area you just applied.

Clear nail polish

Clear nail polish is the best savior to help you remove car pdlc smart film scratches that is both effective and easy to do. However, it only works for light scratches.

First, you need to apply some glass cleaner on the surface of the glass, and then use a soft cloth to wipe along the scratch. Then, use the brush tip of the paint bottle to dip an appropriate amount of nail polish and apply it on the scratch. When the paint dries, you will see the original scratches on the surface of the reassembled car glass.

Toothpaste Marks on pdlc smart film

Toothpaste is a popular alternative commonly good to remove scratches on glass. However, like nail polish, toothpaste cannot cure deep scratches.

First of all, you should clean the pdlc smart film scratch surface and make sure the surface is completely dry. Then, apply toothpaste to the scratched area and use a soft cloth to rub it in a circular motion for about a minute. Wipe the excess with a damp cloth until the surface is free of excess. With this, you have basically removed all the small scratches.

Acrylic scratch remover

This product will cause a chemical reaction with the glass, filling the scratches and restoring it to its original condition.

First, apply the product to a cloth and rub it around the scratch for a minute. Remember not to over-polish the pdlc smart film surface. Then let the bleach work for 30 minutes. Finish the process by cleaning the excess.

Glass scrubbing compound

Cerium oxide is the main ingredient common in most glass scratch removers.

To remove scratches, apply a small amount of compound to a damp cloth. Next, rub the scratched area in a circular motion a few times. Make sure the pressure is evenly distributed over the pdlc smart film surface. It is important to keep the surface moist while rubbing. Repeat a few times for a few days.


Is pdlc power supply compatible with all type of glasses?

pdlc power supply
In the world, smart homes are no longer strange. And we are not out of the trend of the world; smart home products and solutions have also appeared and are more sought after by consumers. With many solutions launched to modernize and improve the quality of life of consumers. In particular, pdlc power supply product is also a product line with many diverse features.

What is pdlc power supply?

Smart film, also known as Smart Film, is a product using liquid crystal polymer dispersion (PDLC) technology wrapped between two alternating conductive layers made of PET material coated with an ITO conductive film.

Through the application of a tuning source, PDLC film can rapidly transform between clear (on) and opaque (off). When the power of the smart film turns off, the crystal becomes dispersed and the reflectivity of the material does not match.

Pdlc power supply causes strong dispersion and causing the film to become opaque. When the film powers on, the crystals line up, and so does the reflectance. Moreover, dispersion greatly reduces and causes the film to change color from opaque to clear.

Table of Contents

1 Insulation film

1.1 How the product works:

1.2 Features and benefits of the product:

1.3 Specifications of Smart Film products:

1.4 Product Description

1.5 Application of Smart Film products:

Pdlc power supply features and benefits:

Pdlc power supply protects glass from cracks, scratches from physical impact or impact from temperature. Furthermore, it increases the durability; prolong the life of the glass.

  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Create a private space with the mode to convert the molecules in the liquid from opaque to transparent in less than 3s (seconds)
  • Control with many ways to bring variety of options and suit each need such as on/off switch, remote control by remote.
  • Combined with smart home system, controlled by dashboard, smartphone…
  • Can cut any shape and size as we require
  • Can be common as a slide show utility

This unique pdlc power supply technology also converts any glass to a Rear Projector when the power is turned off. Moreover, it allows high definition TV, video and interactive whiteboard images to display. This is a truly innovative product.

Pdlc power supply is Compatible with all glasses

Advanced self-adhesive technology makes the product unaffected by temperature and humidity of the environment. Moreover, this makes it easy to stick on the glass, just remove the protective film and stick it on the glass after cleaning the glass. .

Insulating glass film is no longer a strange product for many people. This is not a new product, but many people do not know about this product.

To learn more about this product in the article below, let’s learn more about the product in this article with us!

What you need to know about pdlc power supply?

pdlc power supply comes of a thin plastic film, from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This is a product of the Polyester group with a combination of sputtering technology, metal coating or ceramic enamel coating; nano coating … The product is common to glue the glass of cars, glass buildings or offices…

pdlc power supply 2021

This material is designed with the purpose of preventing heat exchange through the glass, ensuring privacy and security, and limiting UV rays from sunlight.

Insulating glass film, also known as insulating paper, was created from the needs of airplane pilots, they always have to endure the burning heat of the sun when flying through the clouds. Therefore, people have invented this type of sun protection glass. This product has the effect of blocking part of the heat energy absorbed into the aircraft cockpit.

Currently, this product is also widely common for sun protection for buildings, offices.

The effect of insulating glass film

Currently, insulating glass film products are being widely common in many fields because they bring a lot of benefits. Here are some highlights of this product.

Learn the working mechanism of pdlc power supply

  • Sun protection and insulation for buildings, car windows…
  • Anti-glare and anti-glare
  • Has a 2-way mirror function
  • In addition, it has the effect of keeping heat in the room in winter
  • Helps prevent UV rays to protect human health
  • Help protect utensils and household furniture

These products are currently popular with many people because of their good quality, diverse designs to meet the needs of many people, easy construction and especially the price is suitable for the pocket of many consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages of monochrome toning in pdl film

The following advantages of pdlc power supply stand out:

  1. The ability to adjust the degree of transparency allows you to provide an optimal view of the road at different times of the day. Reduces the risk of an emergency by limiting visibility through tinted glass at night.
  2. Almost complete protection against penetration of ultraviolet rays. PDLC tinting is capable of absorbing more than 90% of ultraviolet radiation.
  3. Smart glasses maintain a comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment much better, which saves on air conditioning and heating. They keep warm in winter and cool in summer.
  4. Moreover, even at maximum tint, natural light penetrates well.
  5. Almost instant change in the degree of transparency of the glass.
  6. Similarly, the power consumption for monochrome toning is low (8–10 W).
  7. Caring for smart glass is no different from caring for a regular car.

It should be noted that there are also disadvantages of pdlc power supply toning:

  1. High material and installation costs.
  2. Furthermore, the need to attract specialists for installation.
  3. Additional loads on the battery.

Despite the high cost of smart glasses, their popularity is constantly growing. This is largely due to penalties for excessive tinting, and PDLC technology allows its degree to be kept within acceptable limits (light transmission capacity is at least 75% for windshields).

Production technology of pdlc power supply

Monochrome PDLC tinting is provided by smart, ie smart glass. It is made of two layers of ordinary car glass, between which a smart film places. In it, a conductive liquid crystal substance is placed between two polymer films.

Pdlc power supply films play the role of mechanical protection and electrical insulation. Special electrical leads allow you to connect the smart film to a car battery, through which 12 V is supplied to the liquid crystals.


What kind of pdlc power supply is good?

Above is some information to know about pdlc power supply products that are currently in common use. If you have a need for this product, please contact Star Insulation Film for detailed product advice.


7 Types of pdlc Foil You Can Use on Windows

Smart Privacy Film Buying Guide 2021

The search for pdlc foil has grown increasingly in world. For many years this product was famous only for the advantages it brought to automotive conservation. However, its use in architectural projects of all kinds is increasingly popular.

These days, many people are using this amazing product in home decoration and privacy purposes.

pdlc Foil

But do you know the benefits that make the foil be common in both cars and real estate? To find out, keep following this article until the end. Good reading!

After all, what is the use of pdlc foil?

It is a product whose main function is to add to the design and aesthetics of glazed surfaces. It is an excellent option for those who want to transform environments and cars quickly, practically and, above all, with little expense.

The pdlc foil gives a real upgrade to the glass and is easily removed for replacement whenever you want. This is not to say that its useful life is low, on the contrary, the accessory can last for years when well maintained.

Benefits of pdlc foil 

Anyone who thinks that the accessory is merely decorative is wrong. Some models have an anti-vandalism function, provide privacy for the interior of the environment, prevent the fading of furniture and automotive upholstery, control the temperature of the environment and, in addition, protect against sunlight.

The pdlc foil is found in versions:

  • Reflective;
  • Blackout;
  • Smoked;
  • Sandblasted;

8 types of pdlc foil

The pdlc foil bring many benefits to the look of the environment, as it increases the feeling of space, lightness, balance, in addition, of course, to benefiting the natural light of the place. In addition, it is versatile and combines with different decor proposals.

You can use frames, curtains, stickers and, mainly, various types of textured finishes. For this last option, the glass partition film gains real prominence not only in design, but also in terms of safety.

Why choose pdlc foil?

The pdlc foil is an excellent option to change the look of the window without spending a lot of money; it is easy to make to measure and allows natural light to enter the room without neglecting privacy. Some models of film for glass partitions have anti-vandalism technology, that is, even broken glass does not shatter. This is essential to prevent major accidents and preserve people’s safety.

Pdlc foil for glass partitions:

  • Reflective;
  • Blackout;
  • Smoked;
  • Sandblasted;
  • Mirrored;
  • Colorful;
  • Designed;

Safety: do not give up the pdlc foil

The pdlc foil must be made of tempered or laminated glass, the famous safety glass, stipulated by standard rules. This type of material is up to 5 times more resistant than ordinary glass, as it receives a tempering heat treatment at around 650/750 °C.

When broken, it breaks into small but much less sharp pieces. That’s not to say it doesn’t need to be handled with care or the extra protection of glass shower film.

What is glass shower film?

It is a 100 micron thick polymer that guarantees more safety for the bath time. Simple and economical, the film prevents the box from shattering in case of breakage, as it holds the glass shards, which prevents further accidents.


In addition, pdlc foil creates an anti-scratch layer that increases its resistance performance. And its advantages do not stop there, because the glass shower film has thermo technology, that is, it offers thermal comfort during the shower.

Installation of glass box film

Ø Sliding doors and hinges: 

The product must be installed under the pulleys on the sliding doors. In the case of the opening door, the application has to be made under the hinges

Ø Edge distance 

The film must be at most 5mm from the edge of the window pane. This is good to install pdlc foil on windows properly. Moreover, it will endure its life too.

Ø Curing time:

It is necessary to wait a minimum period of 2 hours after installing the film to apply the box support system.

Is it worth investing in a guardhouse film?

Smart privacy films are a small building that works as a shelter for sentries, guards, watchmen and porters. It is common in shops, companies, banks, condominiums and several other types of establishments. Above all, they must provide comfort and safety for the employee to work efficiently.

In this sense, there is a fundamental item to make the glass in this place even more resistant: the pdlc foil. Want to know more about this product? So follow this reading to the end!

What is the differential of the film for a guardhouse?

They are made of a polymer – a tough macromolecule – 100 microns thick. This makes the panes stronger and prevents fragments from spreading in case of breakage, as all the pieces are fixed in the film for the guardhouse. This is a product that can last up to 10 years when well maintained, and is therefore an excellent lasting investment.

The guardhouse film provides:

Anti-vandalism action;

Anti-scratch layer;


Glass color stability;

UV protection (minimum 95%);

Greater mechanical strength;

Thermal comfort;

High durability.

pdlc Foil 2021


Benefits of pdlc foil

Some pdlc foils in addition to darkening, also have the power to reduce heat and protect against UV rays, in addition to inhibiting external heat, making the environment more pleasant, so when choosing your film, have these aspects in mind. Also pay attention to the details described on the side, in the list of films, about the lighting and the ability to see through the windows.

Reflective film – how does it work?

The greater the light difference, the stronger the mirror effect. Whereas when the aspect ratio is smaller, we have a ghosting effect that works partially on both sides. It is one of the most efficient in terms of blocking UV rays and IR (heat) rejection. Moreover, it provides a thermal balance and light control of the environment.

Some of the great advantages of mirror film are the wide range of colors, such as silver, inverted silver, 2-sided silver, blue mirror, green mirror, bronze, red, gold, pink, purple, gradient, reflective, titanium, black.


Is pdlc glass better than residential insufilm?

During the hottest months of the year, the temperature in your area can cause thermal sensations of up to 40ºC. That’s why many people try to find solutions to alleviate the heat in spaces. In this regard pdlc glass is very useful. 

Air conditioning is always the first alternative, but energy consumption ends up being very high due to the constant use of appliances.

pdlc glass

Use of pdlc glass in domestic and commercial areas

One of the measures to reduce the internal temperature and reduce the use of air conditioning is the installation of pdlc glass on glass doors and windows. This reduces the incidence of solar radiation inside the rooms. And, consequently, it decreases the temperature. Solar glass is responsible for a 99% reduction in sunlight.

This means 75% less heat inside the environment. And the advantages still continue: they can bring greater luminous comfort depending on which model is chosen for application, in addition to bringing greater privacy, security, acoustic comfort and even have an aesthetic and decorative function.


There is a specific pdlc glass or glass film model for every need. Check out some:

  • Mirrored Film: has an aesthetic function, but it works mainly to bring more privacy
  • Blackout Film: Completely blocks visibility and light entry.
  • Safety Film: reinforces the glass and makes it difficult to break.
  • Sandblasted Film: imitates sandblasted glass for a much cheaper price.
  • Decorative film: with different designs and geometric shapes,
  • Nanoceramic glass: made with nanotechnology, they have high functionality

Is it time to remove the old insulfilm from your windows? 

Although pdlc glass has an average durability of 15 years, some external factors can damage the material so that it will be necessary to replace the film. Some of these factors are: excessive scratches, acts of vandalism, inadequate cleaning, among others.  When you decide to replace the glass that question arises.

How to remove the old insulfilm without damaging the glass surface? 

In this article we will talk a little more about this subject. The process for removing the film is a little time-consuming and requires some dedication. Care must be taken not to damage the glass surface when using sharp objects. See steps for removing insulfilm from windows:


Dissolve the film:

To start the removal process for using pdlc glass, the ideal is to use products that can dissolve the existing film, such as ammonia and vinegar. Vinegar is more suitable in these cases, as ammonia has a very harmful odor. Mix the vinegar with water and spray on the surface using a sponge. Repeat the procedure a few times and then put a plastic over the top, allowing the surface to stay wet.

Release the movie:

The hotter the surface, the easier it will be to remove. So try to do this procedure during the day, with sunlight. Using a dryer and a vaporizer can help you with this step.

Peeling the film:

This process will make the film start to “run” in pieces and you must protect the base of your door or window, avoiding damaging this material. Have a knife on hand to carefully peel the corners. If you are still not releasing it easily, continue with the procedures from the previous steps.

Cleaning the glass:

After removing the film, use water and a soft cloth to remove the small pieces of the old insulfilm. In addition to being very useful and bringing many benefits, pdlc glass is also a great way to improve the aesthetics of an environment. With a wide variety of models, choosing the ideal film for your space can be a daunting task. So some issues need to be taken into consideration before choosing your film model. Check out our tips:


Understanding the needs of the environment is essential for film selection. You need to analyze what results you want to achieve: is the film just for heat reduction, or does your space needs more privacy?

pdlc glass 2021

Is incident lighting well, or does it need to be reduced? Is this an area with a high risk of glass breakage? All these questions are very important to define if you will apply a reflective, smoked, safety film, among others…


Pdlc glass have the great advantage of allowing the aesthetic change of glass doors and windows, so it is necessary to define what kind of effect you want to give to your facade or internal environment. Mirrored glass, for example, is a great option for those who want more privacy and still modernize the facade.

Decorative glass, on the other hand, is great for meeting room dividers, for example. Through our Film Simulator it is possible to check the aesthetic results of some of our models of glass, and in case of doubt, it is always interesting to talk to a specialized professional!


In general, pdlc glass doesn’t require much maintenance other than proper cleaning. But some models of film require more frequent cleaning, as they can make fingerprints and dust more visible, for example. If this is a feature you need to avoid, its important knowing which glass will not be a good choice.


Did you know that residential pdlc glass also helps reduce electricity use? By reducing the temperature of the rooms, air conditioning is no longer necessary, and energy costs are reduced. In cases where privacy glass are used, the use of curtains and blinds also ends up being less frequent, helping to take advantage of natural lighting and reducing the use of lamps.


Few people know that pdlc glass also help to reduce noise. As insulfilm is an extra layer of protection for the glass, it helps to reduce the incidence of external and internal noise, contributing to greater acoustic comfort.


Another great advantage of residential pdlc glass is that it protects the glass from scratches and vandalism. If any of these events happen, it is much cheaper to replace the damaged film than to replace the glass. Furthermore, the film strengthens the glass, making it difficult to break and preventing shattering.


What is an average pdlc film price in 2021? Low to High

What your goal is with buying pdlc?

What is the purpose of a privacy film? There are many products but you need an overview of pdlc film price first. This will help you in choosing most suitable product for you. 

With these answers we were able to tell you where to buy pdlc for windows with warranty and quality origin.

magic glass film

Where is the best place to buy low pdlc film price for windows?

If your goal is to buy window for personal use, you will install pdlc on your home windows and doors yourself, so pay attention to the quality of the product. It is not right for you to go out by buying and applying it to the window of your residence.

Here is an average price of pdlc

The price of pdlc varies according to the country and quality. But we shall present an average cost here:

1: $50




Pdlc for designer


If you hope to add beauty to windows with the application of a pdlc, be aware that the wrong can bring you harm. That’s because a low-quality pdlc film price doesn’t last long. It becomes faded in a short time, especially if this is too exposed to the sun. So prefer a quality pdlc when it comes to direct sun exposure, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

 Home Window Quality Tips

On the market we have s with a high level of technology, and this technology cannot be ignored.

Low quality Pdlc  cannot retain the impacts comes by a stone, for example, if the glass that has a low quality  has an impact with a stone, it is possible that all the shards of glass will fly around the house and even hurt someone be close. On the other hand, pdlc film price matters a lot to get according to choice.

Where to buy special s to get best pdlc price?

You can buy the indicated s through the manufacturer’s website, with direct representatives. Be careful when buying, many websites sell replicas. As I said above, give preference to quality and analyze the sources. Today we have practically no more privacy. When leaving the house we came across hundreds of cameras all around.

Privacy is an important factor

With the advent and growth of social networks, having privacy has become an almost impossible task with pdlc film price. Society is also increasingly invasive. Everybody wanting to know what’s going on in our life, isn’t that right? At work, privacy is also close to zero, unless you work alone.

Well then! At least indoors we are entitled to our privacy. But in practice it is often not like that.

Take care of your neighbors

A peek from the neighbor always has. But there is a limit to everything. If this situation starts to get embarrassing, with your neighbor becoming more and more inconvenient to the point where you’re worried about what you’re doing in your own home, it’s time to take some steps and precautions.

How to end the problem?

The situation can be resolved simply and quickly with a friendly conversation with the neighbor who, at times, is not intended to be causing the discomfort. But if you see that the person has ulterior motives and, in the chat, it won’t work out, it’s time to talk to the condominium administration. If even so the invasion of privacy persists, you can file a complaint with the police and sue that “big brother neighbor”.

Constitutional law and the crime of harassment

      But there are even more serious cases like the crime of harassment. A woman being spied out of a window is more common than one thinks, unfortunately (of course it can happen that men are also victims). So buy and use this without considering pdlc film price.


A simple solution that will provide you not only privacy, but security and aesthetics is the placement of residential. With their placement, those who are outside do not see anything that goes on inside their house. On the other hand, you can see everything that happens outside perfectly. The placement of residential s is becoming more and more common. The market is expanding.

Benefits of corporate sun protection

In order for the business environment to correspond to your required needs, performing tasks efficiently, it is necessary that the environment provides comfort to the visitors of the place. Investing in items that are able to increase the quality of the company is essential, but it is essential to be careful about pdlc film price.

Top seven benefits of business sun protection

Reduction in the use of electricity, without having to invest in the intense use of air conditioning, as there is control over the amount of infrared rays that transmit the heat radiated by the sun’s rays. Reflective solar control glass is widely common in business environments, ensuring privacy for employees during the day, without harming the external view of people inside the environment.
magic glass film 2021

The reflection of pdlc film price helps to control ambient luminosity and glare, taking advantage of the quality of natural light, without the need for curtains and reducing electricity costs for artificial lighting. Moreover, it is integration with the external environment, providing the entry of natural light.

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Greater security
  • 8 and 10 mm thickness in business sun protection.

Periodic maintenance of privacy films

Periodic maintenance ensures the efficiency and durability of your privacy film. It is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding cleaning and frequency of maintenance. It is very important to always use the pdlc film price properly. The lack of knowledge can damage it.

Use privacy glass film

Glass s, also known as solar control s, is a great solution for reducing the temperature of environments. They reduce heat absorption and block the incidence of UV rays by up to 99%, contributing to a more thermally comfortable environment.

In addition, the s bring greater safety and protection to the glass, are highly durable and do not require maintenance. The solar control protects your health and helps to extend the life of your furniture, all without blocking the incidence of natural light in the rooms.


How to remove magic glass film coating yourself?

Among the inhabitants of megalopolises, window tinting with magic glass film is becoming an increasingly popular service. Why is this happening? What qualities of mirrors and sun-protection films are so attractive for the townspeople?

pdlc film price

First of all, it is the reflection of the sun’s rays. Most of the sunlight is reflected off the surface of the film, the room becomes cooler, and glare disappears from TV screens and computer monitors.

Importance of one-way visibility

It is the interesting tint effect is one – way visibility. From inside the room you can see everything that happens on the street. But if you try to look through the magic glass film from the outside, you will not see any interior items or people in the room. The effect works great during the day, when the lighting level in the room is less or the same as outside.

But at night, when the electric light is on, one-way visibility disappears, and this must be taken into account. Thus, the mirror film is the best protection against heat, sun and even prying eyes.

How to tint the windows in the apartment yourself?

To protect the room from the sun’s rays, you can use curtains, blinds. Or choose a much more practical and durable method – tinting windows in the house with a special film. It protects from the sun, prying eyes from the street, and helps to maintain comfort and coziness in the house. Besides:

  • Overheating of the room will be eliminated in the very heat;
  • Furniture and magic glass filmare protected from fading in the sun;
  • TV and computer will no longer “glare” and irritate the eyes.

What magic glass film to protect from the sun?

For this, there is a film coating with special properties – thermal. Its main task is to protect the room, furniture, decor and people in it from exposure to sunlight and heat. A thermal film reflects the bulk of ultraviolet radiation, makes sunlight soft and diffcommon, pleasing to the eye and not harmful to furniture.

Advantages of magic glass film

Ø Retention of heat in the room in winter 

Double-glazed windows with a film do not let warm air out of the rooms.

Ø Protection of indoor plants on the windowsill 

They do not burn under scorching rays and grow in a comfortable atmosphere.

Ø Preservation of privacy, protection from prying eyes from the outside 

Mirror film applied to the windows will prevent you from viewing the interior of the house from the street. Although from the inside, everything will be perfectly visible. But keep in mind that mirror coating is effective only during the day, in the evening its properties are almost lost, and the windows must be covered with curtains.

Ø Original decor 

Photo printing can be applied to the films, so they additionally decorate the interior, make it individual.

Ø Protection against splinters in case of glass breakage

All of them will remain on the film and will not fly apart. Using the tinted window is safe and easy!

Ø Protection from vandals and thieves 

There is a special type of films for windows that have armor and impact-resistant properties. They strengthen the glass and make it difficult to penetrate from the outside.

How we can choose magic glass film?

Today, you can choose a magic glass film with several properties at once and thus protect yourself from the sun, heat, and other unpleasant phenomena. The shade of the house can also be preselected. A big plus of films is their affordable price and durability. Correctly applied to plastic windows, it will serve for years, protecting and shading without requiring special care.

pdlc film price 2021

The film that protects from the sun is very useful in country houses and in the countryside. Where it is not possible to put an air conditioner or do it irrationally. With the help of the film on the windows, you will be able to protect yourself from the summer heat and heat.

Important nuances

Covering windows with magic glass film also has its drawbacks, which it is important to know about in advance. So, if you tint the northern windows, then the room will be gloomy and there may be a lack of sunlight. A thermal film reflects the heat of the sun, therefore, on winter days and evenings, the degree of warming up the room through the windows will decrease.

How to tint the windows in the apartment yourself?

It is believed that high-quality tinting is carried out only by experienced specialists. It is in this case that the durability of the magic glass film and its declared properties can be guaranteed.

Is it possible to tint windows at home and do it yourself?

Yes you can! This procedure will require:

  • Film (its dimensions are determined based on the area of ​​the glass);
  • Liquid soap (take colorless. It will need to be diluted in water in a ratio of 1: 3);
  • Soft sponge (light, white is also better);
  • Rubber tipped spatula;
  • Any soft cloth (dry cloth);

How to use the magic glass film?

Then proceed according to this plan:

Degrease the entire glass surface, and then rinse with water and wipe dry. Take a soapy solution, place it in a spray bottle and apply an even layer of liquid to the glass. Blot with a soft sponge and remove excess solution. Place the back of the magic glass film on the glass and carefully peel off the protective backing. Turn the cover over; fix it on the top of the glass.

Now, gently and gently glue on the entire surface of the glass. Bubbles are common on film, so don’t be intimidated. Take a dry, clean cloth and smoothly smooth the coating from the center to the edges.  Now is the time to dry. Once completely dry, you can carefully and gently trim the protruding film. Next, the film-coated insulating glass unit is installed in place and fixed.

How to remove the coating yourself?

Many owners say that it is much more difficult to remove the film than to glue it. And this has to be done, because over the years it loses its qualities and looks unpreventable. How to remove the magic glass film yourself? Use the following:

Ø Steam generator 

With its help, you can more easily remove the tint without resorting to chemical reagents. The steam generator works by using a strong jet of steam, which strips the film off the surface. After processing and removing the film, it is useful to wipe the glass with any powder detergent and then rinse with water.

Ø Creamy product for kitchen surfaces 

Use it if the film has been removed, but small pieces remain on the glass. Apply a product to them, hold a little, rub and remove the streaks that remain from the film.

Ø “Shumanit”, a remedy for blockages 

It can also be common to remove tint from windows. But do not apply the product to plastic frames! Only use it on glass!

Ø Thin stainless steel blade 

This is already a kind of “last resort”, which is common on magic glass film with polyethylene terephthalate. Since it is difficult to remove it by other means, you can carefully scrape with such a blade. Important! Wear gloves when working, do not forget to wash your hands more often, and if you suffer from allergies, you will need a household respirator.